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Manly Peak Area Map
The main sites of interest
in this area are:
  1. Redlands Canyon
  2. Striped Butte
  3. Manly Peak
  4. Mengel Pass
  5. Coyote Canyon
  6. Goler Wash
The main dirt road through this area is the road that goes up Goler Wash. This connects Butte Valley to Panamint Valley and provides access to most of the sites of interest in this area including Russell Camp, Mengel Pass, Barker Cabin, Meyer Cabin, Coyote Canyon, many old mine sites and several springs. Manly Peak is most often climbed from Russell Camp, but can also be climbed via Coyote Canyon.


Manly Peak
The trail leading up Manly Peak is very gravelly and a little faint in some places. However, the route is easy to follow without the aid of a trail. Basically you just follow the ridge up to the summit. It's quite steep. In fact, it averages out to about 1000 feet per mile with the steepest mile probably gaining 1500 feet in elevation.

Goler Wash
Goler Wash contains one of the few dirt roads that provide access across the Panamints into Death Valley. It is subject to washout following major storms and its condition is quite variable. The top of Goler can be somewhat confusing as there are many dirt roads which shoot off in different directions.

Mengel Pass
The ashes of Carl Mengel, along with his wooden leg, are buried under the monument on Mengel Pass.

Barker Ranch
The Barker Cabin is famous as the location were Charles Manson was arrested back in the late 1960's. He is said to have hidden in a small cabinet (which has been removed). Recently this cabin was partially burned down. Some restoration work has been done.