Grapevine Peak Area
Grapevine Peak is located in what is sometimes called the "Nevada Triangle." Other interesting sites in the area are the Strozzi Ranch, Wahguyhe Peak, Mount Palmer, and Phinney Canyon. Also Red Wall Canyon enters the area from the California side of the range. The drive into the area is on a fairly well maintained dirt road. (Click here for area map)

Grapevine Peak (August 2006)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. Sarcobatus Flat #1 - From U.S. Highway 95 you drive west through Sarcobatus Flat for about fifteen miles before you reach Phinney Canyon.
  2. Sarcobatus Flat #2 - Sarcobatus Flat gets its name from the scientific name for common greasewood (Sarcobatus vermiculatus) which is prevalent in the area.
  3. Sarcobatus Flat #3 - The road is pretty good all the way in to the canyon, but there are plenty of intersections where you can make a wrong turn!
  4. Phinney Mine - This mine is a very deep vertical shaft which has been covered with wire by the Park Service. It's located pretty far up the canyon.
  5. Phinney Canyon #1 - The upper portion of Phinney Canyon contains lots of Pinyon Pines.
  6. Phinney Canyon #2 - This picture was taken near the top of the canyon looking east.
  7. Phinney Canyon #3 - This is where you drop out of Sarcobatus Flat and enter Phinney Canyon.
  8. Phinney Canyon #4 - There are lots of interesting rock formations in the area.
  9. Strozzi Ranch #1 - Close up picture of what appears to be an old stove and some other debri.
  10. Strozzi Ranch #2 - A hut built into the hillside.
  11. Strozzi Ranch #3 - A couple of shacks along the road.
  12. Strozzi Ranch #4 - Closer look at the hut built into the hillside.
  13. Strozzi Ranch #5 - The main shacks at the Strozzi Ranch.
  14. Strozzi Springs - Some springs on the hillside just above the shacks and the apple trees.
  15. Apple Trees - A group of apple trees and a couple picnic tables.
  16. Apples - A close look at some healthy looking fruits forming on the trees.
  17. Outhouse - The park has provided facilities to enhance the experience of visitors!
  18. Rock Formation - A rock formation near the ranch. As with Phinney Canyon, there are lots of interesting rock formations in this canyon.
  19. Corral - A corral utilizing a rock formation near the ranch.
  20. Grapevine Peak #1 - A repeater unit at the top of the peak.
  21. Grapevine Peak #2 - Another view of the peak from a greater distance.
  22. Helicopter - The peak is visited regularly by helicopter crews to maintain the repeater. There were several entries left by these crews in the register at the top of the peak.
  23. Peak View #1 - View looking into Death Valley from the top of the peak.
  24. Peak View #2 - View looking east further into Nevada from the top of the peak.
  25. Rock Specimen - Lots of little rock crystals along the way to the peak.
  26. Route To Peak - A view of the route along the way to the peak.
  27. Wahguyhe Peak #1 - A view to the south of Wahguyhe Peak with the repeater in front of it.
  28. Wahguyhe Peak #2 - Another view of Wahguyhe Peak without the repeater.
  29. Ladybugs - These little ladies were hiding behind the register box and I sort of disturbed them when I moved it.
  30. Horny Toad - Horned Lizard in Nevada a little ways outside park boundaries.
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