Jail Canyon and Hall Canyon are near the Indian Ranch in Panamint Valley. Both canyons contain many interesting sites. The lower part of the Hall Canyon can be reached from the Indian Ranch (private property). A sixty foot fall is located at the bottom of Hall Canyon. A road leads into Jail Canyon and ends at a group of shacks. Beyond the shacks are some interesting mine ruins. There is a shack and mine tunnels in Hall Canyon. Tuber Canyon is located between Jail Canyon and Wildrose Canyon. At the bottom of the canyon are several mine tunnels and the remains of several buildings and other structures. The top of the canyon extends to just below the Telescope Peak Trail. Although now you can drive only a little ways into the mouth of the canyon, there is evidence of a road throughout nearly the entire length of the canyon. Although a portion of the canyon is clogged with vegetation, well-defined donkey trails provide a bypass route if you don't feel like bush-whacking! (Click here for map of area)


Tuber Canyon (April 2018)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Lower Canyon - Looking down on the lower portion Tuber Canyon.
  2. Bypass Trail - A section of the trail that bypasses the lower spring.
  3. Lower Spring #1 - Looking down at the trees growing in the lower spring.
  4. Lower Spring #2 - Looking back towards the lower spring.
  5. Hill and Trees - Vegetation poking up from wash below hill.
  6. Upper Canyon - Looking up toward the top of the canyon from the five mile point.
  7. Desert Paintbrush - Bright red petals of common wildflower.
  8. Canyon Mouth - Bottom of canyon. Near end of road.
  9. BLM Sign - Restoration sign blocking vehicular traffic.
  10. Canyon Road - Open road as it drops into mouth of canyon.
  11. Mines to South - Mines south of Tuber Canyon.
  12. Lilac Sunbonnet - Common wildflowers. Very small, but attractive.
  13. Panamint Daisy #1 - Rare daisies growing in unnamed canyon south of Tuber.
  14. Panamint Daisy #2 - The unnamed canyon is north of Jail Canyon.
  15. Panamint Daisy #3 - There was a pretty decent population in this canyon.
  16. Panamint Daisy #4 - Another look at this rare desert wildflower.
  17. Mine Tunnels - Very old mines located a mile or so up unnamed canyon.
  18. Trails - Looking down from ridge south of Tuber on old roads and/or trails.
  19. Low Cryptantha - Cryptantha humilis growing at a lower elevation than expected.
  20. Mine Site - Old ore processing structures near bottom of Tuber Canyon.

Hall Canyon (May 2017)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Panamint Daisy #1 - Enceliopsis covillei of the Sunflower Family.
  2. Forget-Me-Not - Cryptantha tumulosa of the Borage Family.
  3. Lupine #1 - Most likely Lupinus flavoculatus of the Pea Family.
  4. Lupine #2 - For over two miles along the route there was lots of lupine!
  5. Beardtongue - Penstemon fruticiformis of the Figwort Family.
  6. Rowland Cabin - Once an Adopt-A-Cabin project, this cabin is now difficult to access due to road closure.
  7. Wood Burning Stove - Very nice stove inside the dilapidated cabin.
  8. Rock Wall - Old wall structure below the cabin in Hall Canyon.
  9. Wooden Fence - Fence on both sides of creek below cabin.
  10. Indian Ranch - Looking down on Indian Ranch through glare of late afternoon sun.
  11. Lilac Sunbonnet - Lots of this. I had to watch my step not to step on the stuff!
  12. Lupine #3 - I've never seen so much lupine in a desert environment.
  13. Panamint Daisy #2 - Several healthy plants spotted on this hike.
  14. Witch's Hair - Odd tangle of dodder on a small bush.
  15. Sierra Sunset - Nice view of snowy mountain peaks of the Sierra Nevada Range.
  16. Route Map - Ten miles round trip with 3700' gain/loss.
  17. Video at YouTube - It's called "Flowers in the Desert" and features lots of flowers!

Indian Ranch Area (March 2010)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Telescope - Telescope Peak above Hall Canyon.
  2. Indian Ranch - Clump of trees and buildings from the dirt road near gate.
  3. Mistletoe #1 - Mesquite tree hosting clumps of mistletoe.
  4. Fence #1 - Old fence south of lake.
  5. Fence #2 - Another view of old fence looking north toward Indian Ranch.
  6. Lake and Ranch #1 - Looking north toward the mouth of Jail Canyon.
  7. Lake and Ranch #2 - More of a focus on Indian Ranch in this photograph.
  8. Snowy Ridges - Looking south toward snow-covered ridges above Pleasant and South Park.
  9. Mistletoe #2 - Another mesquite tree with mistletoe growing on it.
  10. Mistletoe Berries - Cluster of white berries growing on mistletoe plant.

Jail Canyon (April 2009)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Valley View - Looking north up Panamint Valley from ridge above Jail Canyon.
  2. Hall Road - The road continuing towards Hall Canyon can be seen in the center of the picture.
  3. End of Road - Looking down on Jail Canyon toward end of road.
  4. Road Block - The first 500 yards of road out of Jail to Hall contains many obstacles.
  5. Road Sign - Sign in Jail Canyon blocking road to Hall Canyon.
  6. Jail Truck - Yellow truck at end of road in Jail.
  7. Jail Trees - Large trees in Jail Canyon above mining relics.
  8. Shack #1 - A shack a little ways up Jail Canyon.
  9. Panamint Dudleya - Succulent growing on rock wall in Jail Canyon.
  10. Shack #2 - Bunk bed and rock sticking out of side of shack.
  11. Shack #3 - Something tells me that the rock isn't decorative.
  12. Scorpion - This guy was atleast four inches long.
  13. Panamint Daisy #1 - Flower of Panamint Daisy.
  14. Panamint Daisy #2 - Plants at 4100 feet overlooking Jail Canyon.
  15. YouTube Video - Video with footage of Panamint Daisies taken above Jail Canyon.

Tuber Canyon (May 2008)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Junk Car - Junk car near some foundations just outside Tuber Canyon.
  2. Mining Facilities #1 - Remnants of mining operations in Tuber Canyon.
  3. Canyon Mouth - View looking down toward mouth of Tuber Canyon from mine site.
  4. Mining Facilities #2 - Another view of mine operation remnants.
  5. Cabin Ruins - Remains of a cabin just below mining facilities.
  6. Panamint Daisy - A daisy plant next to road near bottom of Tuber Canyon.
  7. Salt Cedar - Shrubby tree growing near spring in canyon.
  8. Donkey Head - A partially decomposed head of a donkey. Most of the rest of it was nearby!
  9. Dense Growth - Dense vegetation growing along stream near bottom of the canyon.
  10. Lady Bug - Lady bug hanging out on plant near stream.
  11. More Vegetation - The stream near the bottom of the canyon is a little over a half mile long.
  12. Spring Number Two - This small spring is a mile or so up from the first spring.
  13. Panamint Penstemon - Some flowers growing near spring number two.
  14. Another View of Two - To get around spring number two, go to the south. A washout impedes progress on the other side.
  15. Lilac Sunbonnet #1 - Small, but very pretty flowers along the route up the canyon.
  16. Lilac Sunbonnet #2 - I only came across one patch of these little beauties on this trip.
  17. Primrose - A primrose plant near the second spring.
  18. Prickly Poppy - A prickly poppy blooming near the second spring.
  19. Hedgehog Cactus #1 - Large pink blossom of a hedgehog cactus.
  20. Rattlesnake - A rattlesnake disappearing into some bushes. I didn't get my camera out fast enough to get the whole thing and I decided against pursuing it into the bushes!!!
  21. View Up Canyon - Looking up toward the third spring and beyond.
  22. Lupine - The grape soda smell emanating from these guys was quite distinctive.
  23. Indigo Bush - A look at the intricate branch structure of this bush.
  24. Stream Orchid #1 - A stream orchid specimen at the third spring.
  25. Stream Orchid #2 - Another specimen at the third spring.
  26. Spring Number Three - The elevation of this spring is 4800 feet.
  27. View Up Canyon - A view looking up the canyon from 4900 feet (just beyond the third spring).
  28. Hedgehog #2 - A close look at a flower.
  29. Hedgehog #3 - A cactus plant with a few flowers growing near the third spring.
  30. Brooklime - An American Brooklime plant growing in the stream below a spring.

Jail Canyon (June 2006)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Green Truck - Truck near shacks in Jail Canyon
  2. Jail Cabins - Shacks at end of road in Jail Canyon
  3. Jail Outhouse #1 - Older broken down outhouse near shacks
  4. Jail Outhouse #2 - Inside of outhouse
  5. Jail Outhouse #3 - Nice of two outhouses
  6. Jail Outhouse #4 - Inside of second outhouse
  7. Jail Vegetation - Vegetation above mine ruins
  8. Jail Ruins #1 - Tracks and ruins
  9. Jail Ruins #2 - Tracks on loading dock
  10. Jail Ruins #3 - Looking down canyon at some ruins
  11. Jail Ruins #4 - Some kind of ore bin
  12. Jail Ruins #5 - More tracks and ruins
  13. Jail Ruins #6 - Interesting mine ruins
  14. Yellow Truck - Another truck at end of Jail Canyon

Hall Canyon (June 2006)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Indian Ranch View - View of Indian Ranch from ridge between Hall and Jail
  2. Hall Cabin #1 - Hall Cabin (notice Adopt-A-Cabin sign, elevation 4645 feet))
  3. Hall Cabin #2 - Inside of Hall Cabin (notice nice indoor plants)
  4. Hall Cabin #3 - Mad Dog stove inside cabin
  5. Hall Cabin #4 - Inside of cabin through windows
  6. Hall Donkey - Donkey in Hall Canyon
  7. Hall Lizard - Lizard sitting on rock in Hall Canyon
  8. Hall Mine #1 - Timbers in front of mine at top of canyon
  9. Hall Mine #2 - Mine at the top of canyon (elevation 7194 feet)
  10. Hall View - View down Hall Canyon from mine
  11. View Down Hall - Another view down canyon
  12. Hall Road - Road near top of Hall Canyon
  13. Hall Ruins - Remains of fence below cabin
  14. Yuccas #1 - Group of yuccas at elevation 5846 feet
  15. Yuccas #2 - View from yuccas looking down canyon
  16. Beard Tongue - Beard tongue flowers near top of canyon
  17. White Spider - White spider on flower near top of canyon
  18. End Of Road - Looking up ridge from end of road.
  19. South Fork - Looking up south fork of canyon.
  20. Telescope - View from just above bend in canyon.
  21. Map of Canyon - Map showing approximate location of old road.

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