Echo Canyon
Echo Canyon is located in the middle of the Funeral Range. Sites of interest include Eye of the Needle, Inyo Camp, Inyo Mine, Schwab, Winters Peak, Schaub Peak, Furnace Mine, and Echo Pass. This area contains a large number of mines and interesting mining relics. The area can be entered from the west or from the east, but a single obstacle will prevent most off-road vehicles from continuing all the way from California Highway 190 to Nevada Route 95. (Click here for area map)

Echo Canyon (May 2011)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Eye of the Needle #1 - View of west side of arch.
  2. Eye of the Needle #2 - View of east side of arch.
  3. Rock Nettle - Eucnide urens of the Loasa Family.
  4. Nipple Cactus - Mammillaria tetrancistra of the Cactus Family.
  5. Dugout Cabin - Interesting cabin at Inyo Camp.
  6. Leopard Lizard - Lizard hiding under bush at Inyo Camp.
  7. Inyo Camp Ruins - Large mining apparatus at Inyo Camp.
  8. Diesel Engine - Once used to process ore retrieved from nearby mines.
  9. Warped Cabin - Old structure with an interesting curve to it.
  10. Ore Bin Trap Door - This is located high on hillside above Inyo Camp.
  11. Vertical Shaft - Sign asks people not to throw rocks into shaft.
  12. Path and Tailings - Path leading to tailings pile on hillside.
  13. Inyo Mine Relic - Interesting contraption high above Inyo Camp.
  14. Inyo Camp - Looking down on Inyo Camp.
  15. Echo Canyon - Looking down on road up canyon.
  16. Furnace Mine #1 - Looking at Furnace Mine from ridge to west.
  17. Furnace Mine #2 - Looking down on mine from ridge to southwest.
  18. Furnace Mine #3 - Rusted furnace at Furnace Mine.
  19. Furnace Mine #4 - Another look at the furnace.
  20. Furnace Mine #5 - Old tracks and furnace.
  21. Upper Canyon Roads - Many roads at the 4700' level in upper Echo Canyon.
  22. Upper Canyon View - Looking down Echo Canyon from 4700' level.
  23. Furnace Mine #6 - The furnace doesn't show in this image, but it's dead center.
  24. Furnace Mine #7 - Same angle as previous image, but zoomed in quite a bit.
  25. Eye of the Needle #3 - View from east later in the day.
  26. Psychedelic Mining Relic - Short song including some sites in and around Echo Canyon.
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