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Bruce Canyon Area Map
The main sites of interest in this area are:
  1. Mouth to Homewood Canyon
  2. Bruce Canyon
  3. Orondo Mine
  4. Davenport Mine
  5. Rusky Cabin
  6. Stone Cabin
  7. Unnamed Canyon
  8. Unnamed Mine
  9. McDermott Area
  10. Water Canyon
This is the northern most-segment of the Argus Range that is still in Searles Valley. It covers everything from Homewood Canyon north to Water Canyon. The road to Bruce Canyon starts at the mouth of Homewood Canyon (just look for some trash bins on the north side of the road). The two dirt roads shown at the north part of the map are right off the highway. The one leading to the McDermott Area can be accessed from a couple turn offs from the highway. The last of these is just yards from the pass between Searles and Panamint Valleys. The road leading to the unnamed mine is a little more difficult to find, but it's about a half mile south of the road leading to the McDermott Area. (This last road is likely to be closed by the BLM at some point in the near future, but it was still open last time I checked.)