Chloride Cliff
Chloride Cliff and Chloride City can be reached by vehicle using three routes. Two dirt roads leading to the site intersect with Highway 374 (one starts in Nevada near the park boundary and the other is found between miles 10 and 11 along 374). The other route intersects with Highway 95 (14.1 miles south of Beatty). Once you reach Chloride City there are roads going all over the place that make exploration by vehicle easy. There are plenty of ruins to look at and lots great views. The park service has blocked access to most tunnels. To get to Big Bell Mine, you will have to do some walking. (Click here for area map)

Chloride Cliff (July 2007)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Old Cabin - Delapidated structure at Chloride Cliff.
  2. Cabin and Mine - Looking through cabin into tunnel.
  3. James McKay - Grave marker or memorial.
  4. Collapsed Cabins - Remains of structures next to gully.
  5. Roads and View #1 - Various dirt roads and view into Death Valley.
  6. Cabin and View - Lone cabin and mountainous desert landscape.
  7. Cabin and Tunnels - Tailings, tunnels, and remains of structures.
  8. Collapsed Cabin #1 - Stone walls and collapsed wooden roof.
  9. Collapsed Cabin #2 - The wood in this structure is still standing... sort of.
  10. Old Car Frame - Just barely enough there to call it a car.
  11. Collpased Cabin #3 - Interesting window frame.
  12. Dirt Mounds and Cabin - Tailings piles and wooden structure.
  13. Cabin Window - Looking out of window from inside cabin.
  14. Cabin Top - Looking down on disintegrating cabin.
  15. Roads and View #2 - Old road above Death Valley.
  16. Roads and View #3 - Clouds, mountains, and roads.
Big Bell Mine (July 2007)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Top of Canyon - Looking down canyon from ridge.
  2. Big Bell #1 - Remains of elaborate mining operation.
  3. Old Tractor - Rusty contraption of some kind!
  4. Old Wagon - Large wood beams on old wagon.
  5. Big Bell #2 - Interesting mining remains.
  6. Tunnels and Ruins - Tunnels across canyon.
  7. Cable - Cable extended across canyon.
  8. Big Bell #3 - Overview of mining operation.
  9. Big Bell #4 - All sorts of interesting old stuff!
  10. Big Bell #5 - Overview from north side of canyon.
  11. Tracks and Tunnels - Tracks and pipe coming out of tunnel.
  12. Tractor and Wagon - Another look at tractor and wagon.
  13. Cable Road #1 - Road down steep slope.
  14. Mine Tunnel - A peek inside one of the mine tunnels.
  15. Table in Tunnel - Some old stuff at the mouth of a tunnel.
  16. Cable Road #2 - Another look at road on steep slope.
  17. Cabins - Remains of cabins north of mining operation.
  18. Outhouse #1 - The facilities near cabins.
  19. Wheelbarrow #1 - Rusty old wheelbarrow.
  20. Wheelbarrow #2 - Another look at rusty wheelbarrow.
  21. Outhouse #2 - View of backside of outhouse with Cable Road in background.
  22. Inside Outhouse - It's a two-seater!
  23. Collapsed Cabins - Another look at cabins and rusty wheelbarrow.
  24. Cabin Debris - Not much more than a mess!
  25. Outhouse #3 - Another picture of isolated outhouse.
  26. Cabins and Outhouse - Corregated steal is quite attractive!
  27. Tunnel Closeup - Zoom in on tunnel from across canyon.
  28. Tunnel and View - Wider view of tunnel and surrounding landscape.
  29. Big Bell From Above - Looking down on mining operation.
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