Marble and Cottonwood Canyons
Marble and Cottonwood Canyons are just north of Stovepipe Wells. Both feature impressive narrows. Cottonwood Canyon contains the most extensive springs in all of Death Valley National Park. Both canyons are accessed by a dirt road. The washboard on this road can be quite harsh when it hasn't been graded recently. (Click here to view area map.)

Cottonwood Canyon (October 2012)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Shack Remnants - Remains of shack above Cottonwood Springs.
  2. Four-Mile Post - Stump propped up a couple hundred yards above springs (about four miles from trailhead).
  3. Donkeys - A couple donkeys keeping an eye on things near the springs.
  4. Rabbitbrush - Lots of rabbitbrush in bloom above main springs.
  5. Butterfly #1 - There were thousands of these butterflies hanging around on the rabbitbrush.
  6. Yerba Mansa #1 - Interesting dried up seed cones of Anemopsis californica.
  7. Virgin's Bower #1 - Large accumulation of seed puffs amongst grapevines and cottonwoods.
  8. Yerba Mansa #2 - A closer look at a dried up seed cone of this plant.
  9. Orchid Seed Pods - Several seed pods of Epipactis gigantea.
  10. Virgin's Bower #2 - A closer look at a seed puff belonging to this plant.
  11. Upper Canyon - Looking up the canyon from Cottonwood Springs.
  12. Butterfly #2 - Another butterfly resting on a cluster of rabbitbrush flowers.
  13. Big Trees - Group of large cottonwood trees located at Cottonwood Springs in Cottonwood Canyon.
  14. Gurgling Creek - Water flowing down stream emanating from the spring.
  15. Grapes - Little grapes on vines located near the main springs.
  16. Water Cress - Tangle of water cress leaves.
  17. Hedge Nettle #1 - Groups of this plant were scattered around throughout the canyon.
  18. Hedge Nettle #2 - BTW and FYI, this plant smells really strange!
  19. Tarantula - This guy seems to be missing a leg!
  20. Raven - Raven hanging out at Stovepipe Wells.

Cottonwood Canyon (April 2010)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Intersection - Road sign at intersection between Marble and Cottonwood.
  2. Big Cave - Large cave next to road in lower Cottonwood Canyon.
  3. Trail - Section of trail just beyond end of dirt road.
  4. Interesting Rocks - Boulders with large holes.
  5. Orchids #1 - Footpath cuts right through patch of orchids.
  6. Orchids #2 - Close look at an orchid flower.
  7. Orchids #3 - A couple more orchids in full bloom.
  8. Scale Bud #1 - There was quite a lot of scale bud blooming.
  9. Lupine - Large lupine bush.
  10. Scale Bud #2 - Group of scale bud plants with flowers.
  11. Cottonwoods - Looking up canyon full of cottonwood trees.
  12. Gnarled Tree - Very thick trunk on this old tree.
  13. Lush Vegetation - Plants growing in along stream.
  14. Down Canyon - Looking down canyon from three and a half miles up trail.
  15. Up Canyon - Looking up canyon from three and a half miles up trail.
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