Last Chance Mountain
Last Chance Mountain is located at the northern end of the Last Chance Range. It is listed as reaching an altitude of 8456 feet. Also in this area are such interesting places to visit as the Up and Down Mine, Lead Peak, Last Chance Spring, Cucomungo Canyon, and the remains of a town by the name of Crater. The mountains to the north of Last Chance Mountain are also included in this section. These mountains include Piper Peak, Silver Peak, the Sylvania Mountains, and Magruder Peak.(Click here for a map of the area)

Piper Peak (May 2012)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Last Chance Mountain - Looking south towards Last Chance Mountain. (Eureka Dunes was also visible.)
  2. Register Book - Inside cover of register book left by Deep Springs Class of 1985.
  3. Register Rock - Rock at summit on which many names and dates are etched.
  4. Fish Lake Valley #1 - Green circles indicating agricultural activity along California/Nevada border.
  5. Register Can - Can protecting register book from the elements.
  6. Fish Lake Valley #2 - Another view of what could be called Crop Circles!
  7. Desert Paintbrush - Reliable bloomer even during a drought year!
  8. Cushion Phlox #1 - One large colony of this plant encountered along trail at about 7400'.
  9. Cushion Phlox #2 - Lots of flowers on this compact plant!
  10. Deep Springs Valley - The large patch of green is the community college.
  11. Gateway - An old gate along the road leading up to Piper Peak.
  12. Pink Phlox - Most likely Phlox longifolia.
  13. Buckwheat - One of the fifty or so species of Eriogonum that grows in Inyo County.
  14. Horny Toad - Peaceful fella snoozing by the trail.
  15. Peak Near Gilbert Summit - View from trailhead which is four tenths of a mile down dirt road from highway.
  16. Piper Mountain Wilderness - Sign near trailhead.
  17. White Mountains - Looking towards White Mountains with Gilbert Summit visible to the right.
  18. Cryptantha - This plant was fairly prevalent near the summit.
  19. Bedstraw - Lots of this plant scattered around above 6600'.
  20. Grizzlybear Pricklypear - Specimen of Opuntia polyacantha var. erinacea.
Last Chance Spring (May 2006)
  1. Crankshaft Junction - This sign is decorated with crankshafts.
  2. Deer - This deer was about a mile from Crankshaft Junction
  3. Last Chance Cabin Remains - The cabin burnt down. I recall sleeping inside the cabin one night during the mid to late 1990s. It was rickety, but it was still a pretty nice cabin.
  4. Last Chance Spring - A little ways up the canyon from the remains of the cabin.
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