Black Mountains
The Black Mountains are located south of Furnace Creek on the east side of Death Valley between Badwater Highway and Route 190. Interesting sites located in the Black Mountains include Gower Gulch, Zabriskie Point, Golden Canyon, Funeral Peak, Dante's View, Natural Bridge Canyon, Artist Drive, Ashford Canyon, Smith Mountain, and Virgin Spring Canyon.
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Gower Gulch / Golden Canyon (April 2010)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Connecting Trail - Trail between mouth of Golden Canyon and Gower Gulch.
  2. Mine Tunnel - Mine tunnel in Gower Gulch.
  3. Borax Mines - Mines operated by the Pacific Coast Borax Company in the 1880s.
  4. Borax Bricks - Stack of bricks slowly crumbling due to effects of elements.
  5. Cabin Remnants - Not much remains of old structure used by borax miners.
  6. Red Cathedral #1 - Tunnels in hillside and Red Cathedral in background.
  7. Manly Beacon - Famous landmark at top of Golden Canyon.
  8. Red Cathedral #2 - Another view of Red Cathedral from south looking north.
  9. Miner's Trail - Snow-capped mountains, tunnels, and trail.
  10. Zabriskie Point - People on top of Zabriskie Point.
  11. Notch-Leaved Phacelia - Lots of purple phacelia in Gower Gulch.
  12. Trail Sign - Sign in the middle of Zabriskie Point, Gower Gulch, and Golden Canyon.
  13. Golden Carpet #1 - Tiny, red spiders on golden carpet plant.
  14. Golden Carpet #2 - More spiders and close look at tiny, yellow flowers.
  15. Golden Carpet #3 - View of full plant spread out on ground.
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