Butte Valley
Butte Valley runs along the pass of the southern portion of the Panamint Range. It may be accessed from Death Valley via Warm Spring Canyon or from Panamint Valley via Goler Wash. In either case four wheel drive vehicles equipped with off road tires are advisable. Interesting sites in the area include Striped Butte, Anvil Springs, Mengel Pass, Greater View Springs, and Gold Hill.
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For overview pictures see:
Pleasant Canyon Area
Manly Peak Area


Warm Springs Canyon (April 2010)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Second Spring - Spring between big mine and group of houses.
  2. Grantham Mine #1 - Pool of water at the bottom of quarry area.
  3. Grantham Mine #2 - Mine structure near talc mine.
  4. Desert Gold - Fields of desert gold below mouth to Warm Springs Canyon.
  5. Gravel Ghost - White flowers on long stem.
  6. Warm Springs #1 - House behind swimming pool.
  7. Warm Springs #2 - Swimming pool with diving board.
  8. Warm Springs #3 - Burnt hut.
  9. Warm Springs #4 - Pool at top of ravine.
  10. Warm Springs #5 - Looking down on trees.
  11. Warm Springs #6 - Looking up ravine.
  12. Warm Springs #7 - Side of large house with screened patio.
  13. Warm Springs #8 - Beehive at base of fig tree.
  14. Warm Springs #9 - Park employee repairing roof.
  15. Mine Structure - Old mine structure between road and group of houses.
  16. Warm Springs #10 - Looking across canyon at compound.
  17. Pink Elephant #1 - Tressel below upper tunnels.
  18. Pink Elephant #2 - Looking across canyon back towards compound.
  19. Pink Elephant #3 - Stacked tunnel entrances.
  20. Pink Elephant #4 - Tunnel entrance with ore cart track.
  21. Talc Mine - Big talc mine entrance near compound.
  22. Compound View - Looking down on compound from Pink Elephant.
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