Eureka Dunes Area
Eureka Dunes are some extremely tall dunes! But not only are they extremely big piles of sand, they are also home to a few plant species that occur nowhere else. Eureka Dunegrass and Eureka Valley Evening Primrose are two of the extremely rare plants found on and around the dunes. Other interesting sites in this area are Dedeckera Canyon, Steel Pass, and another set of dunes off to the west of Eureka Dunes. (Click here to view area map.)

Eureka Dunes (May 2006)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Eureka Dunes #1 - The dunes in Eureka Valley.
  2. Eureka Dunes #2 - Looking toward mountains along dunes.
  3. Eureka Dunes #3 - View along the top of the dunes.
  4. Eureka Dunes #4 - Another view of Eureka Dunes.
  5. Eureka Dunes #5 - Dunes with mountain behind them.
  6. Eureka Dunes #6 - View of the dunes with vegetation in foreground.
  7. Eureka Beetle - Beetle in sand near top of dunes.
  8. Area View to South - View looking south from dunes.
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