Quarry Road Area
The canyons below Quarry Road on the Searles Valley side of the Slate Range contain many old mine tunnels and some ruins of mine camps. There is also quite a bit of evidence of mining activity along Quarry Road at the crest of the range. Most of the sites in this area are unnamed. There are two large radio transciever facilities at the top of Quarry Road. One is at the very end of the road and the other is at the end of a spur that branches off just short of the end of the road.

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Slate Mine (November 2007)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Manly View - Manly Peak in the background behind some mill ruins.
  2. Letters - I think it spells TALBOT. These rocks are located near the bottom of the surface mining area.
  3. Surface Mining - Although there are a few tunnels nearby, most of this operation seemed to target surface deposits.
  4. Roads - Another view of the roads on the hillside.
  5. Mill Ruins - A view of the mill ruins close to the road above the rest of the site.
  6. Mill View #1 - Yet another view of the main mill.
  7. Panamint Valley - View of Panamint Valley from ruins.
  8. Mill View #2 - Another shot looking at the mill from another angle.
  9. Mill View #3 - Yet another angle.
  10. Mine Claim Marker - Stack of rocks marking mine claim.
Quarry Road (June 2006)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Argus Peak View - Looking across valley from above canyon.
  2. Jasper Car #1 - Car at mouth of Jasper Canyon.
  3. Jasper Car #2 - Looking at car from the north.
  4. Jasper Car #3 - View of car from the south.
  5. Rock Pile and View - Looking across valley near Jasper Canyon.
  6. Mine Shaft - Shaft with wooden ladder near Jasper Canyon.
  7. Slate Mines #1 - Tailings pile.
  8. Slate Mines #2 - Trench dug into hillside.
  9. Telescope Peak View - Claim post in foreground.
  10. Hilltop Tunnel - View of tunnel from above.
  11. --- Added December 2006 ---
  12. Mine Entrance View #1 - Mine in Jasper Canyon.
  13. Mine Entrance View #2 - Another view of tunnel near mouth of canyon.
  14. Quarry Road #1 - Looking down on the first couple miles of Quarry Road.
  15. Quarry Road #2 - Road winding up to crest of Slate Range.
  16. Quarry Road #3 - Portion of road swinging around a corner.
Miscellaneous    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Radio Building - View of radio facility at top of Slate Range
  2. View To South - Looking south from about the same location at which the Radio Building picture was taken
  3. Black and Red Bug - A bug that was hanging out near the radio facility building.
  4. Radio Facility - Buildings at top of ridge in Slates
  5. View of Trona - Looking across valley towards Trona.
  6. Water Tub - Old structure near mouth of unnamed canyon.
  7. Tortoise Shell #1 - Old shell falling apart.
  8. Tortoise Shell #2 - Another tortoise shell.
  9. Tortoise Shell #3 - Yet another tortoise shell.
  10. Tortoise Shell #4 - Another view of shell #3.
  11. Slate Tunnel - Tunnel near top of hill.
  12. Mining Camp Ruins - Foundations of structures in unnamed canyon.
  13. Slate Prospects #1 - Tunnel in unnamed canyon.
  14. Slate Prospects #2 - Old diggings.
  15. Slate Prospects #3 - More old diggings.
  16. Slate Prospects #4 - Even more old diggings.
  17. Slate Prospects #5 - Hole and tailings.
  18. Slate Prospects #6 - More old diggings.
  19. Slate Prospects #7 - Closer look at tunnel.
  20. Ore Sample #1 - Close look at rock found near prospects.
  21. Ore Sample #2 - Another close look at interesting rock sample.
  22. Cans Near Car - Cans near mouth of Jasper Canyon.
  23. Wall Near Car - Wall near mouth of Jasper Canyon.
  24. Hole Near Car - Hole and ladder near Jasper Canyon.
  25. View of Quarry - Looking towards quarry from mouth of Jasper Canyon.
  26. Quarry Road - View of quarry from Quarry Road.
  27. Tarantula - Small tarantula found along side of Quarry Road.
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