Revenue Canyon
To get to Revenue Canyon you simply drive to the end of Nadeau Road where you will find a big quarry. You can't miss it. Just look for huge piles of white, powdery stuff with some buildings and tractors by them, all enclosed within a fence. A road passes around this plant to the right and goes on up to the mouth of Revenue Canyon. Just before the mouth of the canyon you'll see an old trailer. I didn't stop to take a close look at it and so I have no information to provide on the trailer other than its location. (Click to view area map)


Revenue Canyon (November 2018)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Donkey Skull - Small amount of hide still attached to the bone.
  2. Stone Cabin #1 - Located above spring about two miles up north fork.
  3. Stone Cabin #2 - Closer look at two walls and fireplace.
  4. Cactus - Hedgehog cactus growing out of boulder.
  5. Fireplace - Close look at fireplace.
  6. Bunker #1 - Storage bunker at mouth of canyon.
  7. Bunker #2 - Another look at the storage bunker.
  8. Storage Cave - Storage room built into the boulders.
  9. Barrel #1 - Colors of sunset in the background.
  10. Barrel #2 - Another look at rusty old barrel.

Revenue Canyon (April 2018)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Rattlesnake - Encountered at about 3000 feet in south fork of canyon.
  2. Mine Ruins #1 - Old mine camp at about 3200 feet.
  3. Mine Ruins #2 - Another structure at old mine camp.
  4. Mine Ruins #3 - Old water storage structure.
  5. Mine Tunnel - Partially buried tunnel entrance near end of road.
  6. Dirt Road - Dirt road snaking down the canyon.
  7. Cabin Ruins - Floor posts and floor still in place.
  8. Pipe - Lots of pipe segments along the side of the dirt road.
  9. Mine Entrance - Wide open entrance to mine tunnel.
  10. Mine Area - Various items scattered around outside tunnel.
  11. Rusty Barrels - Old barrels below mine entrance.
  12. Sandpaper Plant - Also sometimes called Velcro Plant.
  13. Fossils #1 - Not sure what these are, but they could be fossils.
  14. Fossils #2 - These were located at about 4200 feet.
  15. Fossils #3 - They were at the bottom of a dry fall.
  16. Fossils #4 - The fall was climbable, but required use of hands.
  17. Fossils #5 - The canyon splits into three branches near this location.
  18. Phacelia - Probably Phacelia calthifolia, but not certain.
  19. Rock Midget #1 - Mimulus rupicola of the Phrymaceae.
  20. Rock Midget #2 - Encountered at around 3800 feet.

Revenue Canyon (May 2015)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Panamint Phacelia - Sometimes also called pearl-o-rock.
  2. Sandpaper Plant - Petalonyx thurberi of the Loasa Family.
  3. Notch-Leaf Phacelia - Phacelia crenulata of the Borage Family.
  4. Monkeyflower - Mimulus bigelovii of the Figwort Family.
  5. Argus Blazing Star - Mentzelia oreophilia of the Loasa Family.
  6. Desert Parsley - Lomatium mohavense of the Carrot Family.
  7. Donkey - Pesky desert wanderer with some Desert Beardtongue in the foreground.
  8. Upper Canyon - Looking up canyon from 5500 feet featuring Prince's Plume.
  9. Yucca Fruits - Large seed capsules of Yucca brevifolia.
  10. Pinyon Pine - A single scraggly pine at about 5200 feet.

Revenue Canyon (April 2015)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Prickly Poppy - Close look at a ring of yellow stamens and white petals.
  2. Prince's Plume - Plenty of these plants in areas with sufficient moisture.
  3. Rock Nettle - Lots of flowers produced on these plants!
  4. Old Mine Site #1 - Located less than a mile up from the mouth of the canyon.
  5. Donkeys #1 - Jackasses enjoying view of Panamint Valley from about 4000 feet, just southeast of canyon.
  6. Donkeys #2 - Same bunch of burros with Telescope Peak in the background.
  7. Bighorn Sheep - Blurry image of bighorn on ridge near mouth of canyon.
  8. Limestone Quarry - Large quarry operation just below mouth of canyon.
  9. Gilia - Lots of these small gilias scattered all around the area.
  10. Lilac Sunbonnet - Several small groups of this plant encountered along hiking route.
  11. Hedgehog Cactus - Also sometimes called Claret Cups, these were just beginning to bloom.
  12. Hedgehog Bloom - A closer look at the flower produced by this cactus.
  13. Mojave Aster - A close look at the flower of this common desert plant.
  14. Mine Shaft - An old mine shaft at the end of an old miner's trail on a ridge southeast of the canyon.
  15. Old Mine Site #2 - View of the previously mentioned mine site from top of 800 foot ridge.

North Fork (June 2008)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Canyon Mouth - Water Pipe extending down from north fork of Revenue Canyon.
  2. Rock Nettle #1 - Rock nettle growing on rock wall in lower part of canyon.
  3. Pipe Crossing - Section of water pipe crossing narrow part of canyon.
  4. Rock Nettle #2 - Close up view of rock nettle flowers.
  5. Sandpaper Plant - Sandpaper plant growing along trail in the bottom part of Revenue Canyon.
  6. More Pipe - A section of pipe propped up on canyon slope.
  7. Panamint Phacelia - Panamint phacelia plant growing on rock wall.
  8. Rock Walls - Several plants growing at base of and on rock wall.
  9. Muddy Trickle - Water trickling out from first spring encountered while hiking up canyon.
  10. Second Crossing - The pipe crosses the canyon again. This time it is suspended above a spring.
  11. Maintenance Tools - Some tools to be used to maintain path through overgrown spring area.
  12. Propped Up Pipe - Close up view of water pipe propped up by sections of water pipe.
  13. Rusty Pipe - Lots of pipe all over the place in this canyon.
  14. Plastic Pipe - Not all the pipe was metal. There was also a lot of flexible, black plastic pipe.
  15. Wild Rose - Wild rose plants growing at the second spring encountered while walking up the north fork.
  16. Phacelia - Some phacelia growing at a spring.
  17. Water, Pipe, and Plants - This appears to be the location where the pipes were filled with water.
  18. King Snake - I came across two king snakes on this hike.
  19. Up Canyon - Looking up the canyon at about 4000 feet in elevation.
  20. Pyramid - Hill in lower part of canyon that looks a bit like a striped pyramid.
  21. More Pipe - Another view of the pipe down by the first spring.

South Fork (September 2006)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Nadeau Road - Looking straight down Nadeau Road.
  2. Quarry #1 - Quarry at end of Nadeau Road.
  3. Quarry #2 - Equipment at quarry.
  4. Quarry #3 - Backside of quarry.
  5. Quarry #4 - Road up mountainside above quarry.
  6. Trailer #1 - Trailer short distance above quarry.
  7. Trailer #2 - Looking toward mouth of Revenue Canyon.
  8. Canyon Mouth - Slightly tighter view of mouth of canyon.
  9. Mill #1 - Millsite a ways up the canyon.
  10. Mill #2 - Names scrawled into cement.
  11. Mill #3 - Large water tank at millsite.
  12. Mill #4 - Another view of millsite.
  13. Mill #5 - Ore loader at millsite.
  14. Down Canyon - Looking down the south fork of canyon.
  15. Mine Tunnel - Mine tunnel high above millsite.
  16. Reeds #1 - Reeds growing near spring.
  17. Reeds #2 - Looking up canyon with reeds in foreground.
  18. Pipe Section - Section of pipe along old road.
  19. Copper Jack #1 - Claim papers with small map of claim.
  20. Copper Jack #2 - Tin containing claim papers.
  21. Main Mine #1 - Mine entrance area.
  22. Main Mine #2 - Another view of tunnel entrance.
  23. Main Mine #3 - Tailings pile near mine.
  24. Cabin #1 - Collapsed cabin above mine.
  25. Cabin #2 - Another view of cabin remains.
  26. Mine Marker - Wooden post with can nailed to it.
  27. Other Mine - Another mine tunnel.
  28. Wet Stuff #1 - Slimey runnoff trickling over rocks.
  29. Wet Stuff #2 - Algae filled pool of water.
  30. Wet Stuff #3 - Runoff from spring trickling over rocks.
  31. Thistle and Bee - Closeup shot of bee on flower.
  32. Tall Thistles - Tall thistles growing in wet portion of canyon.
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