Bruce Canyon Area
Bruce Canyon is the next canyon to the north of Homewood Canyon. A few springs are located in Bruce Canyon along with a rusted old pipeline. These pipes were part of the Mountain Water System which supplied water for Trona residents. The Mountain Water System consisted of a series of pipelines laid in the following canyons: Argus, Homewood, Indian Joe's, and Bruce. The Mountain Water System was the main source of water for Trona until 1943. The remains of a cabin can be found at Cabin Springs located two or three miles up Bruce Canyon. Also included in this area are a couple canyons north of Bruce Canyon as well as the Orondo and Davenport Mines. Both the Orondo and the Ruth Mine (in nearby Homewood Canyon) were gold mines which produced ore in the late 1800's and early 1900's. (Source: Ballarat Facts and Folklore 1897-1917, Hubbard, et. al.) (Click here to view map of area)


North of Bruce Canyon (May 2019)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Mariposa Lily #1 - Lots of lilies blooming up above 4200 feet.
  2. Panamint View - Looking across Slate Range towards Panamints from about 4500 feet.
  3. Larkspur - Delphinium parishii of the Buttercup Family.
  4. Mariposa Lily #2 - Calochortus kennedyi of the Lily Family.
  5. Desert Calico - Loeseliastrum matthewsii of the Phlox Family.
  6. Lizard - Lizard sunning on rock located in upper wash.
  7. Donkeys - Six out of twelve donkeys seen on hike.
  8. Indigo Bush - Psorothamnus arborescens of the Pea Family.
  9. Rock Nettle - Eucnide urens of the Loasa Family growing in lower canyon.
  10. King Snake - Medium-sized king snake encountered a little after sunset.

Bruce Canyon (March 2019)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Desert Hyacinth #1 - Dichelostemma capitatum of the Lily Family.
  2. Desert Hyacinth #2 - Also known as Blue Dicks.
  3. Fiesta Flower - Pholistoma membranaceum of the Borage Family.
  4. Blazing Star - A species of Mentzelia of the Loasa Family.
  5. Common Pussypaws - Calyptridium monandrum of the Purslane Family.
  6. Chia - Salvia Columbariae if the Mint Family.
  7. Coreopsis - Leptosyne bigelovii of the Sunflower Family.
  8. Evening Snow - Linanthus dichotomus of the Phlox Family.
  9. Desert Paintbrush - Castilleja angustifolia of the Figwort Family.
  10. Whispering Bells - Emmenanthe penduliflora of the Borage Family.

North of Bruce (April 2018)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Whispering Bells - Emmenanthe penduliflora of the Borage Family.
  2. Donkey - Donkey notices guy hiking down canyon.
  3. Two Donkeys #1 - Donkeys climbing out of canyon.
  4. Two Donkeys #2 - Donkeys pause to inspect hiker taking their picture.
  5. Trees - A small spring at about elevation 4000 feet.
  6. Horse #1 - Horse hanging out under tree surprised by hiker.
  7. Horse #2 - Horse running up side of canyon.
  8. Horse #3 - Horse reaching top of hill above canyon.
  9. Mojave Aster - Lots of these in bloom along course of hike.
  10. Loop Hike - Route taken on this hike.

Bruce Canyon Rim Loop (April 2017)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Mojave Aster - Plenty of this member of the Sunflower Family along hiking route.
  2. Desert Hyacinth - Also known as Blue Dicks this plant was also quite prevalent.
  3. North Rim View - Looking down Bruce Canyon from north rim just above Rock Spring.
  4. Copper Blazing Star - Quite a bit of this member of the Loasa Family on north rim of canyon.
  5. Spring - Unnamed spring in canyon north of Bruce Canyon.
  6. Willow Catkins - Close look at catkins of a willow tree at unnamed spring.
  7. Willow Trees - Trunks of willows and shallow pool of water at unnamed spring.
  8. Rattlesnake - Snake retreating for cover of small bush.
  9. Desert Collinsia - Desert Mountain Blue-Eyed Mary observed at about 4700' and no where else on route.
  10. Pussypaws - Calyptridium monandrum of the Purslane Family.
  11. Desert Paintbrush - Colorful plant which reliably shows up every spring.
  12. Coreopsis - Member of the Sunflower Family which is normally prevalent during the spring.
  13. Mine Tunnel - Prospect located directly across from the cabin at Cabin Spring.
  14. Cabin Spring - The inside of the cabin at Cabin Spring.
  15. Stinging Nettle - There is quite a thicket of this plant at Cabin Spring.

Bruce Canyon Loop (May 2016)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Horny Toad - This guy was hanging out near the top of Orondo Canyon.
  2. Stone Cabin - Located near the last large spring up Bruce Canyon.
  3. Desert Calico #1 - A very large and vigorous colony in wash overlooking Homewood Canyon.
  4. Desert Calico #2 - Another close look at this attractive belly flower.
  5. Mexican Bladdersage - Interesting seedpods of this common desert shrub.
  6. Lizard #1 - Interesting lizard resting on a rock in canyon north of Bruce Canyon.
  7. Lizard #2 - Another look at this moderately large lizard.
  8. Mine Tunnel - Located a short distance beyond the Stone Cabin.
  9. Ruth Mine - Tailings piles have been removed along with a few structures.
  10. Loop Hike - Route taken up Bruce Canyon and down Orondo Canyon.

South of Slate Xing (January 2016)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Donkeys #1 - There are ten donkeys in this group.
  2. Donkeys #2 - Two groups were spotted on this hike.
  3. Donkeys #3 - There were a total of eighteen donkeys in all.
  4. Donkeys #4 - Many years donkeys congregate in this area.
  5. Coreopsis #1 - These pictures were taken January 03, 2016.
  6. Coreopsis #2 - There were several dozen plants in bloom.
  7. Coreopsis #3 - Plant books give March to May as bloom period for Coreopsis.
  8. Coreopsis #4 - Nights had been particularly cold this year.
  9. Coreopsis #5 - Following three years of drought some rain fell in December.
  10. Coreopsis #6 - These plants were near top of second canyon south from Slate Xing.

Bruce Donkey Trail (March 2015)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Golden Evening Primrose - This was extremely abundant all along route.
  2. Desert Hyacinth #1 - Lots of this flower all over the place!
  3. Desert Chicory - These flowers showed up here and there along the course of the hike.
  4. Notch-Leaf Phacelia #1 - Pretty purple flowers along with cottontop cactus and devil's lettuce.
  5. Notch-Leaf Phacelia #2 - A close look at these attractive purple flowers.
  6. Notch-Leaf Phacelia #3 - Lots of these flowers, especially around creosote bushes.
  7. Desert Paintbrush #1 - A few of these were found mostly near top of ridges.
  8. Desert Paintbrush #2 - Another plant producing bright red flowers.
  9. Snake's Head - This plant was prevalent near areas with lots of igneous rock.
  10. Desert Hyacinth #2 - A patch of desert hyacinth. Notice more plants in the background.

Bruce Area (October 2014)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Maturango - Looking north towards Maturango (Parkinson and Parrot Point actually visible).
  2. Telescope - View of Telescope from somewhere between Orondo Mine and Bruce Canyon (elevation about 5000 feet).
  3. Slate View - The northern portion of the Slate Range late in the afternoon.
  4. Manly Donkeys - Silhouette of donkeys with Manly Peak in the background.
  5. Tarantula - It's October and so naturally there are large spiders scurrying around in the desert.

Bruce Donkey Trail (March 2014)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. P13 - BLM road marker near Inyo dump site near mouth of Homewood Canyon.
  2. P7 - BLM road marker at intersection along way to Bruce Canyon.
  3. Donkey Trail #1 - Section of donkey trail heading over ridge north of Bruce Canyon.
  4. Donkey Trail #2 - Section of donkey trail about a mile north of Bruce Canyon.
  5. Donkey Trail #3 - The trail heads over ridge and into canyon north of Bruce.
  6. Donkey Trail #4 - Dropping into unnamed canyon north of Bruce.
  7. Unnamed Canyon View - A couple miles up canyon with Manly Peak covered in clouds in background.
  8. Donkey Trail #5 - Climbing out of unnamed canyon.
  9. Ridge View - Clouds and rocks on south ridge of unnamed canyon.
  10. Peach Spring - Section of trail dropping steeply into Bruce Canyon.

Rosy Boa and Donkeys (October 2012)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Tongue #1 - Close look at tongue of rosy boa.
  2. Licking Hand - Crawling up to and licking human hand.
  3. Tongue #2 - Another look at extended snake tongue.
  4. Tongue #3 - Blurry look at rapidly moving tongue.
  5. Snake Crawling - This guy was hanging out on north ridge of Bruce Canyon.
  6. Peach Spring - Mass of grape vines as seen from ridge on north side of Bruce Canyon.
  7. Telescope Peak - View of Telescope Peak with Slate Range Crossing in foreground.
  8. Four Donkeys - Small group of donkeys a half mile north of Bruce Canyon.
  9. Manly Peak - Slate Range and Manly Peak as seen from ridge less than a mile north of Bruce Canyon.
  10. Donkey - Donkey trotting along ridge less than a mile north of Bruce Canyon.

Bruce Canyon (July 2012)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Pipe #1 - Miles of pipe remain throughout the length of Bruce Canyon.
  2. Stone Structure - Small stone structure near one of the springs.
  3. Donkeys #1 - Group of three donkeys high on the slope above the canyon.
  4. Donkeys #2 - Six donkeys spotted on this hike, but only three photographed.
  5. Donkeys #3 - Another photo of the three donkeys.
  6. Scarlet Monkeyflower #1 - Nice patches of this plant are found near the springs in Bruce Canyon.
  7. Scarlet Monkeyflower #2 - A close-up side view of the flower.
  8. Nettle - Nettle also grows at each of the springs in Bruce Canyon.
  9. Sandpaper Plant - Petalonyx thurberi of the Loasa Family.
  10. Pipe #2 - Another section of pipe running up and down the canyon.

Orondo Mine Area (February 2011)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Homewood Canyon - View from north rim of Homewood Canyon.
  2. Orondo Tailings #1 - Large tailings pile visible in shadows in about the middle of the image.
  3. Orondo Tailings #2 - Another view of upper tailings pile.
  4. Mine Ruins - Cement structure near main opening of Orondo Mine.
  5. More Ruins - Foundation of a structure near mine opening.
  6. Orondo View - Looking down canyon with upper and lower tailings piles visible.
  7. Even More Ruins - Some sort of bin between upper tailings pile and mine opening.
  8. Upper Tailings #1 - Another look at the upper tailings pile.
  9. Road Below Pile - Rutted road leads down the canyon to the lower tailings piles.
  10. Upper Tailings #2 - View of upper tailings from lower down the canyon.

Slate Range Xing Area (February 2011)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Telescope #1 - Looking across Panamint Valley from south rim of Water Canyon.
  2. Telescope #2 - The peak partially obscured by clouds just before sunset.
  3. Slate Range #1 - View across Searles Valley from south rim of Water Canyon.
  4. Slate Range #2 - Shadows on Slate Range late in the afternoon.
  5. Gopher Snake - Flash used to photograph snake during late dusk. (March 2011)

North of Bruce Canyon (February 2010)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Box Thorn #1 - Box thorn flower near mouth of Bruce Canyon.
  2. Box Thorn #2 - Another box thorn flower.
  3. Fremont Phacelia #1 - Patches of this flower were scattered all along route.
  4. Fremont Phacelia #2 - These early bloomers were on the short side for this plant.
  5. Fremont Phacelia #3 - Petals look somewhat pale in full sun.
  6. Slate Range Xing - Looking north along base of Argus Range towards Slate Range Crossing
  7. Fiesta Flower #1 - Lots of fiesta flower growing at the base of bushes.
  8. Fiesta Flower #2 - More fiesta flower mixed in with other vegetation.
  9. Telescope - Telescope Peak behind Slate Range with clouds and snow.
  10. Route Map - Two and a half miles each way along western edge of Searles Valley.

North of Bruce Canyon (February 2009)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Rock Pea - Rock pea flower near the mouth of Bruce Canyon.
  2. Desert Dandelion 01 - Desert dandelion near mouth of Bruce Canyon.
  3. Desert Dandelion 02 - Flowers of this plant were somewhat abundant.
  4. Fiesta Flower - Fiesta flower was all over the place!
  5. Broad-Flowered Gilia - Quite a lot of these flowers were observed.
  6. Coreopsis - This flower was especially abundant!
  7. Popcorn Flower - This small, but interesting plant, was producing plenty of flowers.
  8. Box Thorn - Many box thorn bushes had flowers while others seemed to be waiting.
  9. Miner's Lettuce - There were many plants tucked along the south side of an unnamed canyon.
  10. Woolly Daisy - This belly flower was busy blooming, but no plants had more than one bloom so far.
  11. Rock Daisy - This specimen was growing about five feet up on a rock wall.
  12. Whispering Bells - Growing just a few feet from the rock daisies were a few clusters of this plant.
  13. Horse 01 - A little blurry due to low light of twilight.
  14. Horse 02 - Another picture of the horse that either has a bloated belly or is pregnant.
  15. Horse 03 - Silhouette of the horse.

Bruce Canyon (October 2008)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Rock Spring #1 - Rock Spring is located between Peach Spring and Cabin Spring.
  2. Rock Spring #2 - Thick reeds at Rock Spring.
  3. Rock Spring #3 - More reeds at Rock Spring.
  4. Nighshade #1 - Lots of nightshade growing around Rock Spring!
  5. Vegetation - Shallow pool with vegetation around it at Rock Spring.
  6. Nightshade #2 - More nightshade!
  7. Rock Structure - Small rock structure located between Rock Spring and Cabin Spring.
  8. Rock Wall - Rock wall located near rock structure.
  9. Wheelbarrow - Old, rusty wheelbarrow a little ways down the canyon from Cabin Springs.
  10. Pipes - Some pipes just below Cabin Springs.
  11. Mine Shaft - Looking down the canyon towards mine shaft that is immediately above the cabin at Cabin Springs.
  12. Mojave Aster - A dried out Mojave Aster plant awaiting resurrection.
  13. Slate Range Crossing - View of Slate Range Crossing from two miles north of mouth of Bruce Canyon.
  14. Manly Peak - View of Manly Peak from two miles north of mouth of Bruce Canyon.
  15. Tarantula - Tarantula near mouth of Bruce Canyon.

North of Bruce (April 2008)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Phacelia - Abundant phacelia encountered below 3500'.
  2. Blazing Star - Tons of blazing star up to 4200'.
  3. Exploratory Roads - Roads from recent mineral exploration on north side of Water Canyon.
  4. Mojave Aster - Lots of aster on ridge above Water Canyon.
  5. Side Canyons - View of two side canyons to north of Water Canyon.
  6. Gilia - Plenty of gilia scattered around the area.
  7. Desert Paintbrush - Nice plant on ridge overlooking Water Canyon.
  8. Blazing Star - There were numerous small fields of this plant.
  9. Blazing Star - More small plants overlooking Water Canyon.
  10. Side Canyon - Side canyon to north of Water Canyon that contains many springs.
  11. Desert Hyacinth - This plant was abundant from below 3000' up to 4800'.
  12. More Hyacinth - It was very difficult to take good pictures due to strong winds.
  13. Devil's Lettuce - Another plant in great abundance.
  14. Ephedra A few of these were scattered around.
  15. Hyacinth Blooms - View at 4800' looking across to Manly Peak.
  16. Slate Range Crossing - View at 4800' looking down on highway.
  17. Mariposa Lily - There were thousands of these ready to bloom.
  18. Telescope - View across Panamint Valley from 4800'.
  19. Miner's Lettuce - Plenty of this stuff scattered around the area.
  20. Maturango - Looking north along Argus Range from 4800'.
  21. Scale Bud - Plant found in next wash north of Bruce Canyon.
  22. Lupines #1 - Plants found in seep to the north of Bruce Canyon.
  23. Lupines #2 - More lupines near seep looking down wash towards Searles Valley.
  24. Lomatium - Plant growing out of crack between rocks.
  25. Purple Mat - Plant in wash between Water Canyon and Bruce Canyon.

Bruce Canyon (February 2007)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Old Bottle #1 - Old bottle found near mouth of Bruce Canyon.
  2. Old Bottle #2 - Another picture of old bottle.
  3. Manly Peak - Looking across Searles Valley to the east.
  4. Mouth of Bruce - Looking down mouth of canyon from ridge.
  5. First Spring - View of first spring from north ridge.
  6. Second Spring - View of another spring from ridge.
  7. Stack on Ridge - Old mine claim on north side of canyon.
  8. Telescope - Looking beyond Slate Range crossing towards Panamint Range.
  9. BLM bottle page - Information about old bottles.

North of Bruce (May 2006)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Coyote #1 - Coyote in canyon in Argus Range south of Water Canyon.
  2. Coyote #2 - Another coyote in same area. The pair split up and ran off in opposite directions.
  3. Canyon #1 - Looking down canyon from top of canyon. This canyon is immediately south of Water Canyon.
  4. Canyon #2 - Looking up canyon from middle of canyon.
  5. Canyon #3 - Taken from canyon looking back at ridge above Water Canyon.
  6. Canyon #4 - Taken from ridge above Water Canyon (4,900') looking south into unnamed canyon.
  7. Maturango #1 - Taken from ridge above Water Canyon looking north toward Maturango Peak.
  8. Maturango #2 - Taken from ridge above Water Canyon looking north toward Maturango Peak (a little further to the west than the last picture).
  9. Mine #1 - Far view of mine tunnel opening.
  10. Mine #2 - Close view of mine tunnel opening.
  11. Mine #3 - Inside mine. The mine is located about two or three miles west of the highway and about three-fourths of a mile south of Water Canyon.
  12. Seep #1 - Seep in canyon south of Water Canyon.
  13. Seep #2 - Seep in canyon south of Water Canyon.
  14. Seep #3 - Seep in canyon south of Water Canyon.
  15. Mine Tunnel #1 - Mine tunnel above Water Canyon on south slope about two miles in from highway.
  16. Mine Tunnel #2 - Close view of mine tunnel above Water Canyon.
  17. Water Canyon #1 - Water Canyon looking east into Panamint Valley.
  18. Water Canyon #2 - Water Canyon looking west toward military base.

Davenport Mine (May 2006)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Davenport #1 - The vertical shaft is 700 feet deep.
  2. Davenport #2 - Mine structure at the Davenport Mine.
  3. Davenport #3 - View towards Panamints from Davenport Mine.
  4. Orondo Tailings #1 - Looking up the road towards tailings piles below the Orondo Mine.
  5. Orondo Tailings #2 - Looking along the base of the tailings piles towards the Orondo Mine.
  6. Tailings Dust - Kids kicking up dust playing on tailings pile.

Bruce Canyon (May 2006)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Cabin #1 - Remains of cabin a few miles up Bruce Canyon.
  2. Cabin #2 - Rock walls of cabin.
  3. Cabin #3 - View of corner of the cabin.
  4. Cabin Springs - Spring below the cabin.
  5. Cabin View From Above - Looking down on cabin.
  6. Bruce Prospects - Tunnel near cabin.
  7. Pipe Near Mine Entrance - Pipe used as rail in tunnel above cabin.
  8. Square Mine Tunnel - Another tunnel in the area.
  9. Water Pipe #1 - Rusty pipe at bottom of canyon.
  10. Water Pipe #2 - Rusty pipe fitted to go around bend.
  11. Water Pipe #3 - Interesting section of rusty pipe.
  12. Bruce Fishtrap - Apparently used to keep debris out of pipe.
  13. Mineralization - Rocks with leaf-like mineralization patterns.
  14. Mine - Tunnel near Bruce Canyon.
  15. Wasp Nest #1 - Wasp nests under boulder.
  16. Wasp Nest #2 - More examples of wasp nests.
  17. Snake #1 - Rosy boa playing dead.
  18. Snake #2 - Another view of rosy boa.
  19. Fern #1 - Fern growing in crack in rock.
  20. Fern #2 - More fern growing in rock crevice.
  21. Lichen and Bird - Bird amidst lichen-covered rocks.
  22. Saddle Over Canyon - Bruce Canyon on other side of saddle.
  23. Dripping Springs - Spring area in side canyon south of Bruce.
  24. View Down Canyon - Looking down toward mouth of canyon.
  25. Wild Horses #1 - Horses about a mile south of Bruce Canyon at top of side canyon.
  26. Wild Horses #2 - Another view of group of horses.
  27. Wild Horses #3 - Third view of wild horses.
  28. Slate View - View across Searles Valley of Slate Range.
  29. Prospects - View of tunnels from across canyon.
  30. Mine Wall - Wall in front of mine tunnel opening.

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