Hunter Mountain
Hunter Mountain is located just north of Panamint Valley. There are several peaks in the area that are about 7000 feet in elevation. The area is covered with pinyon pines and there are many springs in the area. A cabin that was built around 1900 (or earlier) is of some historical interest. Also the area was extensively used by local Native Americans. (Click here for area map)

Hunter Cabin (April 2012)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Hunter Cabin #1 - Front of cabin with door open.
  2. Inside Cabin - Look at rafters and inside of roof.
  3. Hunter Cabin #2 - Elevated view of front of cabin.
  4. Pinyon Pines - A little snow is visible beneath the trees on the hill.
  5. Hill and Trees - A tiny bit of snow is visible near top of hill.
Hunter Mountain (June 2010)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Saline View - Looking down into Saline Valley from top of Hunter Mountain.
  2. Jackass Bench Mark - USGS bench mark labeled JACKASS, 1948.
  3. Ubehebe - Looking north toward Ubehebe Peak, Racetrack Valley, and Dry Mountain.
  4. Phacelia - Small flowers growing in abundance on Hunter Mountain.
  5. Tidy Tips - Pretty white flowrs growing on slopes of Hunter Mountain.
  6. Yellow Violets - Lots of yellow violets growing in the area.
  7. Hedge Nettle - Young plant growing near creek that flows by Hunter Cabin.
  8. Tiny Phacelia - Tiny flowers growing near creek.
  9. Spanish Spring #1 - Trough at Spanish Spring.
  10. Spanish Spring #2 - Section of spring trodden by cows.
Hunter Mountain (August 2006)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Arrrowhead - Flint and an arrowhead found about a mile south of Hunter Cabin.
  2. Hunter Cabin - Front of log cabin surrounded by trees.
  3. Lots of Pinyons - Looking down on hundreds of trees from top of boulder outcropping.
  4. Boulder - Pile of boulders rising above pinyons.
  5. Meadow - Lush grassy area near Hunter Cabin.
  6. Lee Flat #1 - Yucca forest south of Hunter Mountain.
  7. Lee Flat #2 - Moon rising above horizon with yuccas in foreground.
  8. Lee Flat #3 - Several yuccas scattered around high desert landscape.
  9. Mill Canyon - Looking down canyon and into northern Panamint Valley.
  10. Panamint Valley - Lake Hill and Panamint Dunes from roadside.
  11. Saline Valley Road - Looking down the road leading to Saline Valley.
  12. Wild Rose Plants - Lots of hips on this specimen.
  13. More Wild Rose Plants -More hips ripening near Hunter Cabin.
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