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Echo Canyon Area Map
The main sites of interest
in this area are:
  1. Eye of the Needle
  2. Schwab
  3. Inyo Camp
  4. Furnace Mine
  5. Winters Peak
  6. Echo Pass
  7. Schwaub Peak
The Echo Canyon area is located in the middle of the Funeral Range. From the west the area is accessed from a dirt road that begins two miles east from the Furnace Creek Inn on State Highway 190. The first landmark encountered on the dirt road is Eye of the Needle, located 4.6 miles from the pavement. At about 9.1 miles from the pavement the road forks with the right fork leading to Inyo Camp and the left fork continuing to Nevada. A dry fall in the left fork will prevent most vehicles from continuing all the way to Nevada, however. Of course it is possible to enter the area from the east from Nevada Route 95.