Sierra Nevadas
The Sierra Nevada Range extends from about Tehachapi to north of Lake Tahoe. Owens Valley is located to the east with foothills descending to the Central Valley on the west. Highways cross the Sierra Nevada range only in a few spots. However, dozens of trailheads provide access to wilderness areas.
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Corral Guzzlers (June 2019)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. California Hesperochiron - Hesperochiron californicus of the Borage Family.
  2. Corral Meadow - Old fence barely visible in middle of image.
  3. Snow Plant - Sarcodes sanguinea of the Heath Family.
  4. Guzzler Meadow - No name on the map, but this was the destination for the hike.
  5. Guzzlers and Meadow - You can call them water troughs, if you'd like.
  6. Guzzlers - A closer look at these livestock water troughs.
  7. Old Trough - An old trough a few feet away from the newer ones.
  8. Bear Hug - Two bears trying to make more bears.
  9. Crag Peak - View from saddle above drainage containing guzzlers.
  10. Larkspur - Most likely Delphinium polycladon.

Mulky-Trail-Cottonwood (August 2018)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Horseshoe Meadow - Cattle grazing in meadow near trailhead.
  2. Mulky Pass - Trail sign at Mulky Pass pointing the way to two other passes.
  3. Kern Peak #1 - View of Kern Peak from PCT between Mulky and Trail.
  4. Trail Pass - Trail sign at Trail Pass pointing the way to several destinations.
  5. Pines and Trail - Section of trail north of Trail Pass on the Inyo County side of the divide.
  6. Poison Meadow - Cattle grazing very close to the PCT at Poison Meadow.
  7. Kern Peak #2 - Another view of Kern Peak a little further north up the trail.
  8. More Pines and Trail - This section of the PCT is on the Tulare County side of the divide.
  9. Salt Lick - Fresh salt lick left up a canyon above trail to Cottonwood Pass.
  10. Route Map - Dot denotes location of salt lick. Loop Distance: 11.3 miles

Little Dry Loop (August 2018)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Trail Scenery - Pines on ridge along way from Casa Vieja to Little Dry.
  2. Trail Signs - Same general area as previous image.
  3. Little Dry Meadow - Pleasant meadow off the beaten path.
  4. North End - Interesting rock formations at north end of meadow.
  5. Closer Look - Images appear with a little imagination.
  6. Big Dry Meadow - Grass turning yellow during late August.
  7. Long Canyon Creek - Looking up Long Canyon Creek drainage.
  8. Log Cabin - One of the cabins near Long Canyon Creek.
  9. Salt Lick - Same salt lick as the one shown in July.
  10. Secluded Meadow - Another pleasant meadow well off the beaten path.
  11. Sierra Gentian - Gentianopsis holopetala of the GENTIANACEAE.
  12. Grazing Cows - Bunch of cows hanging out at Casa Vieja Meadow.
  13. Currants - Lots of ripe berries for the birds and bears to munch on.
  14. Pleasant Trail - Section of trail next to Casa Vieja Meadow.
  15. Map of Route - Especially note part that leaves the trail and follows Long Canyon Creek.

Deer Mountain (August 2018)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Crag Peak - Beck Meadow cabins below Crag Peak.
  2. Beck Meadow - Another look at the cabins.
  3. Monache Mountain - Beck Meadow looking north.
  4. PCT Marker - Looking south along a stretch of the PCT.
  5. Cowboy Potty - Somewhat unique accommodations.
  6. Cowboy Camp - Compare to previous pics from 2013.
  7. Ballhead Phacelia - Phacelia hydrophylloides of the Borage Family.
  8. Crag and Meadow - Cowboy camp meadow at center of image from top of Deer Peak.
  9. Scattered Pines - Scenery on northeast side of Deer Peak.
  10. Olancha Cows - Cows in the foreground and Olancha Peak in the background.

Corral Meadow Loop (August 2018)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Pine Drops - Pterospora andromedea of the Heath Family.
  2. Hooker Meadow - View of mountain meadow at 8400 feet on a cloudy day.
  3. Allotment Marker - This marker is near the start of the unmapped cutoff trail.
  4. Corral Meadow - No official trail to this meadow although there are unmapped trails available.
  5. Stately Tree - Lots of large, old trees in the area. This one is near Finger Peak.
  6. Albanita Meadow - Look closely and you'll see a deer!
  7. Deer - A deer hanging out at Albanita Meadow.
  8. Cowpoke Stove - This is the old camp surrounded by aspens mentioned by Jenkins.
  9. Corn Lily - Veratrum californicum of the Lily Family.
  10. Salsify - Non-native Tragopogon dubius of the Sunflower Family.

Long Creek (July 2018)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Bog Orchid - Platanthera dilatata of the Orchid Family.
  2. Salt Lick - Fresh block for cows on way down to hidden meadow area.
  3. Campfire Pit - One of several fire rings around the hidden meadow area.
  4. Tiger Lily #1 - Lots of lilies along Long Creek above and below hidden meadow.
  5. Tiger Lily #2 - Lilium kelleyanum of the Lily Family.
  6. Long Creek - Ample water flowing down creek which eventually joins the Kern River.
  7. Stacked Rocks - Boulders appear to be stacked in layers.
  8. More Boulders - Looking down Long Creek drainage.
  9. Fireweed - Several colonies observed along banks of creek.
  10. Interesting Boulders - Rock worn into strange shapes by Long Creek.
  11. Monkshood - Aconitum columbianum of the Buttercup Family.
  12. Hidden Meadow Area - Not named on map this meadow is a mile off the trail along Long Creek.
  13. Mountain Marsh Larkspur - Delphinium polycladon of the Buttercup Family.
  14. Cows - These cows were hanging out at Casa Vieja Meadow.
  15. Calf - A young cow hanging with the herd.

Lost Meadow (July 2018)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Albanita Spring - The actual spring is inside the fenced area.
  2. Granite Cone - One of many such protrusions in the area.
  3. Lost Meadow - Scene at the top of the mile and a half long meadow.
  4. Olancha Peak - Looking down Lost Meadow towards Olancha Peak.
  5. Columbine Flowers - A few plants along the route observed.
  6. Lost Meadow Creek - The creek is dry in some spots and there are pools in other spots.
  7. Sign Missing Words - Looks like a bear decided to do a little editing.
  8. Lupine - A cluster of lupine plants at bottom of Lost Meadow.
  9. Waterhole No. 3 - Named after movie from 1967 starring James Coburn.
  10. Deer #1 - Looking up Lost Meadow at a couple creatues with large ears.
  11. Deer #2 - They seem to be quite interested in who is taking their picture.
  12. Checkerbloom - Lots of this plant in all meadows encountered on this hike.
  13. Mountain Pride - Several clumbs of this plant observed along route.
  14. Blue Bird - No doubt that this bird is blue!
  15. Albanita Meadow - Sign points way to Hooker Meadow.

Jordan Hot Springs (July 2018)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Meadow Area - Looking towards meadow at Jordan Hot Springs.
  2. Fire Damage #1 - Fire damage between Jordan HS and Indian Head.
  3. Fire Damage #2 - Looking down towards Jordan HS from along Redrock Creek.
  4. Yerba Mansa #1 - Anemopsis californica of the Lizard's-Tail Family.
  5. Soaking Pool - Sandbags used to make a dam at the hot springs.
  6. Yerba Mansa #2 - Dozens of plants on steep bank above creek.
  7. Mullein - Otherwise known as cowboy toilet paper!
  8. Cabin - One of several historic structures which were part of the resort.
  9. Outhouse - Can't have cabins without at least one outhouse!
  10. Redrock Creek - Looking up drainage towards Indian Head (barely visible).
  11. Historic Site Sign - Entry to the Jordan Hot Springs resort area
  12. Selfheal - Prunella vulgaris of the Mint Family.
  13. Ninemile Creek #1 - Section of creek between Jordan HS and Casa Vieja Meadow.
  14. Fireweed - Epilobium angustifolium of the Evening Primrose Family.
  15. Ninemile Creek #2 - Water rippling downwards to eventually become part of the Kern River.

Triple Dry Loop (June 2018)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Penstemon - Only one patch of these flowers encountered on entire loop.
  2. Little Dry Meadow #1 - Lots of downed trees around this meadow.
  3. Little Dry Meadow #2 - Looking south from north end of meadow.
  4. Trail Sign #1 - Unexpected sign along seldom used stretch of trail.
  5. Big Dry Meadow - The largest of the Dry Meadows.
  6. Hairy Yellow Paintbrush #1 - Nice group of these at Big Dry Meadow.
  7. Hairy Yellow Paintbrush #2 - Another look at this interesting plant.
  8. Dirty Socks - Lots of dirty socks in all the meadow areas along this route.
  9. Dry Meadow #1 - Kern Peak from just plain Dry Meadow.
  10. Dry Meadow #2 - Just plain Dry Meadow as opposed to Big or Little.
  11. Trail Sign #2 - Pointing the way across just plain Dry Meadow.
  12. Trail Sign #3 - Yet another sign along the route.
  13. Trail Sign #4 - A couple more signs to help hikers find their way.
  14. Snake - Small snake in creek by Casa Vieja Meadow.
  15. Columbine - Aquilegia formosa of the Buttercup Family.

Muir Lake (June 2018)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Shooting Star - Dodecatheon redolens of the Primrose Family.
  2. Muir Lake #1 - Looking to the northwest across Muir Lake.
  3. Muir Lake #2 - Southerly view across Muir Lake.
  4. Muir Lake #3 - Picturesque tree growing just north of the lake.
  5. Muir Lake #4 - The north shore of the lake in the foreground.
  6. Bird - This might be a Clark's Nutcracker, but I'm not certain.
  7. Bog Laurel - Kalmia polifolia of the Heath Family.
  8. Mount Langley - View of the peak from Cottonwood Basin.
  9. Sierra Primrose #1 - Primula suffretescens of the Primrose Family.
  10. Sierra Primrose #2 - These plants were growing near a snow bank.
  11. Sierra Primrose #3 - Not too far from lake number six.
  12. Snow Bank #1 - View of lakes number four and three.
  13. Snow Bank #2 - Looking up the basin from patch of snow.
  14. Large Boulder - What would happen if the stick were removed? LOL
  15. Army Pass - Old Army Pass with snow along upper portion of trail.
  16. Lake Six - Gnarled wood near shore of Lake Six.
  17. Marmot - Resident of Lake Six keeping vigilant watch.
  18. Ledge Stonecrop - Formerly known as Sedum rosea, now Rhodiola integrifolia.
  19. Lakes Four and Three - The middle lakes of Cottonwood Basin.
  20. Trees and Trail - Section of trail between lakes four and three.
  21. VIDEO: Just Plain Water - One minute video featuring scenes from hike.

Little Dry Loop (September 2017)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Cattle - Cows grazing at Casa Vieja Meadow.
  2. Sierra Gentian #1 - Gentianopsis holopetala of the GENTIANACEAE.
  3. Sierra Gentian #2 - More gentian growing in meadow east of Casa Vieja.
  4. Trail Sign - Located at northern end of Little Dry Meadow.
  5. Large Mushroom #1 - Large brown mushroom found north of Little Dry Meadow.
  6. Monache Trail Sign - Located along seldom used trail north of Little Dry Meadow.
  7. Large Mushroom #2 - Found near cabin at bottom of Long Canyon.
  8. Tiny Green Toad - Lots of toads hopping all over the place on this hike!
  9. Creek Crossing - Heading back towards Casa Vieja.
  10. Casa Vieja Corral - Looks like repairs made recently.
  11. Map of Hike - GPS route for hike. Blackrock Trailhead cut off at bottom.

Albanita-Hooker-Corral Loop (August 2017)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Trail Marker - Classic I-sign on tree in Albanita Meadow.
  2. Trail Sign - Sign on tree and fence around spring in the background.
  3. Rock Dome #1 - Looking east at dome from Albanita Meadow.
  4. California Hesperochiron - Also known as Hesperochiron californicus of the Borage Family.
  5. Hooker Trail - Following trail not shown on map connecting Hooker to Corral.
  6. Manzanita Berries - They're supposed to be natural laxatives.
  7. Fallen Tree - Lots of recently downed trees in the general area.
  8. Corral Trough - View from upper end of meadow, just below spring.
  9. Bush Chinquapin - Seed pods forming on this low growing bush.
  10. Finger Rock #1 - View of Finger Rock from ridge near Corral Meadow.
  11. Finger Rock #2 - A closer look at this giant, granite finger.
  12. Northern View - Monache Mountain in foreground and Langley in the background.
  13. Rock Dome #2 - Same rock dome as before, but a different angle.
  14. Tiny Toad - Lots of these guys hopping around all over the place!
  15. Porterella - Also known as Porterella carnosula of the Bellflower Family.
  16. Map of Hike - GPS route for hike.

Bell Cow Camp (August 2017)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Trail Signs - Set of signs between Strawberry and Templeton Meadows.
  2. Kern River - The trail crosses through a small gorge east of Strawberry Meadows.
  3. Campsite - Nice campsite sitting sixty feet above South Fork of Kern River.
  4. Bell Fence #1 - Old fence posts outlining Bell Cow Camp.
  5. Barbed Wire - One of many rusty coils of barbed wire to be found near fence.
  6. Bell Fence #2 - Fence crossing meadow area.
  7. Bell Fence #3 - There is easily a mile of fence posts around the camp area.
  8. Bell Fence #4 - There is also old, railed fencing in some spots.
  9. Bell Fence #5 - The cabin is barely visible way in the back.
  10. Bench Structure - Metal areas probably for horse food, but hard to say.
  11. Front of Cabin - View of area in front of cabin.
  12. Rusty Vise - Old bench vise mounted on large stump.
  13. Fireplace Mantel - Skulls decorating area above the fireplace.
  14. Furniture - Table, benches, and chairs inside cabin area.
  15. Fireplace - Fireplace situated between two large boulders.
  16. Roof Support - Interesting construction techniques...
  17. Boulders, Roof, Posts - Various components of cabin structure.
  18. Old Stove - Must have been a lot of work hauling this in!
  19. Interesting Rack - Cabinets, rack, stove, roof, and boulder wall.
  20. Roof Support Joint - Interesting workmanship went into building cabin.
  21. Sink - Rock and cement sink and faucets.
  22. Storage Shed - Small storage shed located near cabin.
  23. Back of Chimney - Boulders surrounding chimney as seen from behind the cabin.
  24. Side of Chimney - Chimney and attachment of roof to boulders.
  25. Gate - There were other gates, but this was very close to cabin.
  26. Log Structure - Possibly a tent frame for sleeping, hard to say.
  27. Storage or Jail? - Solid rock and concrete with two locks and very small window.
  28. Outhouse - Located a respectable distance from the cabin!
  29. Cabin From Outhouse - Looking towards front of cabin.
  30. Bell Fence #6 - Someone put a lot of time into the fencing around this cow camp!

Little Dry Meadow (August 2017)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Wintergreen - Pyrola picta of the Heath Family.
  2. Meadow Area - Located just east of Casa Vieja Meadow.
  3. Golden Trout - A couple of trail markers along the route.
  4. Mushroom - Lots of mushrooms growing this summer.
  5. McConnell Meadow - Turn around point for this thirteen mile hike.
  6. Sierra Chinquapin - Chrysolepis sempervirens of the Oak Family.
  7. Little Dry Meadow - Looking north along the meadow area.
  8. Notched Tree - Classic I sign indicating route of trail.
  9. Trail Sign - One of three signs at north extreme of Little Dry Meadow.
  10. Lupine and Fireweed - Downed logs and flowers at Little Dry Meadow.

Big Dry Meadow (July 2017)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Dirty Socks - Hundreds of these blooming near Blackrock Trailhead.
  2. Casa Vieja #1 - Old cabin on southern side of large meadow area.
  3. Casa Vieja #2 - Forestry Service cabin on northern side of meadow.
  4. Lupine - Attractive members of the Pea Family east of Casa Vieja.
  5. Unnamed Meadow #1 - Meadow area east of Casa Vieja.
  6. Brewer's Daisy - Large number of daisies growing in unnamed meadow.
  7. Nevada Bitter Root - Lewisia nevadensis of the Portulacaceae (Purslane Family).
  8. Trail Sign - Classic I-notch cut into pine tree to mark trail.
  9. Larkspur - Purple flower and member of the Buttercup Family.
  10. Warped Trail Sign - Pointing the way to Little Dry Meadow.
  11. Fireweed - Chamerion angustifolium of the Onagraceae.
  12. Musk Monkeyflower - Mimulus moschatus of the Phrymaceae.
  13. Corn Lily - Veratrum californium of the Melanthiaceae (formerly Liliaceae).
  14. Mushrooms - There were seven of these altogether located in unnamed meadow.
  15. Bog Orchid - Platanthera dilatata of the Orchid Family.

Stokes Stringer (July 2017)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Horseshoe Meadow - Looking down from Cottonwood Pass.
  2. Big Whitney - Looking down on Big Whitney Meadow and Stokes Stringer.
  3. Sawtooth Peak - Probably Sawtooth Peak near Mineral King.
  4. Stokes Stringer #1 - Peaking through the trees at the meadow.
  5. Trail to East - Looking back towards Cottonwood Pass.
  6. Stokes Stringer #2 - Penstemon growing in meadow.
  7. Whorled Penstemon #1 - Penstemon heterodoxus of the PLANTAGINACEAE.
  8. Whorled Penstemon #2 - Very abundant at Stokes Stringer.
  9. Columbine - Aquilegia formosa of the RANUNCULACEAE.
  10. Meadows - Stokes Stringer and Big Whitney.

Big Pine Creek (July 2017)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Yellow Lily - It's either a tiger or a leopard lily!
  2. Outhouse - This is the Lon Chaney Outhouse!
  3. Lon Chaney Cabin - Famous cabin along hiking route.
  4. Waterfall and Lake - The lakes along the route are numbered. This is the first one.
  5. Snowy Mountain - Plenty of visible snow on this hike, but very little on trail.
  6. More Snow - Good amount of snow for July.
  7. Bog Laurel - Kalmia polifolia of the Heath Family.
  8. Another Snowy Peak - More snow on this cloudy day.
  9. Another Lake - Don't recall the number of this lake.
  10. Mountain and Snow - Lakes, mountains, and snow in every direction!
  11. Spectacular View - Trees, snow, lake, and mountains.
  12. Shooting Star - Dodecatheon redolens of the Primrose Family.
  13. Rosy Sedum - Lots of this plant, especially along the lake shores.
  14. Big Pine Creek - The creek connecting all the lakes.
  15. Bog Orchid - Platanthera dilatata of the Orchid Family.

Corral Meadow (July 2017)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Pinyon Mariposa #1 - Calochortus bruneaunis of the Lily Family.
  2. Pinyon Mariposa #2 - These showed up along most of the route of the hike.
  3. Clover - A bank of clover plants just located a ways below Hooker Meadow.
  4. Lupine - There were at least four different species of lupine producing flowers in the area.
  5. Slenderleaf Collomia - Collomia linearis of the Phlox Family.
  6. More Lupine - Lupine flowers growing at Hooker Meadow.
  7. Checkerbloom - Lots of this located in all the meadow areas along this route.
  8. Dirty Socks - Plenty of this plant scattered throughout the meadow areas.
  9. Indian Paintbrush - Probably Castilleja pilosa, but Castilleja praeterita is quite similar.
  10. Owl's Claws - Hymenoxys hoopesii of the Sunflower Family at Corral Meadow.

Long Canyon (June 2017)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Nevada Bitter Root - Lots of this in the areas with sufficient moisture.
  2. Dirty Socks - Plenty of this in the meadow areas.
  3. Outhouse - Rustic restroom with a view!
  4. Black Bear - Large mammal hanging around near the cabin.
  5. Valerian - Large amount of this scattered all around.
  6. Fritillary - Prominent in the meadows along the hiking route.
  7. Columbine - Not a lot of this, but a little here and there.
  8. Scarlet Paintbrush - Castilleja miniata growing next to a creek.
  9. Primrose Monkeyflower - Mimulus primuloides of the Lopseed Family.
  10. Wood Fruit Evening Primrose - These flowers open up in the late afternoon.

Beach Ridge (June 2017)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Snow Plant - Sarcodes sanguinea of the Ericaceae (Heath Family).
  2. Fritillary - Several plants spotted in a meadow area.
  3. Decaying Log - Tree downed long ago and partically decomposed.
  4. Bluebells - Mertensia ciliata of the Borage Family.
  5. Old Tub - No longer capable of holding water for livestock or wildlife.
  6. Dirty Tub - This tub was just a few feet away from the previous tub.
  7. Wax Currant #1 - Lots of bushes full of flowers this time of year.
  8. Wax Currant #2 - Ribes cereum of the Grossulariaceae (Gooseberry Family).
  9. Nevada Bitter Root - Lewisia nevadensis of the Portulacaceae (Purslane Family).
  10. Lupine - Lots of small lupine plants scattered all over the place.

Hooker and Albanita (June 2017)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Small Blue Flowers - Not sure what these are. Probably some kind of phacelia.
  2. Monkeyflower - Small member of the Figwort Family.
  3. Wild Onion - Lots of this scattered all over the place on this hike.
  4. Small White Flowers - Most likely a member of the Phlox Family.
  5. Larkspur - Very plentiful in the meadowy areas along the trail.
  6. More Larkspur - Attractive member of the Buttercup Family.
  7. Small Flowers - Mixture of a few different kinds of small flowers.
  8. Fritillary - Interesting member of the Lily Family.
  9. Gnarled Tree - Very large tree located just southwest of Hooker Meadow.
  10. Hooker Meadow - Looking more or less southward from the middle of the meadow.
  11. Herperochiron - Interesting member of the Borage Family.
  12. More Herperochiron - Lots of this in the meadow areas, but it's not extremely conspicuous.
  13. More Fritillary - There was a fair amount of this scattered around, but it doesn't stand out.
  14. Snow Plant - Unusual member of the Heath Family.
  15. Even More Herperochiron - Although very small, it is a very attractive plant.

Albanita-Hooker-Corral (June 2016)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Pink Flowers - Lots of these flowers were observed near the Hooker Trailhead.
  2. Columbine - A small colony was spotted along Hooker Creek.
  3. Narrowleaf Onion - Clusters of flowers perched atop a narrow stem.
  4. Hooker Meadow - Green grass in mid-June will probably soon turn brown.
  5. Blue Eyed Mary - Large colony of attractive, but very small flowers.
  6. Primrose Monkeyflower #1 - Lots of this observed in Albanita Meadows.
  7. Primrose Monkeyflower #2 - Mimulus primuloides of the Lopseed Family.
  8. Kern Frasera - Frasera tubulosa of the Gentian Family.
  9. California Herperochiron #1 - Attractive flowers hidden beneath taller plants in meadow area.
  10. Old Trail Sign - Many old signs on ground in this area.
  11. Sierra Beardtongue - Penstemon heterodoxus of the Plantain Family.
  12. Pussypaws - Calyptridium umbellatum of the Purslane Family.
  13. Pine Lousewort - Pedicularis semibarbata of the Broomrape Family.
  14. White Flowers - Probably a species of Leptosiphon.
  15. Porterella - Lots of this in Albanita Meadows.
  16. New Signs - Fresh replacement signs to replace worn out old ones.
  17. Corral Meadow - Looking fresh and green early in the summer.
  18. Sierra Onion - Allium campanulatum of the Lily Family.
  19. Harlequin Monkeyflower - Very common throughout the area.
  20. Larkspur - Lots of larkspur scattered around throughout the area.
  21. Flower Bud - Not quite blooming just yet.
  22. California Herperochiron #2 - Hesperochiron californicus of the Borage Family.
  23. Jackass Peak - Albanita Meadow looking towards local landmark.
  24. Nevada Bitter Root - Interesting member of the Montia Family.
  25. Snow Plant - Interesting member of the Heath Family.

Long Canyon (August 2015)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Long Canyon #1 - About a mile up the actual canyon.
  2. Gentian #1 - Gentian flowers continue to bloom through September.
  3. Long Canyon #2 - About two miles up the canyon at just over 9100 feet.
  4. Gentian #2 - A small gentian colony growing in boggy area near several seeps.
  5. Cabin #1 - Cabin located about one and a half miles up canyon.
  6. Cabin #2 - This cabin is about 6.5 miles from Blackrock Trailhead.
  7. Cabin #3 - Cabin not seen on the way up canyon since it's not visible from the trail.
  8. Other Cabin - Located at the bottom of Long Canyon about five miles from the trailhead.
  9. Kern Peak - Looking northwest from ridge above trail.
  10. Casa Vieja Meadow - Some cows grazing near forest service cabin.

Kern Peak (August 2015)    Map of Hike    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Bullfrog Meadows - This is the only cow I saw on the entire trip.
  2. Livestock Gate - Barbed wire fence to keep livestock from wandering.
  3. Coulter's Daisy - Growing along stringer which drops down to Tunnel Meadows.
  4. Columbine - A close look at this interesting little flower.
  5. Fireweed - Also known as Great Willowherb and a member of the Evening Primrose Family.
  6. Tiger Lily - Many plants encountered along a couple different stringers on this hike.
  7. Rustic Campsite - An old campsite located a short distance from Tunnel Meadows.
  8. Old Corral - An old corral located in the trees next to Tunnel Meadows.
  9. Water Tower - The remains of an old water tower at the bottom of Tunnel Meadows.
  10. Forest Service Cabin - A reasonably well-maintained cabin near the water tower.
  11. Trail Signs - All sorts of interesting places to visit.
  12. Ramshaw Meadows - Dropping into Ramshaw Meadows on a cloudy and smokey day.
  13. Gentain - Different species of this small meadow plant encountered along course of hike.
  14. Kern Peak #1 - Remains of the floor of an old fire lookout tower.
  15. Kern Peak #2 - The roof blew off, but it didn't go too far.
  16. Kern Peak #3 - Old stove just sort of fell through the floor.
  17. Matted Lupine - This plant showed up many times along hiking route.
  18. Kern Peak #4 - Looking up at the remains of the lookout tower at top of peak.
  19. Dirty Socks - Also known as American Bistort and Mountain Meadow Knotweed.
  20. Baneberry - Attractive, but poisonous, berries growing alongside the Kern Peak Stringer.
  21. Elephant's Head - Encountered a few times, always in areas with plenty of moisture.
  22. Ramshaw Meadows Abronia #1 - Grows in Ramshaw and Templeton Meadows and nowhere else.
  23. Ramshaw Meadows Abronia #2 - Relatively abundant around the edges of Ramshaw Meadows.
  24. Kern Peak #5 - The peak as seen from the extreme eastern end of Ramshaw Meadows.
  25. Trail Peak - Civilization lies on the eastern side of this peak!

Mount Langley (July 2015)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Cirque Peak - The 12,900 foot peak as seen from Cottonwood Basin.
  2. Mount Langley - The 14,026 foot peak as seen from Cottonwood Basin.
  3. Marmot - Lots of marmots throughout the area!
  4. Campsite - I set my tent up under a large foxtail pine (Pinus balfouriana).
  5. Army Pass - This is the old Army Pass, New Army Pass is not far away.
  6. Cairns #1 - A couple cairns set up to mark the route up Langley.
  7. Sky Pilot - Not quite prevalent, but somewhat plentiful above 13,000 feet.
  8. Cairns #2 - Another cairn along the path to the top of the mountain.
  9. Looking North - Somewhere in there is Mount Whitney as well as other notable peaks.
  10. Miter Basin - The large lake to the left is Sky-Blue Lake.
  11. Olancha Peak - Looking south from the top of Mount Langley.
  12. Tuttle Creek - Looking down and to the east from the top of the peak.
  13. Yours Truly - That would be me sitting at the top of Mount Langley.
  14. Cirque and Olancha - Another view to the south from 14,026 feet.
  15. Cairns #3 - These cairns were built to standardize the route and to eliminate redundant trails.
  16. Cairns #4 - Looking down into the Rock Creek Drainage.
  17. Alpine Hulsea - Attractive member of the Sunflower Family growing above 13,000 feet.
  18. Cottonwood Lake #5 - Looking down on the lake by which I camped the previous night.
  19. Swamp Onion - Allium validum of the Alliaceae (aka, Onion Family)
  20. Corn Lily - Veratrum californium of the Melanthiaceae (formerly Liliaceae).

Cirque Peak (July 2015)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Langley - Looking toward Mount Langley hidden in the clouds from Cirque Peak.
  2. Cottonwood Lakes - Looking down on Cottonwood Lakes from Cirque Peak (12,900').
  3. Peak Register - The top of what was probably the old register tied to a bottle.
  4. Big Whitney Meadow - Looking down on large meadow area from below peak.
  5. Chicken Spring Lake - Small lake just off the PCT near Cottonwood Pass.
  6. Rock Groundsel - Senecio fremontii of the Sunflower Family.
  7. Bedstraw - Interesting member of the Rubiaceae (Madder Family).
  8. Owl's Claws - Attractive member of the Sunflower Family.
  9. Pennyroyal - Fragrant member of the Mint Family.
  10. Evening Primrose - Closed at midday, but opening late in the day.

Olancha Peak (July 2015)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Old Cabins - A couple old cabins at the trailhead used for this hike.
  2. Olancha Peak #1 - Looking up at the peak from the trailhead.
  3. Olancha Peak #2 - View of the peak from the Pacific Crest Trail.
  4. Olancha Peak #3 - Looking straight up at peak from trail.
  5. Columbine #1 - Columbine flower in rocks a few hundred feet below peak.
  6. Columbine #2 - There were a lot of plants browing in gaps between rocks.
  7. Summit - The top of the mountain looking south.
  8. Haiwee Reservoir - Looking down into Owens Valley from peak.
  9. Monache Meadow - Looking down towards the southwest from peak.
  10. Lupine - Several meadow areas along the PCT contained lots of flowers.
  11. Soda Straw - Attractive member of the Carrot Family.
  12. Larkspur #1 - More attractive flowers growing in meadow areas.
  13. Larkspur #2 - Attractive member of the Buttercup Family.
  14. Bluebells #1 - Mertensia ciliata of the Borage Family.
  15. Bluebells #2 - Apparently bluebells can be white!

McGee Creek (July 2015)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Hail Trail #1 - Trail covered with rapidly accumulating hail.
  2. Hail Trail #2 - Stone steps covered with more white stuff.
  3. More Hail - Hail looks a lot like snow when it piles up.
  4. Eight Miles #1 - Trail eight miles from trailhead at 11,180 feet.
  5. Eight Miles #2 - Looking up towards McGee Pass from just above Little McGee Lake.
  6. Columbine #1 - Flower protected under rock from the hail.
  7. Columbine #2 - This flower was out in the open and got a little bit battered by the hail.
  8. McGee Lake - Looking back towards McGee Lake from just above Little McGee Lake.
  9. Columbine #3 - An entire plant surrounded by white stuff and rocks.
  10. Paintbrush - Some paintbrush, alpine laurel, and small hailstones.
  11. Alpine Laurel - Alpine laurel, some kind of monocot, and hailstones.
  12. Meadow Area - A meadow near McGee Lake with overcast skies in the background.
  13. Mule Ears - A slightly tattered flower and more hailstones.
  14. Snowy Bridge - It's hard to tell the difference between hailstones and snowflakes from a distance.
  15. Lower Canyon - Looking up the canyon late in the day with fresh white stuff on peaks.

Corral Meadows (June 2015)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Bear #1 - Bear encountered a short distance east of South Sierra Wilderness boundary.
  2. Penstemon - Small flowers, most likely whorled penstemon.
  3. Corral Meadows - Looking south from water trough.
  4. Mimulus - Small flowers encountered encountered on ridge west of Corral Meadows.
  5. Indian Paintbrush - Colorful member of the Figwort Family.
  6. Interesting Grass - Most likely a member of the Carex genus.
  7. Plantainleaf Buttercup - Attractive member of the Ranunculaceae.
  8. Ceanothus - Close look at tiny, light-blue flowers.
  9. Milkweed - This appears to be a milkweed plant getting ready to produce flowers.
  10. Bear #2 - Encountered after hike while driving a short distance from trailhead.

Kennedy Meadows (May 2015)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Cloudy Day - Clouds, trees, and peaks as seen along PCT north of Kennedy Meadows.
  2. Meadow Area #1 - Approximately five miles north from trailhead at about 7000 feet.
  3. Meadow Area #2 - Same meadow as seen from a quarter mile west of PCT.
  4. Ceanothus - Cluster of small white flowers produced by this common bush.
  5. Indian Paintbrush - Not a lot of flowers on this hike, but there were a few.
  6. Wallflower - Attractive member of the Mustard Family.
  7. Lupine - Attractive member of the Pea Family.
  8. Phacelia - Attractive member of the Borage Family.
  9. Bridge Crossing - Bridge located on PCT about two miles north of Kennedy Meadows.
  10. Kern River - Resting on bank of river near bridge.

Beach Meadows Loop (September 2014)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Osa Sign - One of many helpful signs on the dirt roads between Osa and Beach Meadows.
  2. Kern Peak - Kern Peak and Indian Head Rock as seen from Manzanita Knob.
  3. Jordan Hot Springs - Looking down on the hot springs from Manzanita Knob.
  4. Osa Meadow #1 - Looking across the dried out meadow.
  5. Osa Meadow #2 - Nice trees surrounding meadow area.
  6. Little Horse Meadow #1 - Another meadow dried out at the end of summer.
  7. Little Horse Meadow #2 - Three years of drought doesn't help either!
  8. Little Horse Meadow #3 - Nice trees around this meadow also.
  9. Snow Pole - It was getting late in the day when I arrived at Beach Meadows.
  10. Beach Meadow - Sign near horse camp at edge of meadow area.
  11. Beach Meadow Horses - Horses grazing in meadow area.
  12. Cabin Sign - Beach Meadow Cabin established in 1910.
  13. Beach Meadow Cabin #1 - Not exactly a very large or roomy cabin!
  14. Horses Grazing - Another look at the horses munching on the grass.
  15. Beach Meadow Cabin #2 - A look at the cabin from another angle.

Broder Meadow Loop (August 2014)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Broder Cows - Looking down Broder Meadow towards Olancha Peak.
  2. Storage Locker - Pile of rocks arranged with storage area in middle.
  3. Broder Meadow - Looking up Broder Meadow. The little dots are cows.
  4. Bottom of Broder - Signs located near the mouth of the canyon.
  5. Unnamed Drainage #1 - Looking up drainage between Beck and Broder.
  6. Unnamed Drainage #2 - Looking down drainage between Beck and Broder.
  7. Barbed Wire - Located at crest between unnamed drainage and Lost Meadow.
  8. Waterhole #3 - Rock lined spring named after movie from 1967.
  9. Finger Rock - Cows in Lost Meadow with Finger Rock towering behind them.
  10. Aqua Bonita - Cows hanging out at Albanita Meadow.

Brown Cow Camp (August 2014)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Templeton - Templeton Mountain from Strawberry Meadows.
  2. Olancha - Olancha Peak shrouded in clouds.
  3. Kern River - The South Fork of the Kern River to be more precise!
  4. Brown Meadow - Olancha Peak covered with clouds again.
  5. Brown Cow Camp #1 - View of cluster of buildings from the north.
  6. Brown Cow Camp #2 - A closer look at a couple of buildings.
  7. Brown Cow Camp #3 - Old outhouse now used for storage.
  8. Brown Cow Camp #4 - Main building with window covers mostly in place.
  9. Trail Sign - Sign along trail on south boundary of wilderness area.
  10. Ranger Cabin - Cabin in use at northeast corner of Monache Meadows.

Hooker and Lost Meadows (July 2014)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Hooker Trough - Empty water basin at Hooker Meadow.
  2. Olancha Peak - Looking northeast from Lost Meadow.
  3. Finger Rock - Ridge south of Lost Meadow.
  4. Butterfly - Orange insect in grassy area.
  5. Lost Meadow - The tree actually has a sign on it, but it is lost in the shadow.
  6. Cinquefoil - Member of the rose family growing out of crack in rock.
  7. Rusty Metal Box - Probably a stove from an old cowboy camp by Hooker Meadow.
  8. Cow Herd - Group of cows grazing at Hooker Meadow.
  9. Trail Sign #1 - A trail indicator spray-painted on rock.
  10. Yarrow - A bee collecting pollen from yarrow flower.
  11. Horkelia - This plant was prevalent throughout the area.
  12. Interesting Boulder - Lots of interesting boulders around both meadows.
  13. *** One Week Later ***
  14. More Cattle - Bunch of cows at Lost Meadow on a very rainy day.
  15. Trail Sign #2 - Pointing way to Beck Meadow from bottom of Lost Meadow.
  16. Albanita Spring - Wooden fence around small spring.
  17. *** Another Week Later ***
  18. Waterhole #3 - Spring at the lower end of Lost Meadow.
  19. Crag Peak - Looking up at Crag Peak from upper end of Beck Meadow.
  20. Cows #1 - A bunch of cows near trail as it leaves Lost and drops down to Beck.
  21. Water Trough - Located near a spring in the upper portion of Beck Meadow.
  22. Cows #2 - More cows, this time in Beck Meadow.

Corral Meadow (July 2014)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Albanita Trail - Old trail sign falling apart.
  2. Lost Meadow Trail - Another trail sign only this one is in better shape.
  3. Checkerbloom - Several parts of Albanita Meadow had lots of this plant.
  4. Lupine - This plant was abundant throughout most of the hike.
  5. Corral #1 - North end of Corral Meadow near spring.
  6. Salsify - Close look at seed head of salsify plant.
  7. Corn Lily - There were a few patches of this plant along route.
  8. Corral #2 - View towards Finger Rock from north end of meadow.
  9. Collomia - Tiny pink flowers of Collomia linearis.
  10. Bear #1 - Actually there was a baby bear also, but not caught in image.
  11. Water Troughs - Located in drainage east of Corral Meadow.
  12. Wild Rose - Plenty of wild rose flowers along route.
  13. Corral #3 - Lower (south) end of Corral Meadow.
  14. Bear #2 - This was actually the fourth bear I saw on this hike.
  15. Bear #3 - Last three bears were about a half mile apart along Albanita Meadow.

Mulkey Creek (July 2014)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Horses - A couple horses grazing at Mulkey Cow Camp.
  2. Corral - A corral at the cow camp.
  3. Cabin - The cabin at Mulkey Cow Camp.
  4. Pink Elephant Heads #1 - A couple members of a small colony near the cow camp.
  5. Meadow and Peaks - Meadow area below the cow camp.
  6. Mulkey Creek #1 - Looking across meadow about a mile below the cow camp.
  7. Mulkey Creek #2 - Upper portion of creek area just west of the PCT.
  8. Kern Frasera - Lots of this plant all over the area.
  9. Public Corral - Corral east of PCT on alternate route bypassing Mulkey Pass.
  10. Pink Elephant Heads #2 - Growing by creek near public corral.

Smith Mountain (June 2014)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Penstemon - A couple different species of penstemon were quite prevalent.
  2. Scarlet Gilia - Patches of this were all over the place!
  3. Pink Alumroot - Lots of this on both Jackass Peak and Smith Mountain.
  4. Granite Gilia #1 - Up around the peaks there was plenty of this.
  5. Granite Gilia #2 - Available in both white and pink!
  6. Mountain Pride - Plenty of this on both Smith and Jackass.
  7. Smith Mountain - Looking south from the summit of Smith Mountain.
  8. Smith Monolith - Large rock formation located on north slope of mountain.
  9. Mother Bear - I wasn't fast enough to get the cub!
  10. Aqua Bonita - Spring located in Albanita Meadow.
  11. Porterella - Found growing in a dried up vernal pool.
  12. Rock Dome - Peak east of Albanita Meadow.
  13. Mimulus - Brightly colored Monkey Flowers.
  14. Broder Meadow - Looking down from ridge towards Monache and Olancha Peaks.
  15. Tarweed - Otherwise known as Madia elegans of the Sunflower Family.

Chicken Spring Lake (June 2014)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Chicken Spring Lake - Located just west of Cottonwood Pass at an elevation of 11,242 feet.
  2. Cottonwood View - Looking east from Cottonwood Pass towards Horseshoe Meadow.
  3. Alpine Penstemon - Penstemon davidsonii of the Plantaginaceae (formerly Scrophulariaceae).
  4. Snow Plant - A close look at this attractive parasite!
  5. Pink Elephant Heads - A flower cluster in formation.
  6. White Violet #1 - Also known as MacLoskey's Violet.
  7. White Violet #2 - Another look at this small, white flower.
  8. Wood Fruit Evening Primrose #1 - Rather attractive yellow flowers.
  9. Wood Fruit Evening Primrose #2 - Flowers seem disproportionately large compared to plants.
  10. Wood Fruit Evening Primrose #3 - Another look at this impressive flower.

Long Canyon (June 2014)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Long Canyon Meadow - Stream cutting through grassy meadow.
  2. Long Cabin - Backside of old and weathered log cabin.
  3. Stone Building - Small stone shack behind main cabin.
  4. Front of Cabin - Looking at porch area and front yard.
  5. Trail Sign - Trail heading east from cabin.
  6. Snow Plant - Interesting parasitic member of the Heath Family.
  7. Pine Lousewort - Interesting plant common in this area.
  8. Sign on Tree - This was the approximate turn around point for this hike.
  9. Creek Crossing - Trail crossing creek in Long Canyon.
  10. Shooting Star - Frequently encountered near water along this route.
  11. Pussypaws - Interesting member of the Purslane Family.
  12. Dirty Socks - Commonly found in meadow areas in this area.
  13. Wild Strawberry - Lots of flowers under shade of trees.
  14. Casa Vieja Meadow - Looking southeast towards main meadow.
  15. Water Buttercup - Aquatic plant growing in stream at Casa Vieja Meadow.

Two Army Loop (September 2013)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Metal Shack - Structure located by one of the Cottonwood Lakes.
  2. Gentian - Most likely Mountain Bog Gentian.
  3. Lake Five - Looking up towards Army Pass.
  4. Army Pass #1 - The trail from Lake Five towards the pass.
  5. Army Pass #2 - Section of trail near top of pass.
  6. Lake View - Looking down on Cottonwood Lakes from top of pass.
  7. Army Pass #3 - Sign at top of Army Pass.
  8. View to West - Looking westward from Army Pass.
  9. New Army Pass #1 - Sign at top of New Army Pass.
  10. String of Lakes - Looking down to the east from New Army Pass.
  11. New Army Pass #2 - Looking towards Mount Langley.
  12. High Lake - View across lake towards rock wall.
  13. Stunted Pines - There's actually a deer in the center of this image.
  14. Long Lake - Located between High Lake and South Fork Lakes.
  15. Langley View - Looking northwest across meadow towards Langley.

North Monache (September 2013)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Corral - Located near northeast corner of Monache Meadows.
  2. Cabins - These cabins are located right next to the corral in the previous image.
  3. Summit Meadow - This meadow sits at 9200 feet and is just west of Olancha Pass.
  4. Cowboy Camp - Fire ring and picnic table near Summit Meadow.
  5. Another Corral - This one is right next to Summit Meadow.
  6. Trail Junction - Sign pointing the way to two possible destinations.
  7. Trail Sign - Another trail sign at another trail junction.
  8. PCT Marker - The PCT is rather confusing in this area and this marker helps a bit.
  9. Olancha Peak - Over four thousand feet above Monache Meadows.
  10. Monache Dam #1 - This dam is located just north of Monache Meadows.
  11. Monache Dam #2 - There are some great campsites about a mile below the dam.
  12. American Brooklime - Neat plants growing just below the dam's outlet.
  13. Monache Dam #3 - Notice extra wall just upstream from dam.
  14. Monache Dam #4 - Looking down on the dam from the north.
  15. Monache Dam #5 - The sun was at a really bad angle!

Bishop Pass (August 2013)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Mount Agassiz - Peak immediately south of the pass.
  2. Western View - Looking northwest from the pass.
  3. Bishop Pass - Sign located as trail passes over the pass.
  4. String of Lakes - Lakes east of the pass.
  5. Eastern View - Looking east towards the valley down below.
  6. Jigsaw Pass - Aperture Peak and Jigsaw Pass to the southeast of the pass.
  7. Trail View - A section of the trail weaving through the lakes east of the pass.
  8. Baneberry - Colorful red berries growing next to trail.
  9. Primrose Monkeyflower - Small, yellow members of the Buttercup Family.
  10. South Lake - Lake by trailhead seems a little drained.

Sherman Pass Loop (August 2013)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Olancha Peak - Looking across the Kern Plateau from Sherman Pass.
  2. Bush Chinquapin - Highly prevalent shrub throughout the area.
  3. Sherman Peak Trail #1 - Sign at the Sherman Peak end of the trail.
  4. Windy Road - Looking down on highway winding up to the pass.
  5. Trail Sign - Sign on the north side of the peak.
  6. Sherman Peak - Equipment and structures on top of peak (9909 feet).
  7. Flowers! - Attactive members of the Sunflower Family.
  8. Burnt Trees - Area recovering from a relatively recent forest fire.
  9. Corral Meadow #1 - Sign along the trail identifying meadow by name.
  10. Corral Meadow #2 - Another look at scenic meadow.
  11. Sherman Pass Trail #1 - Sign on south side of highway and east of pass.
  12. Creek Crossing - Steps taken to mitigate damage caused by motorcycles.
  13. Sherman Pass Trail #2 - Another section of the trail leading back up to the pass.
  14. Sherman Pass - Elevation marker reading 9200 feet located at pass.
  15. Sherman Peak Trail #2 - Sign located across from parking area at Sherman Pass.

Beer Keg Meadow (August 2013)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Owl's Claws - Attractive, yellow, daisy-like flower in the Sunflower Family.
  2. Casa Vieja #1 - Cows grazing on large meadow area.
  3. Casa Vieja #2 - Another group of cows close to the trail.
  4. Willow-Herb - Interesting member of the Evening Primrose Family.
  5. Wintergreen - Pyrola picta of the Heath Family.
  6. Richardson's Geranium - Attractive flower belonging to the Geranium Family.
  7. White Hedge Nettle - Lots of this plant growing near streams.
  8. Monkshood - Purple flower and member of the Buttercup Family.
  9. Sneezeweed - Somewhat spectacular member of the Sunflower Family.
  10. Beer Keg Meadow #1 - Upper portion of the meadow area.
  11. Beer Keg Meadow #2 - Some sneezeweed growing along small creek.
  12. Long Canyon - Looking towards bottom portion of Long Canyon.
  13. Trail Signs - Intersection between Redrock, Casa Vieja, and Long Canyon.
  14. Creek Crossing - Small creek with trail on opposite side.
  15. Shady Trail - Section of trail passing through pine forest.

Deer Mountain (July 2013)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Water Tank - Constantly dripping tank along route to Monache Jeep Trail.
  2. Deer Island - South Fork of the Kern River, Deer Island, and Monache Peak.
  3. Stock Bridge - Old bridge crossing Kern River at southeast corner of Monache Meadows.
  4. Upside Down Sign - Sign located near stock bridge along Pacific Crest Trail.
  5. Cows - Lots of cows scattered all around the Monache Meadows area.
  6. Olancha Peak - Looking northward from just north of Dutch John Flat.
  7. Haiwee Pass - Looking towards Haiwee Pass from the proximity of Dutch John Flat.
  8. Deer Mountain Trail - Sign at Dutch John Flat at south end of Deer Mountain Trail.
  9. Picnic Table - Rickety old picnic table at Dutch John Flat.
  10. Trail Sign - Sign at Dutch John Flat listing various destinations.
  11. Grassy Meadow - Meadow at 8600 feet located just south of Deer Mountain.
  12. Cowboy Camp #1 - Old camp area adjacent to meadow area.
  13. Cowboy Camp #2 - Old tools leaning against tree at old campsite.
  14. Cowboy Camp #3 - Whisk broom hanging from tree at camping spot.
  15. Owl's Claws - Bright yellow flowers of this member of the Sunflower Family.
  16. PCT Sign - Look out for naked hippies! LOL
  17. Old Trail Sign - This sign is located along the PCT south of Monache Meadows.
  18. New Trail Sign - Another sign located along the PCT.
  19. Monache Mountain - Large doom and meadows as seen through haze.
  20. Beck Meadow - Ranch buildings located at south end of Monache Meadows.

Mulkey South (July 2013)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Templeton and Kern - Looking southwest from Pacific Crest Trail at 10,500 feet.
  2. Templeton #1 - Tree-covered volcanic cone near Olancha Peak.
  3. Olancha Peak - Looking south towards this rather prominent peak.
  4. Templeton and Brown - Looking southwest with towards Brown Mountain.
  5. Shaggy Hawkweek - Interesting member of the Sunflower Family.
  6. Mountain Pride - Tubular flowers of this member of the Figwort Family.
  7. Mountain Spray - Also known as Creambush and a member of the Rose Family.
  8. Buckskin Keckiella - Interesting flowers belonging to another member of the Figwort Family.
  9. Mountain Ridge - Ridge located just west of the PCT.
  10. Large Conifers - Lots of big trees all along the trail.
  11. Sharknose Ridge - Prominent ridge just west of the PCT.
  12. Trail and Trees - Section of trail cutting through a coniferous forest.
  13. More Trees - Lots of large conifers along this route.
  14. Distant Peak - Great scenery in this area!
  15. Templeton #2 - Another look at this volcanic cone.

Monache Meadows (July 2013)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Snow Plant - Lots of these scattered around and starting to wither.
  2. Helicopter - It contained several people and it was extremely loud!
  3. Cows Grazing - Just a bunch of cows munching on the grass near Kingfisher Ridge.
  4. Olancha Peak #1 - View of peak with some old buildings in foreground.
  5. Olancha Peak #2 - Another view of peak with meadow area in the foreground.
  6. Cabins - Some cabins at Bakeover Meadow and near Olivas Spring.
  7. Arnica - Attractive yellow, daisy-like flower in the Sunflower Family.
  8. Corn Lily - Member of the Lily Family growing by creek.
  9. Leopard Lily - Lilium pardalinum of the Lily Family.
  10. Horses Grazing - Horse munching on grass at Bakeover Meadow.
  11. Mimulus - Colorful little flowers growing just east of Monache Meadows.
  12. Olancha Peak #3 - View of the peak from the southwest with cows in foreground.
  13. Lupine - Lots of lupine in bloom all around the meadows.
  14. Monache Peak - Symmetrical volcanic dome rising 1500 feet above meadows.
  15. Deer - A couple deer hanging out on west side of Monache Meadows.

Kennedy Meadows (June 2013)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. River Crossing #1 - Bridge located about a mile north of Kennedy Meadows.
  2. Hedge Nettle #1 - Close look at the flowers of Stachys albens.
  3. Hedge Nettle #2 - As you can see, this plant is rather fuzzy!
  4. Hedge Nettle #3 - This plant is a member of the Mint Family.
  5. Broad-Leaved Lotus #1 - Interesting pods on this member of the Pea Family.
  6. Broad-Leaved Lotus #2 - This plant is also known as Big Deervetch and Buck Lotus.
  7. Nightshade - Solanum xantii of the Solanaceae, to be more precise!
  8. Chapparel Lotus - Another interesting member of the Pea Family.
  9. Gilia - Attractive member of the Phlox Family.
  10. Beardtongue - Interesting member of the genus Penstemon.
  11. Clover Meadow - Located along the Pacific Crest Trail about five miles north of Kennedy Meadows.
  12. Golden Eardrops - The seeds of this plant will not germinate unless exposed to fire.
  13. Giant Woollystar - Another attractive member of the Phlox Family!
  14. Rothrock's Nama #1 - Several large colonies of this plant along the trail.
  15. Rothrock's Nama #2 - Interesting inflorescence to say the least!
  16. American Brooklime - Aquatic plant growing where trail crosses a small stream.
  17. Fremontia - Several of these bushes were scattered around the area.
  18. River Crossing #2 - Same bridge as earlier, just later in the day and from the opposite side.
  19. Showy Milkweed - Said to be a favorite food of monarch butterflies.
  20. Lizard - Many lizards were out and about on this rather warm day.

Cirque Lake (June 2013)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Shooting Stars #1 - A group of shooting star plants by the side of a stream.
  2. Peaceful Meadow - Beautiful meadow surrounded by stately pines and granite peaks.
  3. Cabin - A rather short cabin located by the trail.
  4. Columbine - Scarlet and yellow flower by the stream.
  5. Shooting Stars #2 - More shooting stars plants. They were quite plentiful.
  6. Plaintainleaf Buttercup - There was a lot of this scattered around the meadows.
  7. Gooseberry - Gooseberry bushes were scattered around beneath the trees.
  8. Lupine - This tiny lupine was all over the place!
  9. Marmot - Several marmots scurried around here and there along the trail.
  10. Wallflower - This plant was fairly prevalent throughout the hike.
  11. Langley #1 - Mount Langley towering in the background with lake in the foreground.
  12. Langley #2 - A closer look at Mount Langley (elevation 14,042 feet).
  13. Clubmoss Mousetail - Another plant that was plentiful in meadow areas.
  14. Dragonfly - A close look at a shiny black and gray dragonfly.
  15. Cirque Lake #1 - Looking north from the south side of the lake (elevation 11,100 feet).
  16. Shooting Stars #3 - A small portion of a large colony of shooting stars at Cirque Lake.
  17. Sierra Primrose - A few members of a large group of this pink flower growing at Cirque Lake.
  18. Cirque Lake #2 - Looking south from the north side of the lake.
  19. More Buttercup - Another look at the leaves and flowers produced by this plant.
  20. Sandwort - Small plant growing on ridge between Cirque Lake and South Fork Lakes.
  21. More Sandwort - More sandwort growing in the same general location.
  22. Langley #3 - Another view of Mount Langley towering to the north.
  23. Primrose Monkey Flower - These flowers were growing by the trail near South Fork Lakes.
  24. Penstemon - These tubular, purple flowers were scattered around throughout the hike.
  25. Rosy Pussytoes - Also called Rosy Everlasting.

Virginia Lakes (September 2012)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Trail Sign #1 - This intersection marked the beginning and end of loop portion of hike.
  2. Lupine - Attractive member of Pea Family scattered around throughout hike.
  3. Summit Lake - Picture taken from the Yosemite side of the sign.
  4. Currant - Lots of currant berries encountered throughout twenty-mile loop.
  5. Trail Sign #2 - The 'P' might be a little hard to see! LOL
  6. Return Creek #1 - Looking north up Return Creek drainage.
  7. Return Creek #2 - Looking south towards Shepherd Crest.
  8. Virginia Pass - No maintained trail leads to this sign, which makes the existence of the sign slightly unusual.
  9. Glines Canyon - Looking down Glines Canyon from below Virginia Pass towards Green Lake.
  10. Monkey Flower - One of numerous monkey flowers encountered in Glines Canyon.
  11. Glines Canyon Cabin - Remains of cabin about a half mile or so above Green Lake.
  12. Rusty Machinery - Remains of some kind of machinery a little ways below cabin.
  13. Upper Hoover Lake #1 - The upper of the two Hoover Lakes.
  14. False Solomon's Seal - Former member of the Lily Family, now included in the Mayflower Family.
  15. Upper Hoover Lake #2 - Mountains to the west of the upper of the pair of lakes.
  16. Hoover Lakes - Looking down on the Hoover Lakes from near Trail Sign #1.
  17. Virginia Lakes - Looking east toward Virginia Lakes from unnamed pass (11,120').
  18. Virginia Cabin #1 - Not sure if this cabin has an actual name.
  19. Virginia Cabin #2 - Leaning cabin propped up by logs.
  20. Pennyroyal - Aromatic member of the Mint Family.

Pine Creek Pass (August 2012)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Pass View - View to the west from Pine Creek Pass.
  2. Pass Sign - Difficult to read it says, "Pine Creek Pass, Elev 11,160 FT."
  3. Pass Trail - Looking to the east from the pass.
  4. Stock Gate - Makeshift stock gate just east of the pass.
  5. Alpine Gentian - Gentiana newberryi of the Gentian Family.
  6. Cinquefoil - A member of the genus Potentilla of the Rose Family.
  7. Trail Sign - Sign at intersection along Pine Creek Pass Trail.
  8. Creek Crossing - Stones lined up to help hikers across the creek.
  9. Upper Pine Lake - Looking up from lake towards Pine Creek Pass.
  10. Log Crossing - Log bridge across creek.
  11. Pine Lake - Looking westward from Pine Lake.
  12. Giant Blazing Star - Mentzelia laevicaulis of the Loasa Family.
  13. Pine Creek Mill #1 - Mining operation near trailhead.
  14. Grass of Parnassus - Parnassia californica of the Saxifrage Family.
  15. Baneberry - Actaea rubra of the Buttercup Family.
  16. Small White Flower - Probably a member of the Mustard Family.
  17. Seed Pods - Seed pods splitting and curling.
  18. Pine Creek Mill #2 - Another look at mill and at road leading to Morgan Pass.
  19. Mill Buildings - A closer look a buildings at millsite.
  20. Owens Valley - Looking across the Owens Valley just north of Bishop.

Rush Creek (August 2012)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. First Saddle - Trail on way to first saddle above Silver Lake.
  2. Railcar - Worker on railcar below Agnew Lake.
  3. Horses and Donkeys - Pack train on return trip after dropping sand bags off at Waugh Lake.
  4. Above Agnew - Looking up at Gem Lake Dam from near Agnew Lake.
  5. Trail Sign - Intersection along way to Waugh Lake.
  6. Western Snakeroot - Ageratina occidentalis of the Sunflower Family.
  7. Grass of Parnassus - Parnassia californica of the Saxifrage Family.
  8. Waugh Bridge - Bridge just below Waugh Lake crossing creek toward Weber Lake.
  9. Waugh Dam - Waugh Lake is situated at an elevation of 9442 feet.
  10. Waugh Lake - Some boulders just off the shore near the trail.
  11. Deer - A local resident of the Waugh Lake area.
  12. Creek Crossing - Log bridge crossing Rush Creek above Waugh Lake.
  13. Banner-Ritter #1 - Famous peaks as seen from small lake at Island Pass (10,205 feet).
  14. Alpine Gentian #1 - Gentiana newberryi of the Gentian Family.
  15. Banner-Ritter #2 - Banner Peak (12,936 feet) above Thousand Island Lake (9833 feet).
  16. Banner-Ritter #3 - Ritter is not actually visible in this or previous image.
  17. Outlet Bridge - Bridge just below outlet of Thousand Island Lake.
  18. Alpine Gentian #2 - This flower was highly prevalent in meadow areas.
  19. Banner-Ritter #4 - Ritter Peak (13,143 feet) visible from Garnet Lake (9678 feet).
  20. Mountain Bog Gentian #1 - Gentiana calycosa of the Gentian Family.
  21. Mountain Bog Gentian #2 - This plant was especially prevalent around Garnet Lake.
  22. Mountain Bog Gentian #3 - Also known as Explorer's Gentian.
  23. Garnet Lake - Although Ritter appears shorter, it's the taller of the two peaks!
  24. Garnet Bridge - Goats crossing outlet at Garnet Lake.
  25. Garnet Outlet - Garnet Lake, bridge, outlet, and famous peaks all in one shot!
  26. Goats - Goats with packs on making way down trails.
  27. Agnew Pass - View from North Agnew Pass (9980 feet).
  28. Unnamed Lake - Small lake directly north of North Agnew Pass.
  29. Banner-Ritter #5 - Famous peaks from North Agnew Pass with sliver of Thousand Island Lake visible.
  30. Lake Near Agnew Pass - This is the largest of a cluster of lakes located near the two Agnew Passes.

Mono Pass (August 2012)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Lone Horseman - A couple pack animals and a rider descending west side of Mono Pass.
  2. Summit Lake - A rather large pond located just below Mono Pass.
  3. Alpine Gentian #1 - Gentiana newberryi of the Gentian Family.
  4. Alpine Gentian #2 - Look for the green freckles on the inside surface of the petals.
  5. Mono Pass - Looking down the Owen's Valley side of the pass.
  6. Mountains - Probably Mills, Abbot, and Dade.
  7. Alpine Columbine - Aquilegia pubescens of the Buttercup Family.
  8. Prominent Peak - Most likely one of the previously mentioned peaks.
  9. Ruby Lake - Lake below east side of Mono Pass and some prominent peaks.
  10. More Peaks - Another look at snow, peaks, and clouds.
  11. Lobb's Buckwheat #1 - Eriogonum lobbii of the Buckwheat Family.
  12. Lobb's Buckwheat #2 - Horizontal stems place flower clusters on ground.
  13. Ruby Lake Shore - The outlet of lake situated at 11000 feet.
  14. Monkeyflower - Member of the Snapdragon Family.
  15. More Lakes - Some small lakes located along the trail to Morgan Pass.

Kearsarge Pass (July 2012)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Kearsarge Lakes - Lakes just west of the pass, including Bullfrog Lake.
  2. Chipmunk #1 - Rodent scurrying around the rocks at Kearsarge Pass.
  3. Kearsarge Pass - Sign at top of pass. Much smaller than previous sign.
  4. Sierra Primrose #1 - Primula suffretescens of the Primrose Family.
  5. Big Pothole Lake - Located just east of the pass.
  6. Sierra Primrose #2 - This flower was quite abundant along the trail near the pass.
  7. Mountain Pride - Penstemon newberryi of the Snapdragon Family.
  8. Applegate's Paintbrush - Castilleja applegatei of the Snapdragon Family.
  9. Flower Lake - View of shoreline at lake located near the trail.
  10. Shooting Star #1 - Dodecatheon jeffreyi of the Primrose Family.
  11. Sierra Bog Orchid - Platanthera dilatata of the Orchidaceae.
  12. Columbine #1 - Aquilegia formosa of the Buttercup Family.
  13. Columbine #2 - More crimson columbine flower.
  14. Shooting Star #2 - This plant was abundant throughout most of the hike.
  15. Waterfall - This cascading stream empties into Little Pothole Lake.
  16. Chipmunk #2 - This little critter was hanging out next to Little Pothole Lake.
  17. Sneezeweed #1 - Bigelow's Sneezeweed - Helenium bigelovii of the Sunflower Family.
  18. Sneezeweed #2 - Only a couple patches of these plants were found near the trail.
  19. Tiger Lily #1 - Lilium kellyanum of the Lily Family.
  20. Tiger Lily #2 - These plants were encountered only in a couple places along the trail.

Mulky/Cottonwood Passes (June 2012)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Larkspur - Delphinium glaucum of the Buttercup Family.
  2. Monkeyflower - Probably Mimulus primuloides of the Figwort (aka Snapdragon) Family.
  3. Shooting Star - Dodecatheon rodolens of the Primrose Family.
  4. Looking North - View north along trail toward basin containing Chicken Springs Lake.
  5. Tiny Lupine - Tiny member of the Pea Family.
  6. Penstemon - Appears to be Penstemon davidsonii of the Figwort Family.
  7. Cottonwood View - View of Horseshoe Meadows from Cottonwood Pass.
  8. Bull Elephant's Head #1 - Pedicularis groenlandica of the Broomrape Family.
  9. Bull Elephant's Head #2 - May also be listed as a member of the Figwort Family.
  10. Creek Crossing - Rocks situated to facilitate crossing of creek.
  11. Log Cabin - Cabin located near trail between Horseshoe Meadows and Cottonwood Pass.
  12. Penstemon - Most likely either Meadow or Whorled Penstemon of the Figwort Family.
  13. Kern Frasera #1 - Frasera tubulosa of the Gentianaceae.
  14. Kern Frasera #2 - Also known as Swertia tubulosa.
  15. Kern Frasera #3 - Related to the considerably taller Monument Plant.

Casa Vieja Meadows (June 2012)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Whorled Penstemon - Probably Penstemon heterodoxus of the Figwort Family.
  2. Primrose Monkeyflower - Mimulus primuloides of the Figwort Family.
  3. Dirty Socks #1 - Also known as Western Bistort or Polygonun bistortoides.
  4. Mountain Strawberry - Fragaria virginiana of the Rose Family.
  5. Meadow Penstemon - Probably Penstemon rydbergii of the Figwort Family.
  6. Cabin - Cabin near Casa Vieja Meadows, complete with outhouse!
  7. Mountain Chickweed - Stellaria longipes of the Pink Family.
  8. Big Dry Meadow #1 - A large meadow area a couple miles from Casa Vieja Meadows.
  9. Big Dry Meadow #2 - Same meadow, looking in the opposite direction.
  10. Unknown Plant - Appears to be a member of the Mustard Family.
  11. Dry Meadow #1 - Small meadow area near the two other meadows already mentioned.
  12. Dry Meadow #2 - Same meadow, looking uphill instead of downhill.
  13. Pussypaws - Calyptridium umbellatum of the Purslane Family.
  14. Evening Primrose - Oenothera xylocarpa of the Evening-Primrose Family.
  15. Dirty Socks #2 - A bunch of dirty socks flowers.

Echo Lake (June 2012)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Echo Lake Chalet - Boat launch area and facilities at outlet end of Echo Lake.
  2. Dam and Outlet - Area below dam with water flowing out of lake.
  3. Trail Sign - Sign marking trails to Lake of the Woods and Lake Aloha.
  4. Echo Lake View - Looking down on Upper and Lower Echo Lakes from ridge near Ralston Peak.
  5. Ralston Peak #1 - Lots of snow on peak reaching altitude of 9240 feet.
  6. Phlox #1 - Probably Spreading Phlox.
  7. Phlox #2 - Otherwise known as Phlox diffusa.
  8. Phlox #3 - Member of the Phlox Family.
  9. Ralston Peak #2 - Another look at peak.
  10. Lake Aloha #1 - View of snowy peaks surrounding Lake Aloha.
  11. Stonecrop - Probably Sedum lanceolatum of the Stonecrop Family.
  12. Lake Aloha #2 - Closer look at islands in Lake Aloha.
  13. Two Lakes - View of both Lake of the Woods and Lake Aloha.
  14. Buckwheat - Probably Sulfur Flower (Eriogonum umbellatum) of the Buckwheat Family.
  15. Ralston Peak #3 - Ralston Peak with Tamarack Lake in the foreground.
  16. Pretty Face - Triteleia ixioides of the Lily Family.
  17. Lake Cabin #1 - There are many cabins along the shores of Echo Lake.
  18. Lake Cabin #2 - Most of the cabins are fairly small.
  19. Lake Cabin #3 - Other cabins are a bit larger.
  20. Water Taxi - A water taxi is available for those who wish to shorten the hike!

Secret Lake (June 2012)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Monitor Pass - Encountered on drive to trailhead. (Actually Secret Lake is much closer to Sonora Pass.)
  2. Leavitt Meadow - Looking up the canyon from ridge across from trailhead.
  3. Secret Lake #1 - View along shoreline at Secret Lake.
  4. Secret Lake #2 - Another view from shore of Secret Lake.
  5. Crayfish - A rather crustaceous resident of Secret Lake.
  6. Walker River - Section of river above Roosevelt and Lane Lakes.
  7. Meadow Area - Area above Roosevelt and Lane Lakes.
  8. Lake View #1 - Either Roosevelt or Lane?
  9. Lake View #2 - Looking up the valley from shoreline.
  10. Lake View #3 - Another view looking up the valley.
  11. Lake View #4 - These lakes had several highly used campsites.
  12. Lake View #5 - Lots of trees and snow on peaks.
  13. Dwarf Chamaesaracha - Chamaesaracha nana of the Nightshade Family.
  14. Bridge #1 - River crossing at trailhead.
  15. Bridge #2 - Same bridge from the other side of the Walker River.

Dardanelles Lake (June 2012)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Red Heather - Phyllodoce breweri of the Heath Family.
  2. Dardanelles #1 - Large granite dome on one side of the lake.
  3. Dardanelles #2 - Snow-covered ridge and lots of pines.
  4. Shieldleaf - Streptanthus tortuosus, member of the Mustard Family.
  5. Dardanelles #3 - Another look at the snow-covered ridge.
  6. Phlox - Most likely Spreading Phlox (Phlox diffusa) of the Phlox Family.
  7. Buckwheat - Probably Sulfur Flower (Eriogonum umbellatum) of the Buckwheat Family.
  8. Dardanelles #4 - Another angle providing a view of the snow-covered ridge.
  9. Lupine - Most likely Brewer's Lupine (Lupine breweri) of the Pea Family.
  10. Stream Crossing #1 - Rocks lined up to allow hikers to hop across the creek without getting wet!
  11. Stickseed - Probably Hackelia micrantha of the Borage Family.
  12. Stream Crossing #2 - Another fortuitously arranged bunch of rocks.
  13. Wallflower - Erysimum capitatum of the Mustard Family.
  14. Mule Ears #1 - Wyethia mollis of the Sunflower Family.
  15. Mule Ears #2 - A similar plant is known as Balsamroot, BTW.

Hungry Packer Lake (September 2011)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Scenic Views - Video summary of hike up to Hungry Packer Lake.
  2. Lake Sabrina - Western end of the lake.
  3. Blue Lake - About three miles into the hike.
  4. Squirrel - Small rodent with pine cone.
  5. Pink Alumroot - Member of the genus Heuchera of the Saxifrage Family.
  6. Hungry Packer Lake - A little over six miles into hike and about 11,100 feet in elevation.
  7. Buckwheat - Pink puffs atop curvy flower stalks.
  8. Waterfall - Water tumbling down walls of granite.
  9. Alpine Columbine #1 - Aquilegia pubescens of the Buttercup Family.
  10. Alpine Columbine #2 - Colony of plants found on trail below Blue Lake.
  11. Alpine Columbine #3 - The Buttercup Family is also known as the Ranunculaceae.

Piute Pass (September 2011)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Monkshood - Aconitum columbaianum of the Buttercup Family.
  2. Bigelow's Sneezeweed - Helenium bigelovii of the Sunflower Family.
  3. Snowy Peak - View of peak to the southwest along trail.
  4. Summit Lake - Small lake just beyond Piute Pass.
  5. Sierra Gentian - Gentianopsis holopetala of the Gentian Family.
  6. Erigeron - Member of the genus Erigeron, probably either Cutleaf Daisy of some kind of Fleabane.
  7. Hikers - A couple hikers disappearing over ridge beyond Summit Lake.
  8. Elephant's Head - Pedicularis attollens of the Snapdragon Family at Summit Lake.
  9. Piute View - Looking back down the canyon from the pass.
  10. Mountain Pride - Penstemon newberryi of the Snapdragon Family.
  11. Granite Stairs - One of a few portions of trail that look like stone stairs.
  12. Shooting Star - Lots of this from Loch Levon to the pass.
  13. Piute Lake - Looking down on lake from along the trail.
  14. Snow-Survey Shelter #1 - Small cabin near outlet of Piute Lake.
  15. Snow-Survey Shelter #2 - Looking up at Piute Pass from behind the cabin.
  16. Ledge Stonecrop - Rhodiola integrifolia (formerly Sedum rosea) of the Stonecrop Family.
  17. Alpine Columbine - Aquilegia pubescens of the Buttercup Family.
  18. Bridges Penstemon - Penstemon rostriflorus of the Snapdragon Family.
  19. Tiger Lily - Lilium kelleyanum of the Lily Family.
  20. Stream Crossing - Log, flattened on top, across steam.

Barney Lake (September 2011)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Aspen Etchings - Initials and dates scratched into bark of aspen tree.
  2. Columbine - Close look at columbine flower.
  3. Sierra Lily #1 - Lilium kelleyanum of the Lily Family.
  4. Twinberry #1 - Lonicera involucrata of the Caprifoliaceae.
  5. Twinberry #2 - Also known as Twinberry Honeysuckle.
  6. Sierra Lily #2 - There were a couple of groups of these above Barney Lake.
  7. Lewis Monkeyflower - Pink and yellow flower and member of the Figwort Family.
  8. Daisy #1 - A member of the genus Erigeron of the Asteraceae.
  9. Daisy #2 - The Asteraceae is also known as the Sunflower Family.
  10. Waterfall - Water tumbling down over some boulders along trail.
  11. Meadow Area - Meadow area above and around the bend from Barney Lake.
  12. Brickellia - Brickellbush of the Sunflower Family.
  13. Sierra Bog Orchid - Tiny flowers growing on a stalk in a damp area by trail.
  14. Ranger's Buttons - Sphenosciadium capitellum of the Carrot Family.
  15. Barney Lake - Looking down on Barney Lake.
  16. Red Berries - Interesting shape of leaflets.
  17. Mountain Ash - A species of Sorbus of the Rose Family.
  18. Mountain Maple - The leaves of Acer glabrum.
  19. Scarlet Gilia - Ipomopsis aggregata of the Phlox Family.
  20. Utah Honeysuckle - Lonicera utahensis of the Honeysuckle Family.
  21. Black Hawthorn #1 - Crataegus douglasii of the Rose Family.
  22. Black Hawthorn #2 - Described as palatable, but hardly delicious.
  23. Black Hawthorn #3 - This plant is not listed as growing in the Sierras in any sources that I found.
  24. Grass-of-Parnassus - Parnassia californica of the Saxifrage Family.
  25. Buckwheat - Interesing species of buckwheat with bluish stems.

Cottonwood Lakes (August 2011)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Alpine Sheep Sorrel - Genus Rumex of the Buckwheat Family.
  2. Penstemon #1 - Genus Penstemon of the Snapdragon Family.
  3. Penstemon #2 - The Snapdragon Family is also known as the Figwort Family.
  4. Larkspur #1 - Genus Delphinium of the Buttercup Family.
  5. Larkspur #2 - Group of dark bluish-purple flowers.
  6. Larkspur #3 - Nice look at the nectar spurs of this complex flower.
  7. Wild Onion - Genus Alium of the Lily Family.
  8. Creek Crossing - Single log bridge across creek.
  9. Mt Langley #1 - Looking north at 14,025 foot peak.
  10. Metal Shack - This structure is located near one of the lakes.
  11. Ducks - A couple ducks on a rock in the middle of a lake.
  12. Marshy Area - Water, grass, trees, and tons of granite.
  13. Shooting Star #1 - Close look at interesting flower.
  14. Shooting Star #2 - Another look at Dodecatheon rodolens.
  15. Old Army Pass - New Army Pass is a mile or so to the south.
  16. Davidson's Penstemon #1 - Penstemon davidsonii of the Snapdragon Family.
  17. Davidson's Penstemon #2 - Plant growing by sixth lake at 11,200 feet.
  18. Shooting Star #3 - This plant is growing at an altitude of 11,200 feet.
  19. Shooting Star #4 - Shooting star is a member of the Primrose Family.
  20. Lake Number Five - Sign located between the topmost two lakes.
  21. Lake Number Four - Looking down on the longest of the lakes.
  22. Buckwheat - Genus Eriogonum of the Buckwheat Family.
  23. Meadow Area - Peaceful high altitude grassy area.
  24. Cirque Peak - Picturesque peak to the south.
  25. Mt Langley #2 - Another view of massive peak to the north.

Jordan Hot Springs (July 2011)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Shack #1 - No doors or windows on this fixer-upper!
  2. Shack #2 - Back of the shack even worse than the front!
  3. Cabins and Shacks - Assortment of structures at Jordan Hot Springs.
  4. Outhouse - Located just behind the group of cabins.
  5. Two-Seater - A great way to spend quality time with someone special!
  6. Small Cabin - Smaller cabin next to the main cabin.
  7. Yerba Mansa #1 - There were lots of these at Jordan Hot Springs.
  8. Yerba Mansa #2 - Close look at showy flower of member of Lizard's-Tail Family (Saururaceae).
  9. Yerba Mansa #3 - Interesting red spots on Anemopsis californica.
  10. Yerba Mansa #4 - Could red spots be caused by minerals in the water from the hot springs?
  11. Hot Spring Bench - Hot water flowing into small pool.
  12. Hot Spring Pools - Notice tube to transfer water to larger pool.
  13. Bridge and Pool - Bridge over creek and second hot spring above creek.
  14. Green Meadow - Large grassy area between cabins and hot springs.
  15. Another Bridge - Bridge over creek near the hot springs.
  16. Lone Cabin - This cabin is located by the main trail and across the meadow from the group of cabins.
  17. Beardtongue - Attractive member of the Figwort Family (Scrophulariaceae).
  18. Ninemile Creek #1 - View of creek at crossing about a half mile above Jordan Hot Springs.
  19. Fireweed - Showly flowers of Epilobium angustifolium of the Evening Primrose Family.
  20. Thimbleberry #1 - Rubus parviflorus of the Rose Family (Rosaceae).
  21. Thimbleberry #2 - Eventually red berries form on these plants.
  22. Geranium - Geranium californicum of the Geranium Family (Geraniaceae).
  23. Mountain Collomia - Collomia grandiflora of the Phlox Family (Polemoniaceae).
  24. Scarlet Gilia - Ipomopsis aggregata of the Phlox Family (Polemoniaceae).
  25. Sierra Bog Orchid #1 - Platanthera dilatata of the Orchid Family (Orchidaceae).
  26. Sierra Bog Orchid #2 - A closer look at the flowers of this plant.
  27. Bluebells - This member of the Boraginaceae is also known as Mertensia or Lungwort.
  28. Columbine - Aquilegia formosa of the Buttercup Family (Ranunculaceae).
  29. False Lily of the Valley - Maianthemum stellatum of the Lily Family (Liliaceae).
  30. Ninemile Creek #2 - The trail runs along the side of the creek a good part of the way down to the hot springs.
  31. Dirty Socks - Bistorta bistortoides (formerly Polygonum bistortoides) of the Buckwheat Family (Polygonaceae).
  32. Shooting Star - Interesting member of the Primrose Family (Primulaceae).
  33. Trail Sign Bird - Small bird resting on trail sign Casa Vieja Meadows.
  34. Yellow Evening Primrose - Member of the genus Oenothera of the Evening Primrose Family (Onagraceae).
  35. Casa Vieja Meadows #1 - Looking along barbed wire fence towards forestry cabin.
  36. Forestry Cabin #1 - Very nice cabin used by Forest Service and not available to public.
  37. Forestry Cabin #2 - Another view of this nicely maintained cabin.
  38. Storage Shack - Located below forestry cabin on edge of Casa Vieja Meadows.
  39. Old Cabin - This deteriorating cabin is located on the opposite side of Casa Vieja Meadows opposite the forestry cabin.
  40. Monkeyflower - A species of Mimulus of the Figwort Family ( Scrophulariaceae).

Freeman Grove Trail (June 2011)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Snow Plant #1 - Close look at a single flower on this unusual plant.
  2. Calochortus - Member of the Lily Family.
  3. Collomia #1 - Tiny flowers on a tiny plant.
  4. Collomia #2 - Tiny member of the Polemoniaceae.
  5. Collomia #3 - The Polemoniaceae is the fancy name for the Phlox Family.
  6. Monkeyflower - Member of the Mimulus genus.
  7. Arnica #1 - Showy flowerhead of member of Sunflower Family.
  8. Arnica #2 - Notice the heart-shaped leaves.
  9. Redwoods - Trail through mixed forest including redwoods.
  10. Ceanothus - Bush belonging to the Rhamnaceae or Buckthorn Family.
  11. Snow Plant #2 - A pair of snow plants by the trail.
  12. Sierra Currant - Ribes nevadense of the Grossulariaceae.
  13. White Ribes #1 - Flowers of member of the Gooseberry Family.
  14. White Ribes #2 - The fancy name for this family is Grossulariaceae.
  15. Yellow Violet - Seems like a contradictory name to me!
  16. Lousewort - Pedicularis semibarbata of the Scrophulariaceae.
  17. Bridge #1 - A bridge crossing small stream.
  18. Ballhead Phacelia #1 - Cluster of flowers forming a ball.
  19. Ballhead Phacelia #2 - This plant is a member of the Waterleaf Family.
  20. Ballhead Phacelia #3 - The fancy name for this family is Hydrophyllaceae.
  21. Bridge #2 - Another bridge near the top end of the trail.
  22. Corn Lilies - Veratrum californicum of the Liliaceae.
  23. Steerhead - Small plant growing at 7000 feet.
  24. Ballhead Phacelia #4 - Another look at this unusual inflorescence.
  25. Brewer's Miterwort #1 - Also known as Mitella breweri.
  26. Brewer's Miterwort #2 - Member of the Saxifragaceae.
  27. Red Ribes #1 - Another member of the Ribes genus.
  28. Red Ribes #2 - Also a member of the Gooseberry Family.
  29. Red Ribes #3 - Members of the Ribes genus are commonly called gooseberries and currants.
  30. George Bush Tree - Plaque at lower end of trail (5600').

Mineral King (June 2011)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Rubber Boa - Snake a little ways up trail to White Chief Canyon.
  2. Steershead #1 - Interesting little flower in the Poppy Family.
  3. Steershead #2 - View from the back of Dicentra uniflora.
  4. Snowy Peaks - Looking up the valley at snow-covered peaks.
  5. Deer - This deer didn't seemed bothered by the presence of humans.
  6. Blue-Eyed Mary - Small member of the Snapdragon Family.
  7. Steershead #3 - Another look at unusual flower formerly in Fumariaceae.
  8. Bluebells - Mertensia or Lungwort of the Boraginaceae.
  9. Bridge - Lots of runoff from melting snow!
  10. Linanthus - Probably a member of the Linanthus genus, but a member of the Phlox Family for sure!
  11. More Snowy Peaks - Lots of snow resulting in overflowing streams.
  12. Stickseed #1 - A species of Hackelia of the Boraginaceae.
  13. Stickseed #2 - Probably H. nervosa, but H. velutina is a good candidate also.
  14. Outhouse - A couple buildings near trailhead.
  15. Marmot - Lots of marmots at Mineral King!
  16. Another Snowy Peak - Snow made hiking difficult after only a couple miles from trailhead.
  17. Snow Plant - Sarcodes sanguinea of the Ericaceae (Heath Family).
  18. Southern Bush Monkeyflower - Lots of Mimulus longiflorus along side of road up to Mineral King.
  19. California Flannelbush - Also plenty of Fremontodendron californicum growing next to road.
  20. Kawaeh River Bridge - Old bridge along narrow road leading to Mineral King.
  21. Under Bridge - Looking down on stream below bridge.
  22. Clarkia - Unusual member of the Onagraceae.
  23. Spicebush - Calycanthus occidentalis growing near Kawaeh River Bridge.
  24. Chinese Houses #1 - Collinsia heterophylla of the Snapdragon Family.
  25. Chinese Houses #2 - Incidentally, Blue-Eyed Mary is also a member of the Collinsia genus.

Jenkinson Lake (April 2011)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Whitlow Grass - Tiny flower also called Draba verna.
  2. Mountain Misery - Looks like a fern, but it's not!
  3. Bridge #1 - One of several bridges along the trail around the lake.
  4. Small Plant #1 - Interesting foliage. (Probably Dicentra)
  5. Rattlesnake Plantain - Interesting leaf patterns of Goodyera oblongifolia.
  6. Madrone - This is the only specimen of Arbutus menziesii encountered.
  7. Horse and Hikers - Different trails for different uses.
  8. Small Plant #2 - Interesting colors.
  9. Bridge #2 - Patch of snow in shade near bridge.
  10. Small Plant #3 - Lots of interesting plants along the trail around the lake.
  11. Outhouse #26 - Rustic outhouse by the lake. So you can crap in peace!
  12. Geese #1 - Geese loitering around on grass by shore of lake.
  13. Geese #2 - Geese in water looking back from opposite shore in cove area.
  14. Small Plant #4 - Another interesting plant.
  15. Manzanita - Bell-shaped flowers on manzanita bush.

Saddlebag Lake (September 2010)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Nature Trail - Video shot along the trail on this hike!
  2. Rustic Cabin - Cabin at the west end of lake.
  3. Boat #1 - Boat heading towards east end of lake.
  4. Boat #2 - Boat near shore of west end of lake.
  5. Saddlebag View - Looking east from west end of lake.
  6. Pond - No name in guide books for this small lake.
  7. Odell Lake - Small island in middle of lake.
  8. Shamrock #1 - Looking down on Shamrock Lake from the north.
  9. Shamrock #2 - Another view of Shamrock Lake.
  10. Cascade Lake - Small lakes on shelf above Steelhead Lake.
  11. Steelhead Lake - Lake just below Hess Mine.

Morgan Pass (September 2010)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Random Plants - Video shot along the trail on this hike.
  2. Chickenfoot Lake - Looking down the canyon from three miles up trail.
  3. Mono Pass - Looking towards Mono Pass from Chickenfoot Lake.
  4. Morgan Pass #1 - Looking up towards Morgan Pass from meadow near Chickenfoot Lake.
  5. Morgan Pass #2 - Looking up at Morgan Pass from about a half mile below it.
  6. Nice Wide Trail - View along the trail.
  7. Vehicular Remains - Apparently at one time there was a road all the way to the pass.
  8. Other Side - Looking down canyon south of Morgan Pass.
  9. Lake Thru Trees - Looking down trail towards lake.
  10. Morgan Pass #3 - Looking up the canyon from Chickenfoot Lake.
  11. Tall Peaks - Prominent peaks above canyon.

Horseshoe Meadows (August 2009)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Trail Pass - Sign at top of Trail Pass.
  2. Tree Trunk - Pine tree trunk with curves!
  3. View North - View towards Cottonwood Lakes area.
  4. Cottonwood Pass - Meadow west of Cottonwood Pass.
  5. Pine Bough - Close up of forming cones.

Sierra Nevadas (BEFORE 2008)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Flower: Browneye - Neat flowers growing by trail.
  2. Lon Chaney's Cabin #1 - Historic cabin by Palisade Glacier Trail.
  3. Lon Chaney's Cabin #2 - Stone chimney and steps to porch.
  4. Second Lake - Clouds and peak above Palisade Glacier Trail.
  5. Falls - View along Palisade Glacier Trail.
  6. Flower: Fireweed - Flower at Onion Valley.
  7. Independence - View from road to Onion Valley.
  8. Birds on Stump - Birds near Mattlock Lake.
  9. Shrubs by Lake - Shurbs by Mattlock Lake.
  10. Shooting Star - Flowers growing near Mattlock Lake.
  11. Interesting Flower - Close look at greenish-colored flower.
  12. Flower: Lupine - Flower growing next to trail.
  13. Marmot - Rodent next to large boulder.
  14. Mattlock Lake - Peaks towering above lake.
  15. Flower: Onion - Vegetation near Mattlock Lake.
  16. Vegetation By Trail - Flowers, shrubs, and trees along trail.
  17. Lake Near Bishop Pass - Looking toward Bishop Pass.
  18. Bishop Pass - Info sign at top of pass.
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