Lemoigne Canyon
A dirt road to the mouth of Lemoigne Canyon takes off from the highway a few miles above Stovepipe Wells. The canyon splits into a north fork and a south fork. The Lemoigne Mine and associated cabins are located in the south fork. Also in the area is the Kerdell Prospect, which can be reached via a trail that begins at the Emigrant Campground. (Click here to view area map.)

Lemoigne Canyon (May 2010)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Auto Frame - Not much left of this rusty old junker!
  2. Sunning Snake - Snake sunning on rock.
  3. Mariposa Lily - Lily in lower part of canyon.
  4. Holey Rocks - Interesting rock formation.
  5. Authentic? - Probably not authentic, but it says 1908.
  6. Mid-Canyon - Looking down mid-canyon towards group of yuccas.
  7. Forget-Me-Not #1 - Lots of golden forget-me-not on this trip!
  8. Forget-Me-Not #2 - Closer look at yellow flower clusters.
  9. Rock Structure - Old structure of piled rocks just below cabins.
  10. Small Cabin - The small cabin is supposed to have been Lemoigne's cabin.
  11. Large Cabin - Looking down on cabin from mine entrance.
  12. Mine Entrance - Lots of tailings piles on slope above entrance.
  13. Three Structures - Two cabins and one outhouse.
  14. Outhouse - Sign above outhouse reads Crape Diem.
  15. Panamint Phacelia - Plants growing on rock wall in lower part of canyon.
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