Lookout City Area
The Lookout City area includes several sites of interesting sites to visit in addition to Lookout City. To the south are the Minnietta Cabin and Thompson Canyon. To the west is Jack Gunn Canyon (also known as Stone Canyon) . To the north is Osborne Canyon and the Surprise Mining Camp. Also in the area are the Modoc and Minnietta mines. Scattered throughout the area are mine tunnels, ruins of mining operations, lots of donkeys, and a few cabins. (Click here for area map)


Stone Canyon (April 2018)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Lupine Flowers - Lots of lupine blooming and more on the way!
  2. Cables, Barrels, Etc. - Old mining stuff near cabin.
  3. Cabin - Definitely needs a little maintenance, but still standing.
  4. Lupine Bush - Like I said, there was a lot of this in bloom.
  5. Stone Wall - Remnants of old stage route through the canyon.
  6. Donkeys - Saw two, heard more and plenty of brownies along the way.
  7. Military Gate - Highly secured northern boundary of China Lake Naval Base.
  8. Astragalus - One of many species of milkvetch found at 5700', just above top of canyon.
  9. Evening Primrose - Several plants spotted in upper portion of canyon.
  10. Desert Paintbrush - A little of this here and there.

Defense Mine and Stone Canyon (April 2015)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Donkey - This guy was spotted just below the Defense Mine.
  2. Butterfly Bush - Unusual member of the Figwort Family.
  3. Heermann Buckwheat - Geometrically inclined member of the Buckwheat Family.
  4. Bedstraw - One of the plants in this image appears to be a species of bedstraw.
  5. Jones' False Cloak Fern - Interesting fern growing in cracks in limestone.
  6. Antelope Bush #1 - Bushy member of the Rose Family.
  7. Desert Sandwort - Grasslike member of the Pink Family.
  8. Defense Mine #1 - Large wooden structure located below mine tunnel.
  9. Rock Nettle - Also sometimes referred to as velcro plant due to leaves.
  10. Antelope Bush #2 - Also sometimes called Cliffrose.
  11. Defense Mine #2 - Entrance to mine tunnel.
  12. Defense Mine #3 - Tracks leading to entrance to mine tunnel.
  13. Defense Mine #4 - Tracks splitting into two directions.
  14. Defense Mine #5 - Tracks and shack near mine tunnel.
  15. Defense Mine #6 - View of mine from a little ways down the road.
  16. Cotton Catclaw - This spiny bush is a member of the Sunflower Family.
  17. Lookout City - View out towards Lookout City from waterline trail.
  18. Waterline Trail - A trail following water pipes connects the Defense Mine to Stone Canyon.
  19. Prickly Poppy - Lots of prickly poppy is usually found in this general area.
  20. Wishbone Bush - Lots of this plant in the area in bloom or about to bloom.
  21. Sandwash Groundsel - Senecio flaccidus of the Sunflower Family.
  22. Desert Beardtongue - Penstemon fruticiformis of the Figwort Family.
  23. Stone Canyon Cabin - Old miner's cabin near some mine tunnels.
  24. Scarlet Milkvetch - Colorful member of the Pea Family.
  25. Evening Primrose - Found in side canyon that takes off to south just beyond cabin.

Osborne Canyon (June 2014)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Bushy Cryptantha #1 - Lots of this scattered along the canyon.
  2. Ground Cherry - Sometimes also called Yellow Nightshade.
  3. Outhouse - That would be the Osborne Cabin in the background.
  4. Dry Fall View #1 - Fall located about a mile up from Surprise Mine.
  5. Panamint Phacelia - Plenty of this on the canyon walls.
  6. Dry Fall View #2 - A look at the dry fall from a nearby ridge.
  7. Dry Fall View #3 - Another look at the dry fall.
  8. Desert Beardtongue - A few plants producing flowers were encountered.
  9. Small Fall - Lots of small falls along the course of this canyon.
  10. Another Small Fall - Another easy, but interesting obstacle.
  11. Butterfly Bush #1 - Plenty of this intriguing plant in the canyon.
  12. Butterfly Bush #2 - A plant growing out of a crack in the rock.
  13. Butterfly Bush #3 - A look at the flowers produced by this interesting plant.
  14. Bushy Cryptantha #2 - Another of a multitude of bushy cryptantha bushes.
  15. Rock Nettle - Plenty of Rock Nettle hanging out in precarious places.
  16. Thistle - Only a couple thistle plants were observed.
  17. Heermann Buckwheat #1 - A look at the flowers of this somewhat odd plant.
  18. Heermann Buckwheat #2 - Another look at this unusual plant.
  19. Argus Bedstraw - I believe this to be Galium argense of the Rubiaceae.
  20. Surprise Mine - Wooden structure down in the canyon below the Surprise Mine.

Thompson Canyon (April 2013)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Stone Ruins - Stone structures located in lower portion of canyon.
  2. Beavertail - Colorful cactus flowers!
  3. Trail - Section of trail on steep canyon slope.
  4. Mine Ruins - Main tunnels and ruins in Thompson Canyon.
  5. Pulleys and Wheels - Interesting mining equipment.
  6. Arrastre - Much as it was in September 2007.
  7. Cabin - Wooden portion fallen since 2007.
  8. Prickly Poppy - Not exactly abundant, but scattered around here and there.
  9. Donkeys - Have devastated vegetation at springs and seeps due to second consecutive year of dry weather.
  10. Lookout Road - Looking down on road to Lookout from ridge at 5400 feet.
  11. Stone Canyon - Looking (more or less northwest) up canyon on north side of ridge.
  12. Hedgehog #1 - Bright flower of the hedgehog cactus (Echinocereus engelmannii).
  13. Hedgehog #2 - Pistil and stamens at center of flower.
  14. Hedgehog #3 - Side view of flower and buds.
  15. Yucca - A group of yucca plants at 5400 feet in wash just below ridge.
  16. Cabin View - Looking down on roof of cabin from slope up the canyon.
  17. Ephedra - Also sometimes called Jointfir.
  18. Snowberry - Symphoricarpos longiflorus growing a little ways south from cabin.
  19. Lupine - Apparently the donkeys don't like this plant!
  20. Buckets - A bunch of rusty buckets filled with ore.
  21. "Tools" - Video shot mostly in Thompson Canyon.

Ash Hill (March 2010)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Two-Headed Donkey - A most inconvenient arrangement!
  2. Northerly View - Looking north from Ash Hill.
  3. Cryptantha #1 - Small white flowers in gaps between rocks.
  4. Cryptantha #2 - Close look at tiny white flowers.
  5. Witches Hair #1 - Small parasitic orange strands bending in the wind.
  6. Witches Hair #2 - Looks like a plant has been lassoed!
  7. Tufa #1 - Tufa with Lake Hill in background.
  8. Tufa #2 - Tufa with Telescope in background.
  9. Tufa #3 - Another tufa on the east side of Ash Hill.
  10. Mohavea - There were a few of these in bloom between sections of Ash Hill.

Thompson Canyon (February 2010)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Peak 8458' - Snow-covered peak above Wood Canyon.
  2. Telescope Peak - Snow-covered Telescope from Thompson Canyon.
  3. Arrastre - Close look at mechanisms of arrastre.
  4. Cement Pond - Pool of water above arrastre.
  5. Snowy Trail - A little snow on trail at about 5000 feet elevation.
  6. Mine Shaft #1 - Mine shaft with timbers south of Thompson Canyon.
  7. Mine Shaft #2 - Another mine shaft in close proximity to first one.
  8. Stone Structure #1 - Remains of small stone structure near shafts.
  9. Stone Structure #2 - Another small stone structure in the general vicinity of first one.
  10. Loop Hike Route - High Point: Approx 5100'. Low Point: Approx 3300'. Distance: 5.5 miles.

Stone Canyon (March 2009)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Stone Cabin #1 - Stone cabin about a mile from the trailhead.
  2. Road Wall - Old wall of rock from road through canyon.
  3. Three Donkeys - Three donkeys in upper portion of canyon.
  4. Upper Road - Road heading northeast above canyon.
  5. Scattered Yuccas - Looking southwest at about 5500 feet.
  6. End of Road - Road ends at prospects at about 5800 feet.
  7. Prospects - Some debri and a few shallow holes found at end of road.
  8. Mining Apparatus - This is the only "structure" left standing at the prospects.
  9. Osbourne Canyon - Looking down Osbourne Canyon with Panamint Dunes and Lake Hill in the distance.
  10. Lizard - Lizard on rock at 6000 feet. Neat little blue speckles on this one!
  11. Terpentine Broom - Also known as Desert Rue!
  12. Indian Paintbrush - Lots of small plants bearing flowers observed.
  13. Return of Donkeys - Actually I saw a total of five different individual donkeys.
  14. Milkvetch - Milkvetch was another somewhat abundant plant with flowers.
  15. Cabin with Road - A view of the cabin later in the day.
  16. Mine Structure - Old structure a little ways down the canyon from the cabin.

Osborne Canyon (March 2008)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Old Road #1 - Remants of old road dropping from Ash Hill.
  2. Old Road #2 - Another view of the old road over Ash Hill.
  3. Loading Ramp - Loading ramp located at mouth of Osborne Canyon.
  4. Down Canyon - Looking down canyon from below Surprise Mine Camp.
  5. Surprise #1 - Buildings at Surprise Mine Camp.
  6. Surprise #2 - Another view of buildings at mine camp.
  7. Surprise Stove - The stove inside the main building.
  8. Surprise Shack - Small shack in front of main building.
  9. Surprise #3 - Surprise Mine Camp from another angle.
  10. Up Canyon - Looking up the canyon from the mine camp.
  11. Zinc Hill - View looking up side canyon at a neighbor of Zinc Hill.
  12. Surprise #4 - Surprise Mine Camp from above.
  13. Ore Bunker #1- Ore bunker at end of road below mine tunnels.
  14. Cable - Cable dropping down from tunnels up above.
  15. Ore Bunker #2 - Another view of the ore bunker at end of road.
  16. Layered Rocks - Some interesting rocks near end of road.
  17. Canyon to North - Looking north from north ridge of Osborne Canyon.
  18. Box Thorn #1 - Box thorn blooms on ridge.
  19. Box Thorn #2 - More box thorn blooms on ridge.
  20. Box Thorn #3 - Even more box thorn blooms on ridge.
  21. Mine Claim - Stack of rocks on north ridge of canyon.
  22. Prince Albert - Can probably containing mine claim papers.
  23. View to North - View from ridge toward Lake Hill and Panamint Dunes
  24. Ash View #1 - Looking down on Ash Hill.
  25. Road View #1 - View of road up canyon.
  26. Road View #2 - Another view of the road.
  27. Ash View #2 - Another view of Ash Hill.
  28. North from Ash - Looking north from base of Ash Hill.
  29. Ash to West - Looking west from base of Ash Hill.
  30. Side Road - Side road to north ridge of canyon.
  31. Telescope - View of Telescope Peak with snow just before sunset.
  32. Argus Snow - Snow on the Argus Range.

Thompson Camp (September 2007)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Below Camp #1 - Scattered remnants of some sort of camp about 200 yards below Thompson Camp.
  2. Below Camp #2 - More remnants below Thompson Camp.
  3. Stone Cabin #1 - Deteriorating cabin at Thompson Camp.
  4. Side Canyon - Canyon taking off to the south just below Thompson Camp.
  5. Lookout Roads - Looking north up at the roads leading to Lookout City.
  6. Metal Shack - Small metal shack at Thompson Camp.
  7. Water Pipe #1 - Water pipes can be found along the canyon bottom for over two miles through Thompson Canyon.
  8. Water Pipe #2 - More water pipes.
  9. Pipe and Pool - Section of pipe and small pool that appears to be frequented by donkeys.
  10. Trash - Debris scattered at canyon bottom below mine ruins.
  11. Cave #1 - This tunnel or cave is located just up from the debris pile.
  12. Mine Ruins #1 - Mine ruins on side of canyon a little over a mile up from Thompson Camp.
  13. Mine Ruins #2 - Another view of the mine ruins.
  14. Mine Ruins #3 - The interesting thing is that it appears that everything at this mine site must have been carted in on the back of donkeys.
  15. Hook - Hook hanging above main structure at mine site.
  16. Tunnel Bed - A mine tunnel with a small bed near entrance.
  17. Wheelbarrow - One of the wheelbarrows left at the site.
  18. Engine - This must of been a back-breaker for the poor donkeys that had to haul this thing up the steep trail leading to the mine site!
  19. Buckets - Buckets filled with ore samples.
  20. Tunnel Ladder - Tunnel with a ladder near the entrance.
  21. Mine Ruins #4 - Looking down on most the site.
  22. Arrastre #1 - Arrastre near upper cabin, nearly two miles from Thompson Camp.
  23. Chain In Rock - Chain attached to rock next to arrastre.
  24. Arrastre #2 - Close up view of arrastre mechanisms.
  25. Reservoir #1 - Empty reservoir right above arrastre.
  26. Reservoir #2 - Another view of reservoir.
  27. Roads Below - View of roads leading to Minietta Cabin from ridge at 4900 feet.
  28. Upper Cabin #1 - Upper cabin located nearly two miles from Thompson Camp.
  29. Cabin View - View from upper cabin looking across Panamint Valley toward Telescope Peak.
  30. Upper Cabin #2 - View of other side of upper cabin.
  31. Moonrise - View looking down Thompson Canyon across Panamint Valley of the moon rising.
  32. Cave #2 - Another view of cave below ruins.
  33. Mine Ruins #4 - Another view of ruins.
  34. Stone Cabin #2 - Another view of cabin.

Lookout City (April 2006)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Minnietta Mine #1 - Ruins near Minietta Cabin.
  2. Minnietta Mine #2 - Mining apparatus and Telescope Peak.
  3. Minnietta Mine #3 - Looking down on cabin from mine tunnel.
  4. Minnietta Mine #4 - Road and rock walls as seen from above.
  5. Minnietta Mine #5 - Roads and top of mine shaft.
  6. Mines on Ridge - Looking up at mines above Minietta Cabin.
  7. Ridge Mines From Above - Previous mines from above.
  8. Minnietta Cabin - Front of cabin with BLM sign.
  9. Inside Cabin - Items inside main room of cabin.
  10. Outhouse - Restroom facilities at Minietta Cabin.
  11. Minnietta From Lookout - Looking down on cabin from top of ridge.
  12. Information Sign - Historical information regarding Lookout City.
  13. Lizard Near Ruins - Local resident getting a little sun.
  14. Lookout Ruins #1 - Stone walls with Telescope in the background.
  15. Lookout Ruins #2 - More stones walls at Lookout City. Lake Hill in background.
  16. Lookout Ruins #3 - Telescope with snow and more stone walls.
  17. Lookout Ruins #4 - Looking south with stone cabin in foreground.
  18. Lookout Ruins #5 - Looking down on roads below Lookout.
  19. Lookout Ruins #6 - Interesting relic in lower part of Lookout City.
  20. Lookout Ruins #7 - Deteriorating roof beams of largest cabin.
  21. Lookout Ruins #8 - Another view of largest cabin.
  22. Lookout Ruins #9 - Inside of largest cabin looking out through door.
  23. Lookout Ruins #10 - View to north with some ruins in foreground.
  24. Jack Gunn From Lookout - Looking west toward mouth of Jack Gunn Canyon.
  25. Scorpion Near Ruins - Another local resident getting some fresh air.
  26. Road Beyond Lookout - Road extending towards several mine tunnels.

Jack Gunn Canyon (April 2006)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Mine Entrance - Broken door in front of mine tunnel.
  2. Donkey #1 - Black burro on slope above canyon.
  3. Donkey #2 - Black burro and yuccas.
  4. Donkeys - Three Donkeys on slope above canyon.
  5. Pipe - Water pouring out of pipe.
  6. Rabbit - Rabbit under rocks near top of canyon.
  7. Hole in Rock - Small cave near hilltop.
  8. Spring in Cave - Water in rock tunnel.
  9. Stone Cabin #1 - Cabin a couple miles hike up canyon.
  10. Stone Cabin #2 - Cabin, trail, and mine apparatus.
  11. Stone Cabin #3 - Cables extending down to mine apparatus.
  12. Tecate - Bottles and cans inside cabin.
  13. Telescope Peak - Snow on peak across valley.
  14. Military Signs #1 - Military boundary at top of canyon.
  15. Military Signs #2 - Gate warning against trespassing.
  16. Top of Canyon #1 - View to northeast at top of canyon.
  17. Top of Canyon #2 - Yuccas at top of canyon.
  18. Top of Canyon #3 - View to south at top of canyon.
  19. Top of Canyon #4 - Looking back toward the canyon.
  20. Top of Canyon #5 - Military boundary and Sierras in distance.
  21. Top of Canyon #6 - Rugged yucca at top of canyon.
  22. Road #1 - Stone wall holding up portion of road.
  23. Road #2 - Rail along side of old road.
  24. Road #3 - Another view of stone wall.
  25. Bottle #1 - Old bottle found at top of canyon.
  26. Bottle #2 - Another view of old bottle.
  27. Bottle #3 - Yet another view of old bottle.
  28. Bottle #4 - Close up of bottom of bottle.
  29. Historic Bottle Page - Information about old bottles.

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