Death Valley Area Sites
Argus Range
  1. Southern Argus Range
  2. Great Falls Basin
  3. Homewood Canyon
  4. Bruce Canyon
  5. Reilly/Water Canyon
  6. Shepherd Canyon
  7. Kopper King Area
  8. Bendire and Knight
  9. Revenue Canyon
  10. Snow and Wood
  11. Lookout City
  12. Zinc Hill/Darwin Area

Funeral Range
  1. Hole In The Wall
  2. Echo Canyon
  3. Indian Pass
  4. Chloride City
  5. Monarch Canyon

Northwest Death Valley
  1. Saline Range
  2. Inyo Mountains
  3. White Mountains
  4. Lee Flat
  5. Malpais, Nelson, Conglomerate
Panamint Mountains
  1. Tucki Mountain
  2. Trail Canyon
  3. Wildrose Peak
  4. Tuber/Jail/Hall
  5. Surprise/Sentinel/Happy
  6. Telescope Peak
  7. Pleasant/South Park/Jackpot
  8. Butte Valley
  9. Manly Peak

Cottonwood Mountains
  1. Tin and White Top
  2. Marble/Cottonwood Canyons
  3. Lemoigne Canyon
  4. Lakehill and Panamint Dunes

Last Chance Range
  1. Last Chance Mountain
  2. Eureka Dunes
  3. Dry Mountain
  4. Ubehebe Peak
  5. Hunter Mountain

Grapevine Mountains
  1. Scotty's Castle
  2. Grapevine Peak
  3. Titus Canyon
Slate Range
  1. Searles Valley and Trona
  2. Gold Bottom Canyon
  3. Bundy Canyon Area
  4. Isham Canyon Area
  5. Quarry Road Area
  6. Slate Range Crossing

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Southeast Death Valley
  1. Black Mountains
  2. Greenwater Range
  3. Owlshead Mountains
Be careful!
These pages contain much information about mine locations and hiking routes (with and without trails). Visit these locations at your own risk! It is never wise to enter an abandoned mine tunnel and hiking in remote areas in rough terrain can also be quite dangerous!
Be respectful!
It is illegal to remove anything that can be considered to be an antiquity from public lands. This includes arrowheads, pieces of pottery, mining relics, etc. In short, anything that can be considered a cultural artifact may not legally be removed from public lands.

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