Pleasant/South Park/Jackpot
The bottom of Pleasant Canyon is just east of Ballarat in Panamint Valley. Just north of Pleasant Canyon is Jackpot Canyon. There are also several interesting sites to the south of Pleasant Canyon that are accessible from Pleasant Canyon including South Park Canyon and Bighorn Canyon. The upper part of Happy Canyon is also most accessible from Pleasant Canyon. A nice loop trip can be done by driving up Pleasant Canyon and coming down South Park Canyon (or the other way around if you want). Road conditions vary greatly from year to year, but it's generally not advisable to attempt to drive up these canyons without a high-clearance 4WD vehicle. (Although several years ago I saw someone drive a little Honda Civic to the last cabin in the canyon! That year the road was very smooth all the way up the canyon. It hasn't been like that when I've been up there in recent years.) (Click here for area map)


Slims Peak (July 2018)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. World Beater Cabin - Cabin and outhouse near bottom (5200 feet) of road to the top.
  2. Mine Structure Debris - Not much left of bottom cable station.
  3. Metal Tank - Rusty metal tank near bottom of grade.
  4. Cable Supports - Series of small mine cable towers.
  5. Hanging Cable - Some cable hanging across road extending downward.
  6. Top Cable Station #1 - Looking at cable station perched on ridge.
  7. Bottom of Grade - Looking down from saddle towards bottom of grade.
  8. Porter and Mormon - Porter Peak is on the left and Mormon Peak on the right.
  9. Astragalus - Several milkvetch plants observed on ridge (7400' feet).
  10. Manly Peak - Late afternoon view to the south of Manly Peak.
  11. Upper Parks - Upper portion of South Park looking across Middle Park.
  12. Top Cable Station #2 - Looking down and zoomed way in on top cable station.
  13. Active Mine Site - This site is either active or recently active.
  14. Register Container - Slims Peak doesn't get a ton of visitors...
  15. Saddle and Road - Road to the west from saddle. World Beater to the north on other side of ridge.

Slims Peak Area (August 2011)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Virgin's Bower - Vines growing in wet portions of Pleasant Canyon.
  2. Orange Grader - Apparently used on portion of road below Clair Camp.
  3. Donkeys #1 - These guys were hanging out in Middle Park.
  4. Wilderness Restoration - Spur road closed in Middle Park Canyon.
  5. Donkeys #2 - The donkey count for the trip was at least sixteen not counting possible repeat sightings.
  6. Bird's Beak - Scraggly-looking member of the Figwort Family (Scrophulariaceae).
  7. Sentinel Peak - The peak rising above gap between Pleasant and Happy canyons.
  8. Mound Cactus - Round mound of spiny protuberances!
  9. South Park - Great view of upper portion of South Park Canyon.
  10. Manly Peak - Late afternoon shadows on north face of Manly.
  11. King Snake #1 - King snake at bottom of pinyon.
  12. King Snake #2 - King snake climbing up pine tree.
  13. Buckwheat Flowers - Close look at tiny flowers.
  14. South Park and Manly - Looking to the south late in the afternoon.
  15. Manly and South Park - Another late afternoon southward view.

Mormon Peak (June 2008)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Bug - There were thousands of these noisy little bugs!
  2. Mariposa Lily - Lots of pretty lilies all over the place.
  3. Flower and Bugs - Yellow flower and a couple bugs.
  4. Mound Cactus - Red flowers on mound cactus plant.
  5. Steep Road - Road taking off to the north from top of Pleasant Canyon.
  6. Park View - View of South and Middle Park from Mormon Peak.
  7. Manly View - View looking south to Manly Peak from Mormon Peak.
  8. Pinyon Pine #1 - Pinyon pine tree on a ridge over-looking Death Valley.
  9. Striped Butte - View of Striped Butte from Mormon Peak.
  10. Relay Tower - Tower at the top of Mormon Peak.
  11. Pole and Porter - Pole on Mormon Peak in foreground and Porter Peak in background.
  12. Sego Lily - There were also plenty of sego lilies scattered around the area.
  13. Valley Floor #1 - Looking out over Death Valley from just north of Mormon Peak.
  14. Porter Peak - Looking along the ridge to north at Porter Peak.
  15. Valley Floor #2 - Another view of the floor of Death Valley from just north of Mormon Peak.
  16. Rocks and Pinyons - Colorful rocks and pinyons between Mormon and Porter.
  17. Mojave Prickly-Pear - Lots of cactus flowers in bloom!
  18. Granite Gilia - This plant was scattered around amongst the rocks and under the pinyons.
  19. Valley Floor #3 - Looking down on the valley floor through some pinyons.
  20. Ridge - View of a ridge looking south from between Mormon and Porter.
  21. Yellow Flowers - A group of yellow flowers.
  22. South/Middle Park - Looking toward South and Middle Park from north of Mormon Peak. A road is visible at the bottom of the picture.
  23. Colorful Lichen - Lichen on rock with shadow of humanoid life form.
  24. Pinyons - Some rather large and healthy pinyon pines just below top of ridge.

North Fork Jackpot Canyon (October 2007)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. View South - Looking south from ridge just south of Happy Canyon.
  2. Shattered Shack - Splintered remains of cabin by road.
  3. Mining Camp - Looking down on mining camp in main fork of Jackpot Canyon. That's the camp with the trailers and the fig trees.
  4. Road - Just a sample stretch of the road along the way to mining camp in north fork of Jackpot.
  5. Camp Housing - This was probably an adequate dwelling at one time, but not so much any more!
  6. Old Tiles - Hopefully these tiles aren't made out of any hazardous substances!
  7. Mining Equipment - Looking up from the cabin at mining operation equipment.
  8. Barrel Cactus - Some nice specimens along the road.
  9. Ball of Nails - Interesting bunch of nails all rusted together.
  10. Heavy Machinery - A large engine at mine site.
  11. Mining Apparatus - Cranks, pulleys, and stuff...
  12. Conveyor Belt - Looking down the conveyor belt on mining apparatus.
  13. More Gizmos - Another view of the ore processing apparatus.
  14. Up Canyon View - Looking up the canyon beyond the apparatus.
  15. Tunnel Vision - Looking out the mining tunnel.
  16. Hanging Bulb - Bulb hanging in the tunnel.
  17. Track - Section of track in front of tunnel.
  18. Awesome Joint - Nice joint in pipe near mine tunnel.
  19. Looking Down - View from mine tunnel.
  20. Face Rock - This rock formation sort of looks like a face.
  21. Panamint Daisy Plant #1 - Panamint Daisy plants during the off-season.
  22. Panamint Daisy Plant #2 - More Panamint Daisy plants!
  23. Panamint Daisy Plant #3 - This colony actually is just south of Happy Canyon.
  24. Panamint Daisy Plant #4 - Another view of some Panamint Daisy plants!

South Park (August 2007)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Old Buggy - This interesting buggy is at Clair Camp in Pleasant Canyon.
  2. Munched Auto - This wreck was left by the road that drops into Middle Park.
  3. Middle Park Vista - View looking back toward Pleasant Canyon.
  4. Ore Hopper - Collapsed hopper at south edge of Middle Park.
  5. Rusty Wagon - Old wagon on ridge between Middle Park and South Park.
  6. Old Truck #1 - Old truck next to rusty wagon.
  7. Old Truck #2 - Another view of the same truck.
  8. South Park View #1 - View into upper part of South Park from ridge.
  9. Junk Truck - Old truck at mine camp below ridge.
  10. Shack - Shack in front of mine tunnel entrance.
  11. Engine - Engine inside of shack.
  12. Mine Entrance - Entrance to mine behind shack.
  13. Messy Cabin #1 - Old cabin in upper part of South Park.
  14. Double Barrel - Stove inside messy cabin.
  15. Messy Cabin #2 - Another view of old cabin.
  16. Outhouse #1 - Outhouse behind messy cabin.
  17. South Park View #2 - View of South Park at 6200 feet.
  18. Thorndyke #1 - View of mine entrances and shack at Thorndyke Mine.
  19. Thorndyke #2 - Another view of shack with collapsed structure in foreground.
  20. Bridge - Narrow bridge along ridge below Thorndyke Mine.
  21. Briggs Overview - View of cabins from up by bridge.
  22. Briggs Cabin #1 - Front of cabin decorated with signs.
  23. Patio #1 - Patio shaded by fig trees and grape vines.
  24. Patio #2 - Patio overlooking canyon.
  25. Mine Carts - Backyard decorations at Briggs Cabin.
  26. Outhouse #2 - Outhouse at Briggs Cabin.
  27. Briggs Cabin #2 - Another frontal view of cabin.
  28. Outhouse #3a - Outhouse by lower cabin.
  29. Outhouse #3b - Another view of outhouse by lower cabin.
  30. Other Cabin #1 - Lower cabin at Briggs Camp.
  31. Cabin Deck - Deck of lower cabin.
  32. Outhouse #3c - Yet another view of outhouse by lower cabin.
  33. Sheds - Word sheds near lower cabin.
  34. Other Cabin #2 - Frontal view of lower cabin.
  35. Donkeys #1 - A group of donkeys hanging out in the middle of Middle Park.
  36. Donkeys #2 - Another view of the donkeys.
  37. Donkeys #3 - Yet another view of the donkeys.
  38. Donkeys #4 - One last view of the donkeys.

Pleasant Canyon and South Park (June 2006)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Ballarat - An old shack next to the road.
  2. Old Truck - Rustic vehicle parked in Ballarat.
  3. Manly Peak View #1 - Look across canyon from the north.
  4. Manly Peak View #2 - Another look across Redlands Canyon.
  5. Middle Park - View from ridge above canyon.
  6. View Along Ridge - Looking south along crest of Panamint Range.
  7. South Park #1 - Looking down on South Park from ridge to south.
  8. South Park #2 - Another view of upper portion of canyon.
  9. Striped Butte #1 - Looking down into Butte Valley.
  10. Striped Butte #2 - View from ridge just north of Redlands Canyon.
  11. Cliff Rose - Close up of flower.
  12. Old Junk Truck #1 - Truck riddled with bullet holes.
  13. Clair Camp #1 - Some structures at old mining camp.
  14. Clair Camp #2 - Old house missing most of its roof.
  15. Old Junk Truck #2 - Junker by side of dirt road.
  16. Ore Bin - Old ore bin beneath aerial cable.
  17. Upper Canyon - View of upper portion of Pleasant Canyon.
  18. World Beater Cabin - Looking towards old cabin from main road.
  19. Red Cactus Flower (Prickly Pear) - Close up of petals, stigma, and stamens.
  20. Yellow Cactus Flower (Prickly Pear) - A couple more cactus flowers.
  21. White Donkey - Burro by the side of the road.
  22. Junk Thing - Rusty remains of some old contraption of some kind.
  23. Rita's Cabin - Old cabin near top of Pleasant Canyon.
  24. Rita's Map - Hand-drawn map of area.
  25. Rita's Outhouse - Delapidated outhouse behind cabin.
  26. Rita's Swing - Swingset used to hang targets from.
  27. View From Rita's - Looking north from cabin.
  28. Roger's Pass - Sign at top of Pleasant Canyon.
  29. Larry Alexander Monument - Memorial along crest of Panamint Range.
  30. View From Roger's Pass - Looking down Pleasant Canyon.
  31. Back Of World Beater Cabin - Entry door to cabin.
  32. World Beater Outhouse - Nice new outhouse.
  33. World Beater Cabin - Another view of nicely maintained cabin.

Jackpot Canyon (May 2006)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Barrel Cactus - Large cactus grown in rocky terrain.
  2. Canyon Scenery #1 - Narrow area of canyon.
  3. Canyon Scenery #2 - Interesting rocks and cactus.
  4. Old Junk Car - Abandoned, rusty car.
  5. Columns - Canyon walls look almost like huge columns.
  6. Fig Tree - Large leaves and not quite ripe fruit.
  7. Small Building - Concrete structure at end of road.
  8. Lower Canyon - Looking up lower portion of canyon.
  9. Jackpot Trailer #1 - Looking down on trailer under shade structure.
  10. Jackpot Gate - Rusty gate without a road.
  11. Jackpot Trailer #2 - Another look at trailer and shade structure.
  12. Mine Tools - Rusty tools found in tunnel.
  13. Mine View - Tunnel on steep slope.
  14. Pomegranate Tree - Decaying fruits on healthy trees.
  15. Roads #1 - Road entering north fork of Jackpot Canyon.
  16. Roads #2 - Another look at roads below north fork.
  17. Old Shoe #1 - Very old leather shoe.
  18. Old Shoe #2 - Another old shoe.
  19. Old Shoe #3 - Interesting shoe sole.
  20. View #1 - Looking down into Panamint Valley.
  21. View #2 - Cactus in foreground and valley below.
  22. View #3 - Another look down canyon into valley.
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