Hole In The Wall
The Hole In The Wall area is located at the southern end of the Funeral Range. It includes Pyramid Peak, Slit Canyon, and Red Amphitheater as the primary hiking destinations. It should be noted that Red Amphitheater is not a clearly defined site, but there are several branches of the canyon in that area that are worth exploring. (Click here for area map)

Hole In The Wall (March 2011)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Mohavea #1 - Mohavea was present in great abundance.
  2. Turtleback - Small mounds of turtleback were found in the lower canyon.
  3. Cryptantha - A close look at a common and small plant.
  4. Hole In The Wall - The gap for which the area is named.
  5. Quarry Area #1 - Slanted rock formations near quarry area at end of road.
  6. Desert Gold - Some pretty flowers near quarry area.
  7. Fire Ring - Campfire ring all set up near quarry area.
  8. Mohavea #2 - More of this pretty little flower.
  9. Desert Chicory - Side view of lower showing striped sepals.
  10. Monkeyflower - There was also lots of this common flower.
  11. More Monkeyflower - Small colony of monkeyflower. Very typical throughout lower canyon.
  12. Butterfly #1 - Butterfly landing on desert gold flower.
  13. Butterfly #2 - They don't usually stay still for me and so I got this one from front and back.
  14. Bear Poppy - Bear poppy plant with bud at about four miles from end of road (3800').
  15. Anonome - Anonome plant waiting for April or May to produce flowers.
  16. Rock Midget - Showy and somewhat rare flower at about 3800'.
  17. Napkinring #1 - Member of the Buckwheat Family.
  18. Napkinring #2 - Listed as a rare and endangered species.
  19. Panamint Phacelia - Growing on rock wall as is often the case.
  20. Tent Caterpillars - The host plant is a desert almond.
  21. Red Canyon Wall - This is most likely what is considered part of the Red Amphitheater.
  22. More Red Amphitheater - Another look at colorful canyon wall.
  23. More Red Rocks - The exact location of the Red Amphitheater is a bit ambiguous.
  24. Plates and Pieces - The rocks range in color from yellow to brownish-red and break off into thin sheets.
  25. Desert Star - Small colonies of this plant were scattered around the canyon.
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