Homewood Canyon
Homewood Canyon contains a number of homes and abandoned mines. The lower part of the canyon is known as Crow Canyon and the upper portion of the canyon is famous as the home of the Ruth Mine (which was closed at the end of World War II). Homewood Canyon includes a number of interesting sites and it can be used as a way to access Argus Peak, Upper Great Falls Basin, and the Rusky Cabin. Also included in this area is Rattlesnake Canyon and the Mohawk Mine. (Click here for area map)

Near Argus Peak (September 2018)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Two Horses - These two guys were just above the top of Crow Canyon.
  2. Minesite Ruins #1 - Some timbers and pipes.
  3. Minesite Ruins #2 - Another angle with same timbers and pipes.
  4. Minesite Ruins #3 - Foundation a little uphill from previous two pics.
  5. Old Stone Hut - Part of a mostly collapsed stone hut about a half mile from minesite.
  6. One Horse - Neat coloration on this equine!
  7. Leaky Water Pipe - Popular watering spot frequented by horses.
  8. More Horses - These guys were hanging around the water pipe, but left when I arrived.
  9. Turds With A View - Fresh brownies left by horses.
  10. Trona Peak - Trona Peak looks surprisingly similar to Argus Peak from this angle.

Argus Peak (May 2018)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Crow Canyon - Looking down on spring area in Crow Canyon.
  2. Hole In Rock - Small hole at about the center of the image.
  3. Great Falls Basin #1 - Looking down on Great Falls Basin.
  4. Great Falls Basin #2 - Lots of springs. Just look for green.
  5. Pinyon Pines - Some rocks and pines near "secret passage."
  6. More Rocks - Route upward through steep section of route.
  7. Walrus Rock #1 - With a little imagination you see two tusks.
  8. Trail Marker - Helpful marker to help hikers find the way.
  9. Trona Peak - Looking down and to south upon Trona Peak.
  10. 2000 Entry - Old entry from March of 2000.
  11. Summit Sign - Rocks at top of the mountain.
  12. Walrus Rock #2 - Side view of the mighty tusks.
  13. Hobbit Hut #1 - Home of the Argus Mountain hobbit. Do not disturb.
  14. Hobbit Hut #2 - Another view of oddly shaped rock.
  15. Rock Spire - Lots of lichen on these rocks.

Near Argus Peak (May 2018)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Chukar #1 - A chubby chukar posing for the camera!
  2. Chukar #2 - This guy must have really wanted to have his picture taken!
  3. Water Line #1 - All sorts of water lines all over the place on this hike.
  4. Argus Peak #1 - Looking up in the direction of the peak.
  5. More Rocks - Somewhere above the highest visible point is the peak.
  6. C Rock - Rock shaped like the letter C.
  7. Water Line #2 - Some bush lupine growing near pipe.
  8. Argus Peak #2 - Looking towards the peak from a greater distance.
  9. Splatter Pattern - Interesting pattern near base of rock.
  10. Large Pipe - Large pipe located near spring with Argus and Trona Peaks in background.
  11. Water Trough - Pipe and empty trough near another spring.
  12. Moscow Canyon - Looking down towards rim of Moscow Canyon.
  13. Yerba Mansa - Plants sprouting up after cold winter months.
  14. Water Line #3 - Water line dropping down over rocks.
  15. Water Line #4 - Loop which appears to be completely unnecessary.
  16. Princes' Plume - Attractive flowers of Stanleya pinnata.
  17. Donkeys in Canyon - Seven donkeys hanging out in canyon.
  18. Donkeys on Slope - Same group of donkeys on slope of canyon.
  19. Horny Toad - Larger than average specimen enjoying late afternoon sun.
  20. Ruins #1 - Ruins north of Moscow Canyon.
  21. Ruins #2 - Very large timbers with large pipe at bottom of slope.
  22. Three Horses - Wild horses up the canyon from ruins.
  23. Tree Yuccas - Bunch of yuccas further up the canyon from the horses.
  24. Ruins #3 - Another look at large timbers and pipe.
  25. Ruins #4 - Stone structure located above timbers and pipe.

Rattlesnake Springs (January 2018)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Mine Marker - Old fashioned mine claim marker (aka, pile of rocks).
  2. Three Donkeys - These guys were near the bottom of Mumford Canyon.
  3. Eight Donkeys - This group was just a short distance from Rattlesnake Springs.
  4. Nine Donkeys - Mostly the same donkeys as in previous image.
  5. Seven Donkeys - Subset of previous two images.
  6. Boulders - Somewhere between the donkeys and the spring.
  7. More Boulders - Looking east from Rattlesnake Springs.
  8. Lots of Boulders - Looking down from well above the springs.
  9. Upper Canyon - Rattlesnake Springs faintly visible towards bottom of drainage.
  10. Route Map - Route taken on this hike.

Rusky Cabin (April 2017)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Upper Canyon - View of canyon above Rusky Cabin toward petroglyph area.
  2. Rusky Cabin #1 - View of cabin from up the canyon.
  3. Writing on Cabin - Close look at writing on side of cabin.
  4. Rusky Cabin #2 - View of cabin from east side of canyon.
  5. Lupines - Bush lupines growing near cabin.
  6. Rusky Cabin #3 - The door is leaning against the doorway. No longer attached.
  7. Rusky Cabin #4 - View of cabin and vegetation from lower in canyon.
  8. Ruby Spring - Pool of water near cabin.
  9. Pollywogs - Tadpoles swimming in pool of water.
  10. Rusky Cabin #5 - Looking down on cabin from west side of canyon.
  11. Argus Peak - Looking south towards Argus Peak.
  12. Purple Mat - Nama demissum of the Borage Family.
  13. Mojave Aster - Lots of these flowers throughout course of hike.
  14. Indigo Bush - Psorothamnus arborescens of the Pea Family.
  15. Wishbone Bush - Mirabilis laevis of the Four O'Clock Family.

Rattlesnake/Mohawk Loop (December 2012)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Mohawk #1 - West entrance to Mohawk Mine above Rattlesnake Canyon.
  2. Mohawk #2 - Another view of west entrance to Mohawk Mine.
  3. Motorcyle Tracks - Heavy use by motorcycles has caused a lot of erosion in Rattlesnake Canyon.
  4. Mohawk #3 - East entrance to Mohawk Mine.
  5. Mohawk #4 - Wide view of east entrance to Mohawk Mine.
  6. Mohawk #5 - Another view of east entrance to mine.
  7. Mohawk #6 - Yet another look at the east entrance to the mine.
  8. Mine Debris - Various items near east entrance.
  9. Mohawk Roads - Roads near east entrance.
  10. P19 Marker - Road marker just east of Mohawk Mine.

Rattlesnake Springs (January 2012)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Scary Face - Interesting 'expression' on boulder near end of road in Crow Canyon.
  2. Scary and Friends - Other boulders near Scary Face boulder.
  3. Rock Formation #1 - Interesting rock formation in upper Great Falls Basin.
  4. Millipede - Could be a centipede for all I know, I was never good with the metric system!
  5. Buckwheat Flower - It may be only January, but this plant is getting busy!
  6. White Sheet - Blue sky under solid white sheet of clouds.
  7. Pipe - Pipe and spring located in upper Great Falls Basin.
  8. Table Rock - It's actually about the right size for a table!
  9. Another Face - This rock face was just south of Rattlesnake Springs.
  10. Rock Pea - Another plant producing flowers during Winter!
  11. Faces on the Boulders - Video filmed on this hike!

Sidehill Spring (November 2010)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Tarantula #1 - Tarantula in Rattlesnake Canyon.
  2. Tarantula #2 - This guy was within site of the Mohawk mine.
  3. Tarantula #3 - Near the mouth of the canyon to Sidehill Spring.
  4. Tarantula #4 - All four tarantula pics are of the same specimen.
  5. Sidehill Spring #1 - It pretty much lives up to its name!
  6. Sidehill Spring #2 - Notice fence around perimeter of spring!
  7. Pothole Spring - Spring near bottom of Mumford Canyon at center of picture.
  8. Rattlesnake Springs - Cluster of springs near top of Mumford Canyon.
  9. Sidehill Spring #3 - Another view of spring and fence around it.
  10. Daypack Song - Video filmed on this hike!

Mumford Canyon (December 2009)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Asses of Asses - Backends of seven donkeys.
  2. Group of Donkeys - Six of the burros facing the camera this time.
  3. Tortoise Shell - Unoccupied tortoise shell.
  4. USGS Marker - USGS marker a mile or so up canyon from end of dirt road.
  5. Goldenback Fern - Lots of this fern growing under shade of rocks.
  6. Burnt Area #1 - Signs of recent fire at Rattlesnake Springs.
  7. Muddy Area - Boggy area below main spring.
  8. Willow Thicket - Clump of small trees at Rattlesnake Springs.
  9. Rock Wall - Huge boulder above main spring.
  10. Boulder Landscape - Interesting patterns and colors of boulders in Mumford Canyon.
  11. Burnt Area #2 - Another view of charred area.

Rattlesnake/Mohawk Loop (December 2009)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Water Pipeline #1 - Rusty pipeline just north of Great Falls Basin.
  2. Water Pipeline #2 - Connection between two sections of pipe.
  3. Water Pipeline #3 - Cylinder above section of pipe.
  4. Rock Foundation #1 - Foundation stones of cabin in Rattlesnake Canyon.
  5. Rock Foundation #2 - Another rock foundation just beyond end of dirt road.
  6. Rock Foundation #3 - Alternative view of remains of cabin.
  7. Fence Poles - Fence poles and cable just east of Mohawk Mine.
  8. Rattlesnake Road - Looking down on road through Rattlesnake Canyon from north ridge.
  9. Loop Hike - Map of loop hike up Rattlesnake Canyon and down unnamed canyon to north.

Veto Mine (December 2009)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Water Pipeline - Section of water pipe just south of mouth of Homewood Canyon.
  2. Veto Cabin #1 - Look inside block cabin below Veto Mine.
  3. Mill Ruins #1 - Ruins of mill below mine tunnel.
  4. Mine Shaft - Top of mine shaft just south of mill ruins.
  5. Mill Ruins #2 - View of mill ruins from mine shaft tailings pile.
  6. Inyo County Dump - Dump site at mouth of Homewood Canyon.
  7. Homewood Canyon - Looking up Homewood Canyon from ridge just north of Veto Mine.
  8. Telescope Snow - View across Slate Range at Telescope late in the day.
  9. Tailings Piles - Veto Mine site with two tailings piles and mill ruins.
  10. Rusty Contraption - An old appliance of some kind.
  11. Structure Two - Remains of structure between cabin and mill.
  12. Cabin #2 - Interesting rock walls of cabin.
  13. Cabin #3 - Looking through cabin windows.
  14. Cabin #4 - Grafitti spray-painted on cabin wall.
  15. Cabin #5 - Patio, cabin, road, and hilltop.

Rusky Cabin Area (April 2008)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Desert Pincushion - This plant was all over the place througout the hike.
  2. Argus Peak - View of Argus Peak from the north.
  3. Fremont Phacelia - Flower along the route to the Rusky Cabin.
  4. Ruth Mine - Looking across Homewood Canyon and towards Searles Valley.
  5. Apricot Mallow - Lots of blooms in wash below the cabin.
  6. Cactus Flowers - Beavertail Cactus in bloom near the cabin.
  7. Whispering Bells - Only noticed this one a couple of times on this hike.
  8. Rock Pea - Lots of this in the wash below the cabin.
  9. Yucca - Tall yucca in bloom and the back wall of the cabin.
  10. Lupine #1 - Lots of lupine in the wash near the cabin.
  11. Lupine #2 - More lupine growing near the Rusky Cabin.
  12. Yucca Petals - Some petals below the yucca plants pictured above.
  13. Mojave Aster - A fly in the middle of an aster flower.
  14. Yucca Fruit - Fruit growing on yucca plant behind the Rusky Cabin.
  15. Rusky Cabin Video - A video I shot while at the Rusky Cabin.

Homewood Canyon (May 2006)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Homewood View #1 - Structures and residences.
  2. Homewood View #2 - More structures and residences.
  3. Homewood View #3 - Overview of lower portion of canyon.
  4. Homewood View #4 - Group of trees and some roads.
  5. Homewood View #5 - Scattered structures and residences.
  6. Homewood View #6 - Another group of structures and residence.
  7. Homewood View #7 - Horses and road.
  8. Homewood View #8 - Another view of canyon.
  9. Ruth Mine View - Overview of Ruth Mine.
  10. Antennas - Antennas on top of hill above mouth of canyon.
  11. Antennas and Shack - Hillside with antennaes at top.
  12. Crow Canyon - Looking up Crow Canyon from near Mohawk Mine.
  13. Inside Shack - Inside old wooden shack and tunnel.
  14. Junk on Hill - Probably broken antennas.
  15. Mohawk Mine #1 - Large ore container.
  16. Mohawk Mine #2 - Foundation and tunnel.
  17. Pioneer Point - View from hilltop above Homewood Canyon.
  18. Shack - View of mine shack and tailings pile.
  19. Rattlesnake Canyon - Looking up the canyon that leads to Mohawk Mine.
  20. Ruth Mine - Tailings piles and old structures.

Rusky Cabin (May 2006)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Rusky Cabin #1 - View of cabin and surrounding landscape.
  2. Rusky Cabin #2 - Squinting into the sun view of cabin.
  3. Rusky Cabin #3 - View of back of cabin.
  4. Rusky Cabin #4 - Cabin, stone wall, and yuccas.
  5. Rusky Cabin #5 - Another view of the cabin.
  6. Inside Cabin #1 - Items hanging from ceiling.
  7. Inside Cabin #2 - More items in cabin.
  8. Inside Cabin #3 - Trekking permit on wall of cabin.
  9. Words On Cabin #1 - Journal entry on wall of cabin.
  10. Words On Cabin #2 - Another journal entry.
  11. Words On Cabin #3 - More words written on corregated steal.
  12. Words On Cabin #4 - Full paragraph on wall of cabin.
  13. Words On Cabin #5 - References to war and some dates.
  14. Words On Cabin #6 - Something about Germans.
  15. Door Sign - Sign on inside of door to cabin.
  16. Donkey Bones - Donkey skeleton near cabin.
  17. Burn #1 - Burn area near cabin.
  18. Burn #2 - More of burnt area near cabin.
  19. Burn #3 - Fire started by jet crash in summer of 2005.
  20. Burn #4 - The fire got to within half mile of cabin.
  21. Retardant Spots #1 - Pink spots on rocks.
  22. Retardant Spots #2 - Rock speckled with pink stuff.
  23. Retardant Spots #3 - More rocks with pink spots.
  24. Petroglyph #1 - Petroglyph up canyon from cabin.
  25. Petroglyph #2 - More interesting petroglyphs.
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