Inyo Mountains
The Inyo Mountains are located between Saline Valley and Owens Valley. There are a number of roads that provide access to the area. Probably the most useful of these takes off from Independence and travels up Mazourka Canyon. However, a couple roads lead into the area north of Papoose Pass and there are also other roads to the south that provide further access. While the road up Mazourka Canyon is graded, other roads in the area are quite rough. The Swansea Grade is a good example of a particularly rugged road. Also included in this area is Cerro Gordo.


Waucoba Mountain (July 2015)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Trailhead - Looking along route from near trailhead.
  2. Deer - A deer about a mile up from the trailhead.
  3. Pass Camp - A campsite at the unnamed pass about two miles from the trailhead.
  4. Pass to Peak - Looking up at the peak from the pass.
  5. Cushion Buckwheat - Peppermint-like flower clusters of this small buckwheat plant.
  6. Sandwort - Small white flowers produced by the sandwort plant.
  7. Saline View - Looking down into Saline Valley from the peak.
  8. Milkvetch #1 - Lots of these low-growing milkvetch plants encountered along route.
  9. Clover - Several patches of this plant scattered along route.
  10. Peak to Pass - The pass is located above and right of center.
  11. Milkvetch #2 - Another type of milkvetch producing seedpods.
  12. Columbia Cutleaf - Hymenopappus filifolius of the Sunflower Family.
  13. Manyflowered Gilia - Ipomopsis congesta of the Phlox Family.
  14. Mojave Prickly-Pear - Big yellow flower produced by this high altitude cactus.
  15. Sand Verbena - Abronia turbinata of the Four O'Clock Family.

Blue Monster Mine (May 2013)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Prince's Plume - There was a small patch of these plants along the way to the mouth of the canyon.
  2. Mine Relics #1 - Relics located along road through lower portion of canyon.
  3. Storage Tunnel - This tunnel had shelves on the walls and only went back twenty feet or so.
  4. Canyon View - Looking down lower portion of canyon from the storage tunnel.
  5. Fallen Cabin - Remains of a wooden cabin.
  6. Mouth of Paiute - Looking south towards mouth of Paiute Canyon.
  7. Lucky Boy Mine - One of the tunnels of the Lucky Boy Mine.
  8. Upper Tunnels - A couple more tunnels up on the south slope of the canyon.
  9. Another Fallen Cabin - Remains of another cabin.
  10. Rusty Cans - Some rusty cans and the mouth of the canyon down below.
  11. Willowleaf Brickellia - One of the many species of Brickellia found in the Death Valley area.
  12. Mine Relics #2 - Another look at mine relics located near mouth of canyon.
  13. Mine Relics #3 - Yet another look at mine relics.
  14. Death Valley Goldeneye #1 - Yellow, daisy-like flowers of Viguiera reticulata.
  15. Death Valley Goldeneye #2 - The grayish-green leaves of this plant.

Inyo Crest (August 2011)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Cerro Gordo #1 - Small cluster of inhabited buildings.
  2. Cerro Gordo #2 - Located 8.5 miles up a dirt road from Keeler at 8120 feet.
  3. Abandoned Mine Structures #1 - Looking down on Saline Valley about three miles from Cerro Gordo.
  4. Abandoned Mine Structures #2 - A closer look at buildings below the road.
  5. Famous Peaks - Sierra crest including highest peak in the contiguous United States.
  6. Inyo Crest South - Looking south at about four miles from Cerro Gordo.
  7. Salt Tram Station - Cabin and summit station at about seven miles from Cerro Gordo.
  8. Salt Tram Cabin - Front porch of restored cabin.
  9. Lizard - Small reptile resting on windowsill of cabin.
  10. Salt Tram Outhouse - Doorless outhouse perched precariously on slope.
  11. Inyo Crest North - Looking north from the Salt Tram Summit Station.
  12. Saline View #1 - Looking down on Saline Valley from Salt Tram Summit Station.
  13. Saline View #2 - Zoomed in on first tower below the summit station.
  14. Owens Valley View - Looking down the Owens Valley side from summit station.
  15. Lone Pine - Lone Pine from Beveridge Trail.
  16. Keynot Peak - Looking north from top of New York Butte (10,668 feet).
  17. Prickly Gilia #1 - Member of genus Leptodactylon of the Phlox Family (Polemoniaceae).
  18. Prickly Gilia #2 - Lots of these flowers growing under the pinyons along the crest.
  19. Beveridge Canyon #1 - Looking down the upper portion of the canyon with Keynot Peak above.
  20. Beveridge Canyon #2 - Another view of the upper portion of the canyon.
  21. Mine Shaft - A mine shaft along the Beveridge Trail.
  22. Burgess Mine #1 - View of area surrounding the Burgess Mine.
  23. Penstemon - Some sort of wasp poking around inside the tube of a flower.
  24. Fern Bush - Also known as tansybush and desert sweet.
  25. Burgess Mine #2 - Old deserted cabin at mine site near end of road.

Papoose Pass (June 2011)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Badger #1 - Badger Flat (the sign is just barely visible).
  2. Phlox - A close look at some flowers growing at Badger Flat.
  3. Badger #2 - In this picture the sign is clearly visible.
  4. Bitterroot #1 - Lots of bitterroot growing from Badger Flat to Mazourka Peak.
  5. Townsendia #1 - Low-growing member of the Sunflower Family.
  6. Townsendia #2 - These were growing on Mazourka Peak.
  7. Mazourka Peak #1 - Looking across Owens Valley at the Sierra Nevada Range.
  8. Papoose Pass - Looking towards Papoose Pass from Mazourka Peak.
  9. Bitterroot #2 - More bitterroot on the southern side of Papoose Pass.
  10. Mazourka Peak #2 - Some of the equipment at the top of the peak.
  11. Owens Valley - Looking northwest from Mazourka Peak.
  12. Papoose Sign - Sign pointing the way to the pass.
  13. Papoose View #1 - Some the scenery near Papoose Pass.
  14. Interesting Plant - More info when available.
  15. Yellow Flowers - More info when available.
  16. Mazourka Canyon - Looking south down the canyon from Papoose Pass.
  17. Papoose View #2 - More scenery from up near the pass.
  18. Rock Spires #1 - Interesting scenery at Papoose Flat.
  19. Rock Spires #2 - Another view of some interesting rock formations.
  20. Road Sign - This sign was located by the side of the road in front of a tree.
  21. Rock Spires #3 - Yet another look at the spires.
  22. Rock Spires #4 - More of the spires at Papoose Pass.
  23. Papoose Flat Sign #1 - Sign identifying location with Sierras in the background.
  24. Papoose Flat Sign #2 - Road sign from another angle.
  25. Compact Phlox - Interesing plant found along the way.
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