Reilly / Water Canyon Area
This is the southernmost section of the Argus Range in Panamint Valley. The two main sites of interest are the Reilly ruins and Water Canyon. Reilly is a townsite complete with remains of residential structures as well as the mill used to process ore extracted from mines above the townsite. Water Canyon is also quite interesting. It contains many springs. Also there is an old road shooting off to the north out of the canyon that runs almost all the way to Shepherd Canyon. (Click here for area map)


Donkey Trails Above Reilly (October 2019)
  1. Slate Range - Searles Valley on the right and Panamint Valley on the left.
  2. Mexican Bladdersage - Seed pods of Salazaria mexicana accumulated in wash.
  3. Two Donkeys 01 - Two donkeys in middle of image.
  4. Two Donkeys 02 - Another look at the two donkeys.
  5. Panamint North - Looking northward along base of Panamint Range.

Wet Fork of Water (May 2019)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Nipple Cactus - Mammillaria tetrancistra of the Cactus Family.
  2. Fork Entrance - Lower portion of Wet Fork of Water Canyon.
  3. First Spring #1 - Looking down on first spring from the west side.
  4. First Spring #2 - View of first spring from east side.
  5. Desert Tomato - Lycium andersonii of the Nightshade Family.
  6. Indigo Bush - Psorothamnus arborescens of the Pea Family.
  7. Paper Bag Bush - Salazaria mexicana of the Mint Family.
  8. Faust - Marking on rock by side of old (closed) dirt road.
  9. Bottle-Washer - Camissonia boothii of the Evening Primrose Family.
  10. Cabin Remains - Remnants of small cabin near road about a mile up from main canyon.

Water From Shepherd (April 2019)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Yellow Frocks - Lots of these guys all over the place.
  2. Lesser Mohavea - Mohavea breviflora of the Plantain Family.
  3. Desert Paintbrush - Castilleja angustifolia of the Figwort Family.
  4. Joshua Tree - Flower clusters forming on many plants throughout area.
  5. Fremont Phacelia - Phacelia fremontii of the Borage Family.
  6. Milkvetch Leaves - Hairy leaflets and stems of this interesting plant.
  7. Milkvetch Flowers - Most likely Layne Milkvetch of the Pea Family.
  8. Milkvetch Plant - One of hundreds of Astragalus plants encountered on the hike.
  9. Blazing Star - Blazing star growing around the base of a creosote bush.
  10. Desert Larkspur - Delphinium parishii of the Buttercup Family.
  11. Desert Tomato - Lycium andersonii of the Nightshade Family.
  12. Mojave Aster - Xylorhiza tortifolia of the Sunflower Family.
  13. Mine Shaft #1 - Old wood and whole near Wet Fork of Water Canyon.
  14. Mine Shaft #2 - Not exactly very deep, but interesting wooden items nonetheless.
  15. Panamint Range - Looking towards Towne Pass from Argus Range.

Reilly to Wet Fork (March 2019)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Telescope With Snow - Looking across valley from 4400' near Shepherd Canyon.
  2. Turpentine Broom - Thamnosma montana of the Rue Family.
  3. Milkvetch - Astragalus of the Pea Family.
  4. Collapsed Shack - Small wooden shack near rim above wet fork of Water.
  5. Evening Snow - Linanthus dichotomus of the Phlox Family.
  6. Doc Scurr #1 - Next to one of several donkey trails leading down into the wet fork.
  7. Water Line #1 - Suspiciously recent-looking tubing.
  8. Emitters - Suspiciously recent-looking tubing with emitters.
  9. Water Line #2 - More suspiciously recent-looking tubing.
  10. Doc Scurr #2 - This rock is included in an old picture on this page and is located next to the old dirt road.

Reilly to Wet Fork (May 2015)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Desert Woolly Star - Close look at this small, light-blue flower.
  2. Yellow Frocks - Lots of this plant present near springs in the wet fork of Water Canyon.
  3. Whispering Bells #1 - Quite a few of these plants observed in the wet fork.
  4. Plastic Pipes - Apparently water was piped from upper springs.
  5. Grape Vines and Willows - Vegetation surrounding spring below upper spring.
  6. Cattle Spinach - Appears to be Atriplex polycarpa or the Goosefoot Family.
  7. Prince's Plume - Several of these plants also observed near the spring areas.
  8. Whispering Bells #2 - Dried up flowers on plant which appears to still be alive.
  9. Upper Spring - Lots of vegetation on bank above small pool.
  10. Eriogonum - Buckwheat plant also near one of the springs.

Reilly-Ship Rock Loop (April 2015)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Desert Fivespot - These plants were sparsely scattered here and there along lower portions of route.
  2. Whispering Bells - This plant seems to be particularly prevalent this year.
  3. Fremont Phacelia - Violet flowers with yellow throats, not particularly abundant.
  4. Telescope Peak - View from about 4400 feet between Shepherd and Water Canyons.
  5. Slate and Manly - Looking along Slate Range with Manly Peak off to the left.
  6. Scale Bud #1 - A close look at the basal leaves of this interesting plant.
  7. Scale Bud #2 - A bud of Scale Bud growing at about 4200 feet.
  8. Mine Claim Post - Old post with holes bored into it.
  9. White Donkey #1 - Blurry image of donkey off in the distance.
  10. White Donkey #2 - A slightly less blurry image of the same donkey.

Slate-Water Loop (March 2015)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Lupine - There were a few groups of lupine plants producing flowers.
  2. Gilia #1 - Lots of gilia in bloom, sometimes in large masses.
  3. Blazing Star #1 - Lots of these bright yellow flowers all along route.
  4. Fremont Phacelia - Also known as yellow throats, abundant in gravelly areas.
  5. Fringe Pod - Interesting seed pods produced by this member of the Mustard Family.
  6. Purple Mat - An attractive belly flower prevalent in the area.
  7. Desert Chicory - A double dose of this many-petaled white flower.
  8. Coreopsis - Colonies of these plants were encountered throughout the hike.
  9. Cryptantha - Interesting inflorescence of this low-growing plant.
  10. Gilia #2 - There were at least three species of gilia encountered on this hike.
  11. Blazing Star #2 - More attractive members of the Loasa Family.
  12. Evening Snow - There were a couple patches opening up late in the afternoon.
  13. Brown-Eyed Evening Primrose - Several groups of this plant observed along route.
  14. Blazing Star #3 - Even more of these bright yellow flowers!
  15. Fiesta Flower - Found growing in shade of shrubs or boulders all along hike.
  16. Plant in Boulder #1 - An evening primrose plant growing from a small hole in a rock.
  17. Plant in Boulder #2 - A closer look at this remarkable plant.
  18. Mine Claim - Wooden claim marker among boulders as donkey trail reaches Water Canyon.
  19. Gravel-Ghost - Close look at flower of this unusual plant.
  20. Desert Plantain - Picture snapped a little after sunset.

Wet Fork of Water Canyon (January 2015)
  1. First Water - First water encountered while hiking into wet fork of Water Canyon
  2. Large Trees - Large trees at bottom spring.
  3. Wire Lettuce - This happens to be the favorite food of local burros.
  4. Mine Claim - This stack of rocks is also pictures elsewhere on this page.
  5. Water Fall - Looking down on fall from mine claim.

Reilly-Water Loop (November 2014)
  1. Telescope - Telescope with snow as seen from Riley.
  2. Water Line #1 - Notice straight path starting an inch or so above the "b" in blackturtle.us.
  3. Water Line #2 - A more focused inspection of the top portion of the waterline.
  4. Manly Peak - View of Manly as seen from road that travels north from Water Canyon.
  5. Donkeys - Four of the five donkeys I saw on this hike.
  6. More Reilly-Water Loop pics down below. See set from March 2013.

Upper Water (May 2014)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Blazing Star - Plenty of small plants of this variety producing flowers.
  2. Fremont Phacelia - Another prevalent flower producer!
  3. Purple Mat - Present in great abundance!
  4. Tidy Tips - A few of these fellas were scattered around here and there.
  5. Coreopsis - A smattering of these guys were also present in noticeable numbers.
  6. Snake's Head - Just a few of these were present, usually near scale bud plants.
  7. Yellow Turbans - Plentiful, abundant, and hard to miss!
  8. Upper Canyon - Peek at spring in the upper portion of the wet fork of Water Canyon.
  9. Evening Snow - Not quite plentiful, but there were strong patches encountered in the area.
  10. Desert Paintbrush - Only a few of these were spotted.
  11. Odora - Only one plant noticed entire trip.
  12. Common Pussypaws - Lots of this in great abundance.
  13. Whispering Bells - Strong presence, but not exactly overwhelming numbers.
  14. Notch-Leaf Phacelia - Quite a bit of this on canyon slopes.
  15. Mexican Bladdersage - Several bushes laden with flowers and pods encountered in washes.

Road's End (April 2013)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Shepherd - Looking down fork of Shepherd Canyon towards Panamint Range.
  2. Yucca - A rather gnarly Joshua Tree on plateau area west of Reilly.
  3. Road to Water - Looking south down road from Water Canyon.
  4. Yucca Bloom #1 - Lots of yuccas producing flowers in this area.
  5. Yucca and Telescope #1 - Yucca in foreground and Telescope Peak in background.
  6. Yucca Bloom #2 - Another yucca with flower clusters.
  7. Yucca and Telescope #2 - Another yucca in foreground and peak in the background.
  8. Yucca Bloom #3 - Nice cluster of yucca flowers!
  9. Wet Fork of Water - View down the wet fork of Water Canyon.
  10. Yucca at 5200' - This yucca is located near the end of the road from Water Canyon.
  11. Road Segment - Looking down segment of road with Slate Range and Manly Peak in the background.
  12. End of Road - View of last part of road from Water Canyon (just west of Argus Wilderness boundary).
  13. Lomatium - Also known as Desert Parsley and a member of the Carrot Family.
  14. Yucca Flower - Close look at a single yucca flower.
  15. Flower Cluster - Close look at a cluster of flowers.

Reilly-Water Loop (March 2013)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Reilly - Ruins at Reilly, including the Anthony Mill.
  2. Water Line #1 - Top of the water line as seen from Reilly.
  3. Water Line #2 - Section of water line below Reilly.
  4. Kitty Litter Mine - Also known as the Sea Silica Mine.
  5. Water Line #3 - Section of water line north of Whitaker Mine.
  6. Water Line #4 - Continuing down the water line.
  7. Whitaker Shacks - Shacks on road leading to Whitaker Mine.
  8. Whitaker Mine - Ruins of Whitaker Mine operation.
  9. Loading Bin #1 - Loading bin at mouth of Water Canyon.
  10. Loading Bin #2 - View of Panamint Range from mouth of Water Canyon.
  11. Stone Hut - Small rock structure located near bottom of side canyon.
  12. Fireplace - Remains of fireplace of small cabin.
  13. Small Cabin - Remains of small cabin located near bottom of side canyon.
  14. Brittlebush - Encelia farinosa blooming early in March.
  15. Donkey Trail - Donkey trail winding up hillside.
  16. Old Road #1 - This old road heads towards Shepherd Canyon from Water Canyon.
  17. Old Road #2 - Looking back in the direction of Water Canyon.
  18. Red Rock - Brightly colored rock marking start of important donkey trail.
  19. Key Donkey Trail - Donkey trail as it leaves old road.
  20. Saddle View - View down canyon leading down to Reilly.

Slate-Water Loop (February 2013)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Shaft - Shaft near unmarked road in unnamed canyon.
  2. Tailings - Tailings pile next to unmarked road in unnamed canyon.
  3. Tailings and Tunnel - Tunnel next to unmarked road in unnamed canyon.
  4. Donkeys - Group of five donkeys on Searles Valley side of ridge just south of Water Canyon.
  5. Donkey Trail #1 - Trail leading down to Water Canyon.
  6. Telescope - Highest peak in the Panamint Range covered with snow.
  7. Mine Road - Old mine road zigzagging up hill on south side of Water Canyon.
  8. Donkey Trail #2 - Another section of the trail dropping into canyon.
  9. Trail Marker #1 - Marker at bottom of donkey trail.
  10. Trail Marker #2 - Same marker from different angle.
  11. Mine Tunnel - Tunnel across canyon from shack in Water Canyon.
  12. Outhouse - Remains of outhouse behind shack.
  13. Old Shack - Rickety old shack in Water Canyon.
  14. Manly Peak - Looking east across Panamint Valley to peak at southern end of Panamint Range.
  15. Onyx Mine #1 - Onyx mine located at northern end of Searles Valley.
  16. Onyx Mine #2 - Road leading up to mine and shack.
  17. Gateway #1 - Fence and gate by onyx mine.
  18. McDermott Marker - Memorial located by onyx mine.
  19. Gateway #2 - Road passing through old gateway.
  20. Fence - Fence marking boundary of onyx mine site.

Reilly Water Line (November 2009)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Water Line #1 - Looking south along water line from just below Reilly.
  2. Water Line #2 - Looking back towards Reilly.
  3. Water Line #3 - Another view to the south.
  4. Water Line #4 - Further down the line looking north.
  5. Water Line #5 - Reilly barely visible at top of picture.
  6. Water Line #6 - Another section of water line looking south.
  7. Diatom Plus - Whittaker sign and mounds of white stuff.
  8. Rusted Hopper - Large bin probably for loading trucks.
  9. Hopper View - Looking north toward Telescope Peak.
  10. Water Line #7 - Rocks stacked up to support section of water line.
  11. Water Line #8 - Section going over hill.
  12. Water Pipe - Section of pipe by water line.
  13. Water Line #9 - Section a little north of Whittaker Iron Mine.
  14. Water Line #10 - Looking north from just north of Whittaker Iron Mine.
  15. Whittaker #1 - Tailings piles and retaining timbers.
  16. Junk Car - Bullet-ridden car near Whittaker.
  17. Shack - Shack on dirt road leading to Whittaker Iron Mine.
  18. Large Pipe - Huge pipe sticking out of the ground.
  19. Water Line #11 - Rocks supporting water line just north of Water Canyon.
  20. Loading Bin - Old timber structure at mouth of Water Canyon.
  21. Tanker - Some sort of fuel or water truck.
  22. Mouth to Canyon - Road leading into water canyon.
  23. Water Line #12 - Water line at the mouth of Water Canyon.
  24. Top of Loading Bin - Looking towards bottom of Slate Range Crossing.
  25. Retaining Timbers - Some sort of loading dock at Whittaker Iron Mine.
  26. Retaining Structure - Another loading dock or something.

Water Canyon (May 2009)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Donkeys Grooming? - A couple donkeys nipping at each other.
  2. Tres Burros - Three burros looking at me suspiciously!
  3. Coyote Melon Root - Exposed root of coyote melon plant.
  4. Eriogonum deflexum - Flat-Topped Buckwheat plant.
  5. Wally-Pogs - Or pollywogs, if you prefer.
  6. Grape Leaves - Grape plants clogged the canyon in many places.
  7. Grape Plants - For instance, this is one such place.
  8. Willow Catkins - Willows also clogged the canyon in some places.
  9. Epipactis #1 - Stream orchids were abundant!
  10. Epipactis #2 - This was in the upper part of the side canyon.
  11. Epipactis #3 - Approximate coordinates: N 35 59.844, W 117 24.586
  12. Epipactis #4 - I had hoped to find orchids on this hike.
  13. Epipactis #5 - But I didn't expect anywhere near as much as I found!
  14. Epipactis #6 - It's a pretty good hike to get to.
  15. Epipactis #7 - Lots of thick vegetation.
  16. Epipactis #8 - Pretty good elevation gain/loss too!
  17. Red Spots - Some sort of gall on willow leaf.
  18. --- Added September 2009 ---
  19. White Donkey - White donkey near Doc Scurr rock.
  20. Arrowhead - Arrowhead near Doc Scurr rock.
  21. Stealth - Looks a little like a stealth fighter from this angle.

Reilly Area (October 2008)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Kitty Litter Mine #1 - A view looking down on the Kitty Litter Mine south of Reilly.
  2. Steep Road - Steep road leading up to mining area south of Reilly.
  3. Slate Range Crossing - Looking south toward Slate Range Crossing.
  4. Kitty Litter Mine #2 - Another view looking down on Kitty Litter Mine.
  5. Steep Slopes - Steep slopes above Kitty Litter Mine.
  6. Outhouse #1 - View of outhouse near end of road.
  7. Outhouse #2 - Side view of outhouse.
  8. Outhouse #3 - Another view of outhouse.
  9. Sea Silica Sign #1 - Sign near Kitty Litter Mine.
  10. Riley Mine - Mine entrance of mine near Riley.
  11. Sea Silica Sign #2 - Another view with Cat Scratch kitty depicted on sign.
  12. Reilly Cabin - View of window of cabin at Reilly.

Water Canyon/Reilly (July 2008)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Cottontop Cactus #1 - Cottontop Cactus with plenty of cotton.
  2. Cottontop Cactus #2 - Close look at a flower growing out of cotton.
  3. Coyote - Not a very good picture, but a coyote is visible in this image.
  4. Mine Claim - Old mine claim along side of canyon.
  5. Water Canyon - Looking up canyon in late afternoon sun.
  6. Datura #1 - Datura plant growing in wash.
  7. Datura #2 - Another view of datura plant in wash.
  8. Cottontop Cactus #3 - Cactus growing out of rock.
  9. Telescope - Looking down Water Canyon and across valley toward Telescope Peak.
  10. Punctured Bract - Dried up punctured bract plant.
  11. Mesquite - Mesquite bushes growing in seep/spring.
  12. Seep/Spring - Moist area in side canyon on south side of main canyon.
  13. Datura #3 - Datura plant growing in main canyon.
  14. Milkweed #1 - Close up view of milkweed flowers.
  15. Milkweed #2 - Milkweed plant growing in main canyon about 3 miles from canyon mouth.
  16. Sea-Silica - Sign just south of Reilly at kitty litter mine!
  17. Reilly Cabin - A look inside one of the cabin remains at Reilly.
  18. Cabin Roof - This is probably the only cabin with anything left of its roof!
  19. Mushroom - A little mushroom on road between Reilly and Shepherd Canyon.

Water Canyon (October 2007)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Springs #1 - First springs at bottom of north fork of Water Canyon.
  2. Springs #2 - Another view of springs at bottom of north fork.
  3. Black Tube - Tubing left at first spring area.
  4. Looking Back - Looking down on first spring from a little ways up canyon.
  5. Boulders - Interesting coloration of boulders.
  6. Tube and Water - More plastic tubing left in canyon.
  7. Brush - Thicket of brush at another spring further up canyon.
  8. Reeds and Water - Reeds growing at yet another spring.
  9. Small Pool - Small pool of water below a spring.
  10. Slime Fall #1 - Slimey fall with water trickling over it.
  11. Rock Overhang - Area hollowed out under large boulder.
  12. View Up Canyon - Looking up canyon from mine claim shown in next picture.
  13. Mine Claim - Mine claim on top of ridge above canyon.
  14. Rock Wall #1 - Remains of wall of rocks.
  15. Rock Wall #2 - Another view of remains of rock wall.
  16. Grape Vines - In some places the canyon was choked with grape vines.
  17. Stream - Small trickle of water and slime below another spring.
  18. Large Trees - Large trees near top part of canyon.

Water Canyon (March 2007)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Stuff By Cabin - Junk by cabin about a mile up from highway.
  2. View Down Canyon - Looking down the wash at the bottom of the canyon.
  3. Mining Trail - Mine trail climbing north side of Water Canyon.
  4. Mining Activity - Roads cut into hillside to facilitate mining activity.
  5. Paint On Rocks - Apparently some kind of mine claim.
  6. Rock Formation - Rock formation on south side of Water Canyon.

Reilly Mine Tunnels (September 2006)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Road To Tunnels - Road leading to tunnels at Reilly.
  2. Lower Tunnel - Tunnel above Reilly site.
  3. Metal Gate - Tunnel entrance blocked by metal gate.
  4. Upper Tunnel Supports - Old wooden supports inside tunnel.
  5. Lower Tunnels - Looking down on group of tunnels.
  6. Tunnels North of Site - Tunnels across canyon to north of Reilly.
  7. Telescope Peak - Looking across Panamint Valley from just above Reilly.
  8. Ruins #1 - Ruins of mill at Reilly.
  9. Ruins #2 - Looking out doorway of broken down cabin.
  10. Ruins #3 - Looking out window of cabin.
  11. Ruins #4 - Cabin ruins on hillside.
  12. Ruins #5 - Looking through lined up windows.
  13. Ruins #6 - Chimney in largest cabin remains.
  14. Ruins #7 - Looking across Panamint Valley with cabin in foreground.
  15. Looking South - Looking south towards Kitty Litter Mine from Reilly.
  16. Top of Canyon #1 - Top of canyon a couple miles behind Reilly.
  17. Top of Canyon #2 - Another view at top of canyon behind Reilly.
  18. DC 63 - Numbers and letters painted on rocks. (Doc Cole 1963?)
  19. Doc Scurr - Another name and date painted on rocks.
  20. Exploratory Road - Road going off from main road on high area above canyons.
  21. Water Canyon Road - Main road coming up from Water Canyon towards Shepherd Canyon.
  22. Jack Rabbit - Rabbit up on high area near top of road.

Reilly Area (May 2006)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Reilly Ruins #1 - Informational sign at Reilly site.
  2. Reilly Ruins #2 - Corral configuration on hillside.
  3. Reilly Ruins #3 - Cabin remains and corral area.
  4. Reilly Ruins #4 - Looking up toward mine area above Reilly.
  5. Reilly Ruins #5 - Another cabin structure with more ruins in background.
  6. Reilly Ruins #6 - Yet another cabin with even more ruins behind it.
  7. Reilly Ruins #7 - More ruins scattered around site.
  8. Reilly Ruins #8 - Cabin built into hillside.
  9. Reilly Ruins #9 - More ruins built around boulders.
  10. Doc Scurr - August 1962 - Must be some kind of claim marker.
  11. Evening Snow - White flowers open up at dusk.
  12. Panamint Range - Looking down canyon and across valley.
  13. Hilltops - A couple hilltops with a conical shape to them.
  14. Mine Claim - Stake marking claim.
  15. Water Canyon Cabin - Ruins of cabin at base of road out of Water Canyon.
  16. Water Pipes (near Reilly) - Pipes located in canyon southwest of Reilly.
  17. More Water Pipes (near Reilly) - Another view of small canyon southwest of Reilly.
  18. Apricot Mallow in Water Canyon - Cluster of bright orange flowers.

Water Canyon (November 2005)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Donkeys #1 - Three donkeys along road out of Water.
  2. Donkeys #2 - Another view of same three donkeys.
  3. Donkeys #3 - Three donkeys on hillside near bottom of road out of Water.
  4. Donkeys #4 - The three donkeys on ridge overlooking road.
  5. Chukar #1 - Chubby partridges standing on rocks.
  6. Chukar #2 - Two of the plumpest chukars I've ever seen!
  7. Chukar #3 - It's a good thing for them that I had a camera and not a shotgun!
  8. --- Even Older Pictures ---
  9. Gourds - Coyote melon gourds and dried up vines.
  10. Donkeys - Group of donkeys a few miles up Water Canyon.
  11. Argus - View looking south along Argus Range.
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