Kopper King Area
The Kopper King Area includes three interesting canyons and the area below the mouths of these canyons. Below the canyons is the site of an old opal mine. The buildings were bulldozed away only a few years ago and the road that leads to the canyons goes right through the middle of this area. A couple miles west of the opal mine is the Kopper King Cabin. An interesting canyon takes off directly behind the canyon and another veers off to the north and then to the west from the cabin. An additional canyon lies just over the ridge from the cabin to the south. (Click here for an area map.)


Kopper King Area (February 2010)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. Seventh Heaven Trailer - Palm tree behind trailer.
  2. Seventh Heaven Mouth - Mouth to canyon containing mine camp.
  3. Fluffy Cloud - Looking up canyon containing many springs.
  4. Ephedra - Ephedra plant growing in rocky area.
  5. Slime - Algae, water, and bubbles.
  6. Climbing Fall - Group climbing up fall.
  7. Snow - Patch of snow at 5100' in canyon behind Kopper King Cabin.
  8. Lichen - Patch of lichen on a rock.
  9. Manly Peak - Looking down Panamint Valley at Briggs Mine and Manly Peak.
  10. Trail and Yuccas - Faint trail heading over ridge.
  11. Slate Range - Slate Range with foothills between Water Canyon and Shepherd Canyon in foreground.
  12. Fall Traversal - Dry fall requiring bypass.
  13. Kopper King Cabin - Someone painted the outhouse and the picnic table yellow!
  14. Kopper King Outhouse - Danger: Open Mine Shafts!
  15. Loop Hike - Map of loop hike incorporating sites shown in this group of pictures.

Kopper King Area (May 2009)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. Kopper King Cabin - Ridge view of cabin.
  2. Terpentine Broom - Lots of these small fruits all over the place!
  3. Panamint Penstemon - A group of penstemon plants below the cabin.
  4. Rattlesnake Weed - A patch of rattlesnake weed in canyon behind cabin.
  5. Lomatium - Fruits of Desert Parsley.
  6. Inyo Onion - Tiny plant a mile or so up canyon behind cabin.
  7. Yellow Monkeyflower #1 - These plants were found in canyon south of the cabin.
  8. Yellow Monkeyflower #2 - Spring fed stream provides plenty of water.
  9. Figwort - It's hard to get good close up photographs of the flowers on this plant!!!
  10. Slacker G2 - Video made on hike through the area.

Kopper King Area (March 2009)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. Blazing Star - Lots of blazing star all over the place!
  2. Manly Peak View - Looking across Onyx Mine area across Panamint Valley towards Manly Peak.
  3. Boxthorn - Boxthorn flower on bush growing in wash area.
  4. Cryptantha - Very small species of cryptantha in wash.
  5. Flower Mix - Broad-Flowered Gilia mixed with Fremont Phacelia on slope well above wash area.
  6. Yellow Frocks - Yellow Frocks growing near the gilia and phacelia plants.
  7. Telescope View - View of Telescope Peak from north of Onyx Mine area at 4200 feet.
  8. Coreopsis - Coreopsis growing below ridge at about 4000 feet.
  9. Evening Snow - The purple swirl of the side view of evening snow.
  10. Cotton Top Cactus - A cotton top cactus with blazing star plants scattered at its base.

Kopper King Area (September 2008)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. Argus Corners #1 - View looking down on spring above Seventh Heaven.
  2. Argus Corners #2 - Small plate identifying claims.
  3. Argus Corners #3 - View from plate location looking southeast toward Manly Peak.
  4. Brickellia #1 - Brickellia plants in bloom during late September.
  5. Brickellia #2 - More blooming brickellia!

Kopper King Area (August 2008)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. Small Cave #1 - Small cave viewed from bottom of the canyon south of the canyon where the Kopper King cabin is located.
  2. Stone Cabin - Remains of cabin at mouth of side canyon leading to spring.
  3. Trickle - A trickle of water down a small fall.
  4. Monkeyflower - A close up of a monkeyflower flower.
  5. Monkeyflower Patch - There was lots of monkeyflower growing along the 500 yard course of the tiny stream.
  6. Goldenrod - There was also lots of goldenrod along the course of the tiny stream.
  7. Damp Fall - This fall is about forty feet high, but not quite vertical.
  8. Bushes - Bushes grow along the course of the stream, which continues a good distance above and below what is shown in this picture.
  9. Damp Falls - Not a dry fall. Not a water fall. It's just damp!
  10. More Goldenrod - Lots of goldenrod in bloom in this side canyon!
  11. Stream Orchid - Quite a few stream orchid plants were observed, but no blooms. Also the plants were really hard to get to due to the dense growth of bushes.
  12. Donkey Damage - There was lots of evidence of donkey activity in the area. These bushes (desert peach or desert almond) were nibbled on pretty thoroughly. Their thorns saved them.
  13. Telescope View - Looking down the canyon to the south of Kopper King Canyon across the valley towards Telescope.
  14. Donkey - Donkey on ridge over-looking spring area.
  15. Collapsed Shack - Picture of collapsed shack in canyon south of Kopper King.
  16. Tunnel - Only one tunnel is clearly visible here, but there are several up on that slope!
  17. Cottontop Flower - Cottontop flower in mid-August.
  18. Cotton - This picture provides a pretty good explanation of how the cactus got its name!
  19. Small Cave #2 - Close up view of small cave shown in picture number one.
  20. Small Cave #3 - Same cave, different angle.
  21. Mine Tunnel #1 - Mine tunnel over the ridge and south of Kopper King cabin.
  22. Pipe - Pipe below mine tunnel in previous picture.
  23. Mine Tunnel #2 - This tunnel is just down the slope from the previous mine tunnel.
  24. Kopper King Cabin #1 - Looking down on the cabin and mine tailings.
  25. Kopper King Cabin #2 - Another view of the cabin from above.
  26. Canyon View - Looking down the canyon that is to the south of Kopper King Canyon.
  27. Mojave Aster - This is what Mojave Aster looks like during the off-season!
  28. More Cottontop - Cottontop cactus at the top of a crag at 5400' over looking the sites shown in the previous pictures.

North Of Kopper / South Of Bendire (2006)
Kopper King Canyon (September 2006)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. Kopper King Cabin #1 - View of fire ring and bench next to cabin.
  2. Kopper King Cabin #2 - View from road below the cabin.
  3. Kopper King Cabin #3 - Kitchen area inside the cabin.
  4. Kopper King Cabin #4 - Woodburning stove inside Kopper King Cabin.
  5. Lower Mine #1 - View of mine near Kopper King Cabin.
  6. Lower Mine #2 - Safety fence around mine shaft.
  7. Outhouse #1 - Side view of outhouse at Kopper King Cabin.
  8. Outhouse #2 - View inside Kopper King Outhouse.
  9. Outhouse #3 - View of outhouse from down the road a ways.
  10. Upper Mine #1 - Mine tunnel on north side of Kopper King Canyon.
  11. Upper Mine #2 - A shaft on north side of canyon.
  12. Upper Mine #3 - Another view of mine openings on north side of canyon.
  13. Upper Mine #4 - View from inside one of the tunnels.
  14. View South - Looking at the southern end of Panamint Valley.
  15. View North - Looking north from ridge north of Kopper King Canyon.
  16. Yucca - Yucca below north ridge of Kopper King Canyon.
  17. Yucca - Yucca at top of north ridge.
  18. Yucca - Another view along the north ridge.
  19. Onyx Mine - Location of old onyx mine and building foundations.
  20. Air Compressor - Compressor on hill at mine area.
  21. Shack #1 - Collapsed shack in canyon south of Kopper King.
  22. Shack #2 - Another view of collapsed shack.
  23. Shack and Sign - View of shack looking up the canyon.
  24. Another Shack - Metal roof of shack near bottom of the southern canyon.
  25. ----- September 2007 --------
  26. Pulley - Pulley at mouth of tunnel in nearby canyon.
  27. Ladder - Ladder beneath pulley.
  28. Shack - Shack in nearby canyon.

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