Saline Range
The Saline Range is located in the north western portion of Death Valley National Park. It is probably the most remote area within the park. It can be accessed via four long and potentially rugged dirt roads known as North Pass, Steal Pass, the Lippencott Road, and South Pass. Bring plenty of extra water and food and be sure to have at least a full tank of gas when exploring this area.

Saline Valley (June 2011)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Rosy Apricot Mallow - Found along road in from the north.
  2. Lilac Sunbonnet - Also found along road in from the north.
  3. Old Cabin - Structure along north portion of Saline Valley Road.
  4. Mine Ruins - More old structures next to Saline Valley Road.
  5. Outhouse - The only restroom for miles!
  6. Interesting Gizmo - Neat mining relic by side of the road.
  7. Mariposa Lily - Bright orange lily near North Pass.
  8. Milkvetch - Small plant found at North Pass.
  9. Wallflower - Another plant located at North Pass.
  10. Donkey #1 - Burro hanging out at Saline Valley Hot Springs.
  11. Coyote - Semi-tame coyote hanging out at the lower springs.
  12. Lower Springs Pool - Nicely designed soaking tub at lower springs.
  13. Donkey #2 - Donkey munching something by outhouse.
  14. Peace Sign - Peace sign south of the springs.
  15. Palm Springs Pool - One of the pools at Palm Springs.
  16. Interesting Road Sign - Artistically designed sign along the road to the springs.
  17. Death Valley Bat - Somewhat gothic looking roadside decoration.
  18. Salt Trams #1 - Salt trams at the bottom of the valley.
  19. Salt Trams #2 - Salt trams along alluvial and bottom of mountainside.
  20. Salt Trams #3 - Salt trams with salt lake in the background.
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