Great Falls Basin
The principal sites of interest around Great Falls Basin are the basin and the falls themselves, Indian Joe Canyon, and the slopes of Argus Peak. The basin contains several springs and a series of falls tumble down a narrow canyon below the basin. Access to the falls is somewhat difficult and occasionally hikers get themselves in predicaments and need to be rescued. So, be careful when exploring the falls! See the map page for more information about this area. (Click here to go to map page.)


Above Indian Joe Upper Garden (January 2019)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Running Water - Water flowing in the lower canyon.
  2. Holey Rock - Big enough for an adult.
  3. Mini Arch - Miniature arch in small boulder.
  4. Granite Drainage One - Granite bowl above Upper Garden.
  5. Granite Drainage Two - Water flowing on ridge between Indian Joe's and Great Falls.
  6. Rock Groove - The result of centuries of erosion.
  7. View Of Valley - Looking down on junk yard and airport.
  8. Interesting Boulders - Further up ridge east of Argus Peak.
  9. Large Boulder - Interesting formation at about 3600 feet.
  10. Donkeys - Group of donkeys on ridge between Upper Garden and Lower Garden.
  11. Boulders #1 - Large boulders on ridge at 3800 feet.
  12. Boulders #2 - More large boulders on ridge.
  13. Rocky Point - Rocky point along ridgeline.
  14. Valley View - Looking across valley with boulders in foreground.
  15. Boulders #3 - More boulders up at 3800 feet.

Argus Rocks (March 2015)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Sandblossoms - Large field of these small flowers near the mouth of Indian Joe Canyon.
  2. Purple Mat - More small flowers near the mouth of Indian Joe Canyon.
  3. Desert Star - More belly flowers! These are members of the Sunflower Family.
  4. Brittlebush and Boulders - Lots of brittlebush busy producing flowers!
  5. Indigo Bush - Several bushes bearing flowers encountered along route.
  6. Caterpillar Bush - Lots of this plant observed along the way to Lower Garden.
  7. Flag Pole - It's a pole about the right height to serve as a flag pole anyways.
  8. Wilson Canyon - Looking down on the canyon, Pioneer Point, and Searles Valley.
  9. Sand Fringepod - Lots of unusual, disk-shaped seed pods.
  10. Argus Rocks #1 - Some rocks located on the south side of Argus Peak.
  11. Argus Rocks #2 - More boulders perched on a shelf above Wilson Canyon.
  12. Argus Rocks #3 - Looking towards the Panamint Range across the Argus Rocks area.
  13. Argus Rocks #4 - Huge boulder located in the middle of the boulder field.
  14. Coreopsis - A close look at this bright yellow little beauty.
  15. Evening Snow - A few flowers opening up as the sun went down.

Great Falls Basin (March 2014)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Searles Valley #1 - Looking to the south across Searles Valley.
  2. Waterfall #1 - Dry waterfall through hole in boulders.
  3. Waterfall #2 - Top side of hole in boulders.
  4. Waterfall #3 - Side view of waterfall.
  5. Waterfall #4 - Behind waterfall where water collects before going through hole.
  6. Pioneer Point #1 - Looking down on residential area from east shoulder of Argus Peak.
  7. Manly Peak - Looking northeast over low point in Slate Range at Manly Peak in the Panamint Range.
  8. Interesting Boulders - That's Pioneer Point on the right side of the image.
  9. Searles Valley #2 - Pioneer Point is barely visible near center of image.
  10. Desert Rock Pea - Also known as deervetch and member of the Pea Family.
  11. Beavertail Cactus #1 - Magenta flowers were just beginning to be produced by plants in this area.
  12. Beavertail Cactus #2 - A look into the middle of the flower.
  13. Datura Root - Exposed root of a datura plant located in sandy wash.
  14. More Interesting Boulders - Passage between wind-eroded boulders.
  15. Desert Paintbrush - Bright red flowers produced by this dependable plant!

Great Falls Basin (April 2013)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Beavertail #1 - Lots of beavertail blooms all over the place!
  2. Beavertail #2 - A close look at a single beavertail flower.
  3. Rock Formation #1 - Interesting mound of rock.
  4. Rock Fence - Rocks piled to form fence with Telescope in the background.
  5. Rock Pile - Interesting pile of rocks and north shoulder of Argus Peak in the background.
  6. Rock Formation #2 - Huge boulder with holes caused by wind.
  7. Mine Shaft - Old mine shaft on ridge above Upper Springs in Indian Joe Canyon.
  8. Old Mine - Another shaft next to previous shaft.
  9. Rock Formation #3 - Interesting rock shape and trees in the background.
  10. Rock Formation #4 - Another interesting-looking bunch of rocks!
  11. Beavertail #3 - A beavertail plant producing lots of flowers.
  12. Rock Wall - Rock wall well over 100 feet in height.
  13. Hollow Rock - One of many partially hollowed out rocks in the area.
  14. Trona Airport - Trona airport and junkyard down in valley.
  15. Pioneer Point - Looking down on portion of Searles Valley.

Great Falls Basin (February 2010)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Upper Falls - Looking down on upper falls and up at snow on Argus Peak.
  2. Safety Rail - Safety rail above upper fall area.
  3. Rock Formation #1 - Boulder formation in lower basin just above fall area.
  4. Erosion Patterns - Wind eroded holes in boulders.
  5. Stream - Stream trickling out below spring hidden in clump of willows.
  6. Rock Structure #1 - Remains of rock structure near another spring.
  7. Rock Pea - Close up look at rock pea flower.
  8. Rock Structure #2 - Looking down on rock structure.
  9. Boulder Bridge - Two large boulders wedged into gap between huge boulders.
  10. Low Clouds - Rock formations and low clouds hanging over Argus Peak.
  11. Rock Formation #2 - Rock formation in upper portion of basin.
  12. Close View - Close up view of lower portion of previous formation.

Argus Peak (May 2008)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Great Falls Basin #1 - View of the upper portion Great Falls Basin.
  2. Great Falls Basin #2 - Another view of the basin taken about a half mile south from previous picture.
  3. Boulders and Ridge - Some boulders at about the 5000 foot level along the route to the peak.
  4. Yucca Fruits #1 - Close up of some yucca fruits.
  5. Yucca Fruits #2 - Another picture of a yucca plant bearing fruits with Telescope Peak in the background.
  6. Trail, Pinyons, and Boulders - There is no actual trail to the peak, but a use trail is evident most of the way.
  7. Homewood View #1 - Looking back toward Homewood Canyon from about the 6000 foot level.
  8. Northern Linanthus #1 - An abundance of northern gilia was in bloom on this trip.
  9. Rock Cave #1 - There are dozens of small rock caves along the route and on the top of the ridge.
  10. Mariposa Lily - Quite a few bright orange mariposa lilies were in bloom along the route.
  11. Mountain Spray - Mountain spray is often present in pinyon forests.
  12. Argus Peak - The sign on the peak and the registry box.
  13. Homewood View #2 - Looking back on Homewood Canyon from the top of the ridge.
  14. Registry Entry - My entry, right under the entry of some folks I know!
  15. Trona Peak #1 - Looking south across Wilson Canyon at Trona Peak.
  16. Trona Peak #2 - A more focused view of Trona Peak.
  17. Homewood View #3 - Another look back at Homewood Canyon from along the top of the ridge.
  18. Great Falls Basin #3 - This view makes it easy to spot the many springs scattered around the basin.
  19. Great Falls Basin #4 - Another view of the basin with the springs evident.
  20. Rock Cave #2 - Another of the many rock caves scattered on and around Argus Peak.
  21. Great Falls Basin #5 - Large spring in the shaded area right below Argus Peak.
  22. Lichen Covered Boulder - Bright greenish-yellow lichen blanketing a boulder.
  23. Monardella #1 - Healthy population of mondarela plants scattered along the top of the ridge.
  24. Pinyons and Boulders #1 - The top of the ridge extends over half mile east from the peak.
  25. Pinyons and Boulders #2 - Another view of the vegetation at the top of the ridge.
  26. Pinyons and Boulders #3 - Looking up from the floor of Searles Valley.
  27. Valley Floor - Valley floor from about 6200 feet, a little over a half mile from the peak.
  28. Pioneer Point - A view of Pioneer Point from 6200 feet.
  29. Trona - A view of Trona from 6200 feet.
  30. Monardella #2 - A close up view of a mondarela flower head.
  31. Northern Linanthus #2 - A northern gilia plant growing next to a boulder.
  32. Granite Gilia - There was also lots of granite gilia scattered around the ridge.
  33. Bug - The ground was like swiss cheese with little holes apparently made by a colony of these little fellas.

Argus Rocks (April 2008)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Trona Peak - Looking across Wilson Canyon at Trona Peak.
  2. Pioneer Point - Looking down Wilson Canyon toward Pioneer Point.
  3. Vulture - One of many vultures out looking for a snack.
  4. Cotton Top - Cotton top cactus near Argus Rocks.
  5. Rock Formation #1 - Rock formation probably about 100 feet tall.
  6. Rock Patterns - Some wind eroded rocks.
  7. Rock Dome - Another huge boulder formation with interesting patterns.
  8. Thistle #1 - Thistle flower growing amongst the rocks.
  9. Thistle #2 - Another thistle flower.
  10. Close Look at Rock Dome - The face of the rock dome at closer range.
  11. Larkspur - A larkspur plant growing amongst the bushes around the boulders.
  12. Rock Arch - The mixture of shrubs growing between the boulders beneath the arch was mostly brickellia.
  13. Desert Calico - There were several large patches of desert calico scattered around the boulder field.
  14. Milkweed - A milkweed plant growing near the arch.
  15. Lizard - A lizard sitting very still on a rock.
  16. Boulders - A view of some boulders in the middle of the area.

Great Falls Basin (December 2007)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Three Donkeys - A group of three donkeys in the upper part of Great Falls Basin.
  2. Rock Wall - Rock wall along trail not far from trail head.
  3. Donkey Behind Rock - Possibly sick or injured donkey in lower part of basin.
  4. Two Donkeys - A pair of donkeys that hanging out in upper part of basin.
  5. Rocky Canyon - Steep rock walls and rock formations in canyon at base of Argus Peak in upper part of Great Falls Basin.
  6. Rock Gutter - Gutter worn into rock.
  7. Rocks and Argus Peak - Looking up at Argus Peak from 4000 feet in elevation.
  8. Rocks/Telescope - Looking across Great Falls Basin toward snow-covered Telescope Peak.
  9. Colorful Lichen - Some lichen growing on rock.
  10. Black Lichen - Dark lichen growing on rock.
  11. White Horse #1 - White horse hanging out in upper part of basin.
  12. White Horse #2 - Another picture of the white horse.
  13. Stream - Stream below spring in upper part of Great Falls Basin.
  14. White Horse #3 - Yet another picture of the white horse.
  15. Cabin Ruins #1 - Ruins of small structure next to pipeline.
  16. Cabin Ruins #2 - Another view of ruins.
  17. Cabin Ruins #3 - Yet another view of ruins.

Indian Joe Canyon, Lower Garden (October 2007)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Rock Sign - Directions to lower and upper gardens painted on rock.
  2. Pipe - Section of pipe part way up canyon.
  3. Walnuts - Group of walnuts on ground at lower gardens.
  4. Walnut Tree #1 - A couple walnuts still hanging in a tree.
  5. Walnut Tree #2 - Another view of one of the walnut trees at the lower garden.
  6. Walnut Tree #3 - Yet another view of a walnut tree.
  7. Donkeys #1 - A group of donkeys hanging out near lower garden.
  8. Donkeys #2 - There were six donkeys in this group.
  9. Fig Leafs - A close up view of some fig leafs at Indian Joe Canyon.
  10. Politicians Video - Video posted at YouTube featuring lots of fig trees (and a toy snake).

Upper Great Falls Basin (February 2007)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Rock Formation #1 - Interesting rocks on slope.
  2. Rock Formation #2 - Rock with lots of holes worn into it.
  3. Rock Formation #3 - Rock with hole worn into the top of it.
  4. Rock Formation #4 - Another view of hole at top of rock.
  5. Rock Formation #5 - Spire type of rock formation.
  6. Can in Rock - Can under hollowed out rock.
  7. Dino Rock - It looks kind of like a dinosaur if you look at it just right.
  8. Telescope View - Stacked rocks with Telescope Peak in the background.

Argus Rocks (May 2006)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Pinyon Pine - Pinyon above boulders.
  2. Argus Peak View - View looking southeast from peak.
  3. Argus Peak #1 - Argus Peak from Wilson Canyon.
  4. Argus Peak #2 - Argus Peak from Indian Joe Canyon.
  5. Argus Peak #3 - Argus Peak from Wilson Canyon.
  6. Pioneer Point - Pioneer Point from Argus Rocks area.
  7. Rock Arch #1 - Large arch in Argus Rocks area.
  8. Rock Arch #2 - Another view of large arch.
  9. Rock Arch #3 - Arch from a distance.
  10. Rock Formation - Huge boulder with vertical face with puddle in foreground.
  11. Pool - Puddle on top of boulder.
  12. Puddle - Small pool of water in boulder.
  13. Rock #1 - Gap cave between rocks.
  14. Rock #2 - Weathered rocks full of holes.
  15. Rock #3 - Narrow area between two vertical rock walls.
  16. Sitting Rock - Comfortable rock to sit on while taking a hiking break.
  17. Windwall #1 - Holes worn into nearly vertical rock walls.
  18. Windwall #2 - More interesting wind-worn holes.
  19. Windwall #3 - Close look at some wind holes in vertical rock wall.
  20. Windwall #4 - Another wind-worn vertical rock wall.
  21. More Rocks #1 - Extremely rocky terrain.
  22. More Rocks #2 - Rounded boulder partially hollowed out.
  23. Ferns - Ferns growing in rock crevice.

Upper Great Falls Basin (November 2005)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Buckwheat #1 - Buckwheat blooming in November.
  2. Buckwheat #2 - More buckwheat blossoms.
  3. Mimulus #1 - Mimulus blooming in November.
  4. Mimulus #2 - Close up of mimulus flowers.
  5. Great Falls Wash - View of wash below falls area.
  6. Rock Formation #1 - Small spire formations.
  7. Rock Formation #2 - Wind-worn rocks speckled with lichen.
  8. Rock Formation #3 - Slightly curved rock spire.
  9. Rock Formation #4 - Large weather-worn boulders.
  10. Rock Formation #5 - Small arch worn through boulder.
  11. Rock Formation #6 - Overview of part of upper basin area.
  12. Rock Formation #7 - Another view of upper basin area.
  13. Rock Formation #8 - Small round rock balanced on boulder.
  14. Rock Formation #9 - Overview of portion of upper basin.
  15. Rock Formation #10 - Slices of bread?
  16. Rock Formation #11 - Lots of wind-worn hollows.
  17. Rock Formation #12 - Gutter worn by centuries of occasional rain.
  18. Rock Formation #13 - Yellow oasis surrounded by boulders.
  19. Rock Formation #14 - Boulder field.
  20. Rock Formation #15 - Wind-eroded boulders.
  21. Rock Formation #16 - Small arch worn through boulder.
  22. Rock Formation #17 - Nice rock to sit on while taking a break.
  23. Green Lizard - Green lizard caught and released near Upper Garden.
  24. Lower Falls #1 - View of pool beneath second fall.
  25. Lower Falls #2 - View of pool below first fall. (The lowest of seven falls.)
  26. Lower Falls #3 - Another view of pool under second fall.

Miscellaneous Pictures    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Indian Joe Mine #1 - Top of small mine shaft with old timbers.
  2. Indian Joe Mine #2 - Another small mine shaft with old timbers in same area.
  3. Indian Joe View - A view from above the Upper Garden looking down into Searles Valley.
  4. Indian Joe Cave - This tunnel is less than a mile up from the mouth of the canyon.
  5. Kid In Rock - Kid demonstrating how to crawl into rock near Upper Garden.
  6. Adult In Rock - Even larger people can fit into many of the holes in the rocks around the Upper Gardens!
  7. Indian Joe Pond - Small pond near the bottom part of the canyon.
  8. Terraced Garden - Example of terrace at Lower Garden.
  9. Pioneer Point - Pioneer Point from ridge above Upper Garden prior to removal of Mormon church building.
  10. Trees - Some trees at the top of the falls area.
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