Manly Peak Area
Manly Peak is located at the southern end of the Panamint Range. Interesting sites to visit in the area include Russell Camp, Mengel Pass, Barker Cabin, Meyer Cabin, Goler Wash, Manly Peak, Coyote Canyon, and several mine sites, abandoned cabins, and springs. Goler Wash is one of the few locations where a road traverses across the Panamint Range, connecting Panamint Valley to Butte Valley, which in turn provides access to Death Valley via Warm Spring Canyon. (Click here for area map)


Crescent Mines (March 2017)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Rayless Encelia - Located along road south of Goler Wash turnoff.
  2. Desert Tobacco - Common member of the Nightshade Family.
  3. Mine Camp - Foundation for a structure south of Crescent Mines.
  4. Desert Plants - Young gravelghost and Mojave groundsel.
  5. Canyon Mouth - Canyon south of Crescent Mines at end of road.
  6. California Fagonia - Quite prevalent along course of miner's trail.
  7. Brittlebush - Tons of brittlebush in bloom throughout area.
  8. Ground Cherry - Another common member of the Nightshade Family.
  9. Upper Canyon #1 - Interesting colors at top of canyon closest to end of road.
  10. Upper Canyon #2 - Another look at the upper canyon.
  11. Upper Canyon #3 - Yet another view of the upper canyon.
  12. Dramatic Twist - View of a bend in the canyon.
  13. Sand-Wash Groundsel - Close look at a single flower.
  14. Sandwort - Attractive member of the Caryophyllaceae.
  15. Prickly Poppy - Commonly occurring member of the Poppy Family.
  16. Donkeys - Small group of donkeys hanging out just south of the Goler Wash turnoff.
  17. Desert Five-Spot - Low-growing member of the Malvaceae.
  18. Lilac Sunbonnet - Low-growing member of the Phlox Family.
  19. California Fagonia - More of this locally prevalent flower.
  20. Mine Trail #1 - Trail at crest just north of Crescent Mines.
  21. Mine Trail #2 - Another section of trail north of Crescent Mines.
  22. Mine Shaft - One of the Crescent Mines.
  23. Claim Marker - Marker along the trail at Crescent Mines site.
  24. Mine Trail #3 - View to the north along portion of trail south of Crescent Mines.
  25. Mine Trail #4 - Heading south along portion of trail south of Crescent Mines.

Coyote Canyon (November 2016)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Reservoir - Cement pool near mouth of Goler Wash.
  2. Steep Trail #1 - A section of the very steep trail up the ridge between Coyote and Goler.
  3. Tunnel and Tracks - Part of the Gold Spur Mine operation on the Coyote Canyon side of the ridge.
  4. Tressel - Another item belonging to the Gold Spur Mine operation.
  5. Trail Along Ridge - Looking down into Panamint Valley along route of trail.
  6. Steep Trail #2 - Another look at trail which climbs 2000 feet in two miles.
  7. Lestro Mine - Mine perched on steep slope on the Goler Wash side of the ridge.
  8. Mine Camp #1 - Old mine camp with Manly Peak in the background.
  9. Mine Camp #2 - Another look at what's left of an old dwelling.
  10. Contraption #1 - Probably the engine for an old pulley system.
  11. Contraption #2 - Another look at old engine sitting on ridge at about 3800 feet.
  12. Keystone Mine Camp - Looking down into Goler Wash from 4000 feet.
  13. Barrel and Cottontop - Two somewhat similar species of cactus which are sometimes confused.
  14. Route #1 - First trip up ridge (October 2016).
  15. Route #2 - Second trip up ridge (November 2016).

Coyote Canyon (March 2012)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Barrel Cactus #1 - Group of barrel cactus in lower part of canyon.
  2. Barrel Cactus #2 - Single barrel cactus growing on steep, rocky slope.
  3. Brittlebush - Very few flowers of any kind to be seen from bottom to top of canyon.
  4. Barrel Cactus #3 - Single barrel cactus growing out of crack in rock.
  5. Barrel Cactus #4 - Single barrel cactus growing on near vertical rock wall.
  6. Canyon Walls - View looking down canyon from a couple miles up from mouth of canyon.
  7. Lower Terminus #1 - Lower terminus of tramway.
  8. Shack #1 - Small shack at mining camp beneath tramway.
  9. Inside Shack - Interior of shack in very bad condition!
  10. Outhouse #1 - The outhouse is also falling apart!
  11. Shack and Tramway - Cables suspended above shack.
  12. Lower Terminus #2 - Another view of large structure at bottom of tramway.
  13. Reading Material - Every restroom should be supplied with something good to read!
  14. Pygmy Cedar - Bush growing immediately above 15 foot chockstone fall.
  15. Desert Tobacco #1 - There were several of these plants in bloom throughout the canyon.
  16. Desert Tobacco #2 - Another look at the flowers produced by this plant.
  17. Upper Canyon - Portion of the canyon at about the 4500' level.
  18. Lupine - A few large bush-type lupines were just beginning to bloom in the upper canyon.
  19. Mojave Spurge - Another plant producing flowers.
  20. Narrows - Looking down on narrow portion of canyon just below the 15' chockstone fall.

Goler Wash (March 2011)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Mouth of Goler - Brittlebush by side of road at mouth of Goler Wash.
  2. Poppy Flower - Seed pod emerging from flower.
  3. Yellow Monkeyflower - Some colorful flowers by the side of the road a little ways up the wash.
  4. Newman Cabin - Lonely cabin a little over three miles up the canyon.
  5. Newman Outhouse - There's another older outhouse on the other side of the cabin. It doesn't have a door either!
  6. Keystone Shack - A shack above Goler Wash on road to Keystone Mine.
  7. Large Mine Tunnel - Various items scattered around large mine tunnel.
  8. Dump Truck - Switchback roads and dump truck.
  9. Keystone Mine Camp - Looking down on buildings and trailers down in Goler Wash.
  10. Tractor Thing - Brightly colored piece of mining equipment with Slate Range in the background.
  11. End of Road - Tracks coming out of mine tunnel at end of road.
  12. Another Dump Truck - Another dump truck located near the end of Keystone Mine Road.
  13. Section of Track - Rail leading from mines up above down to the main camp.
  14. Swimming Pool - Remains of what was at one time a rather large swimming pool.
  15. Ore Loader - Ore loader located just above the main camp.
  16. Keystone Buildings - Buildings at Keystone Mine Camp.
  17. Road Blocked - Road closed sign about 300 yards from Myers Ranch.
  18. Looking South - View to the south from pass about two and a half miles beyond Myers Ranch.
  19. Wooly Daisy - Small flowers in upper portion of Goler Wash.
  20. Myers Ranch - Nicely maintained private retreat just beyond the Barker Ranch.
  21. Fremont Phacelia - Patch of colorful flowers near Myers Ranch.
  22. Barker Ranch #1 - Looking toward Manly Peak from just in front of main cabin.
  23. Barker Ranch #2 - Remains of main cabin at Barker Ranch.
  24. Barker Ranch #3 - Another view of remains of cabin.
  25. Evening Snow - Evening snow in roadless fork of Goler Canyon.
  26. T-Shirt Song Video - Video shot at Barker Ranch.

Manly Peak (August 2007)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Russell Camp - Cabins and trees of Russell Camp. These cabins are in pretty good shape.
  2. Gate - Entry area to Russell Camp.
  3. Yard - Nice picnic table, plants, and sign stating that all are welcome.
  4. Outhouse - No fishing!
  5. Junker - Remains of old car behind outhouse.
  6. Honeymoon - A room set aside for newlyweds?
  7. View From Ridge - Looking back at Russell Camp from ridge.
  8. Trail - Rocks outlining trail leading to peak.
  9. Striped Butte - View along route to peak.
  10. Canyon To South - I'm not sure if this canyon connects to Goler Wash or not.
  11. Rock Inscription - Intials left on rock along route to peak.
  12. Butte Valley - Looking back toward Striped Butte.
  13. Telescope - Looking north toward Telescope Peak.
  14. Summit Rocks - Rocks at summit of Manly Peak.
  15. Pipe - Section of pipe, probably used as rail to aid in getting to top of highest rock.
  16. DPS Box - Register box at summit.
  17. Taz! - Someone left a colorful box inside the register box.
  18. Slate Range - Looking across Panamint Valley at the Slate Range.
  19. Wood Canyon - Road up Wood Canyon coming in from the north.

Goler Wash (May 2006)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Barker Cabin - Famous as location where Charles Manson was captured.
  2. Mine Structure - Deteoriating wooden ore loader.
  3. Barrel Cacti - Cactus growing out of cracks in the rock.
  4. Irises at Barker - Plants growing near cabin.
  5. Mengel Marker #1 - Pile of rocks on Mengel Pass.
  6. Mengel Marker #2 - Memorial to Carl Mengel (1868-1944).
  7. Striped Butte - Famous landmark with Panamint Range above it.
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