Southern Portion of Argus Range
The pictures on this page were taken in the section of the Argus Range south of Wilson Canyon. Westend, Argus, Trona, and Pioneer are all clustered along the west side of Searles Valley at the base of the Argus Range. Westend is the southern most group of houses and is located across the highway from the Westend plant. Argus and Trona are clustered around the main plant in the valley. Pioneer Point consists of about 200 houses just barely south of the Inyo County line in Searles Valley. Houses in Pioneer Point are located at the base of the Argus Range with the mountains taking off right above the last row of houses. (Click here for area map)

Searles Valley and Trona
Trona Services and Places of Interest


Wilson Canyon Side Canyon Two (May 2019)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. Hairy Milkweed - Funastrum hirtellum of the Dogbane Family.
  2. Desert Tomato 01 - Lycium andersonii of the Nightshade Family.
  3. Wooden Marker - Some kind of mine claim marker up around 3300 feet.
  4. Desert Tomato 02 - A full bush full of tiny red berries.
  5. Tailings Pile - Small tailings pile below mine opening at 3300 feet.
  6. Mine Tunnel - The tunnel was about fifteen or twenty feet deep.
  7. Spine Flower - Chorizanthe brevicornu of the Buckwheat Family.
  8. Rusty Pipes - Two old pipes above bypass trail at about 3100 feet.
  9. Bypass Trail - Remnant of bypass trail at about 3100 feet. Most of it gone.
  10. Mojave Stinkweed - Cleomella obtusifolia of the Cleome Family.

Upper Wilson Canyon (May 2018)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. Donkey Trail - A trail runs all the way to the top.
  2. Prince's Plume - Nice flowers up around the 4200 foot level.
  3. Sand-Wash Groundsel - Attractive member of the Sunflower Family.
  4. Maybe a Fence - There was this bent pole and some barbed wire nearby.
  5. Donkeys - These guys were hanging out just above the top of the canyon.
  6. Trail Above Canyon - Trail along flat area heading toward Trona Peak.
  7. Argus Peak #1 - Looking more or less north toward the peak.
  8. Yucca - Interesting plants with Argus Peak in background.
  9. Desert Woolly Star - Very small member of the Phlox Family.
  10. Argus Peak #2 - Another look at the highest peak above Searles Valley.

Wilson Canyon (May 2017)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. Desert Calico #1 - Loeseliastrum matthewsii of the Phlox Family.
  2. Desert Calico #2 - Lots of this small, but colorful plant in the lower canyon.
  3. Desert Gold Poppy - Eschscholzia glyptosperma of the Poppy Family.
  4. Argus Peak - Looking up Wilson Canyon towards Argus Peak.
  5. Desert Woolly Star - Eriastrum eremicum of the Phlox Family.
  6. Desert Pincushion #1 - Chaenactis fremontii of the Sunflower Family.
  7. Desert Pincushion #2 - This plant was especially abundant.
  8. Death Valley Goldeneye - Lots of flower buds on these plants.
  9. Button Brittlebush - Encelia frutescens of the Sunflower Family.
  10. California Buckwheat - Eriogonum fasciculatum of the Buckwheat Family.
  11. Cloak Fern - Cheilanthes parryi of the Brake Family.
  12. Desert Tomato - Lycium andersonii of the Nightshade Family.
  13. Wishbone Bush - Dried sepals of Mirabilis laevis of the Four O'Clock Family.
  14. Mexican Bladdersage #1 - Salazaria mexicana of the Mint Family.
  15. Mexican Bladdersage #2 - Also known as Paper-Bag Bush.

Wilson Canyon (April 2017)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. Larkspur #1 - Delphinium parishii of the Buttercup Family.
  2. Larkspur #2 - There was a lot of larkspur in bloom on this outing.
  3. Donkeys #1 - A total of fifteen donkeys were sighted on this hike.
  4. Larkspur #3 - More larkspur. It was a good day for larkspur!
  5. Larkspur #4 - Even more larkspur.
  6. Milkvetch #1 - Layne Milkvetch located near the collapsed tunnel.
  7. Milkvetch #2 - Astragalus layneae of the Pea Family.
  8. Milkvetch #3 - Another look at a milkvetch plant.
  9. Donkeys #2 - Small group of donkeys, including a foal.
  10. Donkeys #3 - Another group of donkeys hanging out in Wilson Canyon.

Wilson Canyon (March 2016)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. Argus Peak - The highest peak in Searles Valley as seen from due south.
  2. Chemical Plant - Looking down on the chemical plant from and elevation of 3200 feet.
  3. South Searles - View of the southern portion of the valley.
  4. Trona - Focusing in a little bit more on the houses and school.
  5. Purple Mat - This highly attractive belly flowers was quite prevalent.
  6. Pioneer Point - Looking down on the northern part of Pioneer Point.
  7. Woolly Daisy - More belly flowers and there were lots of these!
  8. Notch-Leaf Phacelia - Another plant that was quite plentiful.
  9. Yellow Frocks - Healthy plant producing lots of flowers.
  10. Hike Map - Out and back hike (8.5 miles) beginning in Pioneer Point (1600') to Trona overlook area (3200').

Wilson Canyon (October 2011)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. Mine Entrance - Entrance to mine near Christmas Tree Spring.
  2. Christmas Tree Spring - Pool of water and tree at the spring.
  3. Dry Pipe - A narrow pipe is buried almost directly above the wet pipe.
  4. Wet Pipe - The wet pipe produces the water which feeds the pool at the spring.
  5. Fenced Area - The BLM erected a fence around the spring to protect it from donkeys.
  6. Obstacles - The BLM went to great lengths to discourage vehicular traffic at the springs.
  7. Alternate Road - Off-roaders made a new road leading to the springs.
  8. Campfire - Apparently some people think that BLM barriers make good logs for a campfire.
  9. Bench - Bench outside formerly wet tunnel about a half mile below Christmas Tree Springs.
  10. Telescope Peak - Snow on Telescope Peak in early October.

Wilson Canyon (March 2011)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. Coreopsis #1 - By far the most abundant flower on his hike.
  2. Coreopsis #2 - Close up of a single flower.
  3. Coreopsis #3 - Coreopsis is also known as tickseed.
  4. Coreopsis #4 - Patch of coreopsis blowing in the wind.
  5. Coreopsis #5 - Raindrops on bright yellow petals.
  6. Devil's Lettuce - The devil needs a little roughage in his diet too!
  7. Fiesta Flower - Plenty of this plant growing in shade of rocks and bushes.
  8. More Fiesta Flower - A close look at small flowers of this plant.
  9. Phacelia #1 - Insect on phacelia flower.
  10. Yellow Frocks #1 - Another member of the Sunflower Family with yellow petals.
  11. Bouquet - An arrangement of yellow frocks and desert pincushion.
  12. Phacelia #2 - The stamens show up quite sell on this one!
  13. Purple Mat - Colorful, low-growing wildflower.
  14. Chia #1 - Look closely at the bottom part of the flower. It almost looks like a frightened face.
  15. Phacelia #3 - Interesting infloresence of the phacelia.
  16. Yellow Frocks #2 - A close look at a single flower.
  17. Cryptantha - A close look at the flowers of a tiny crytantha plant.
  18. Desert Trumpet - Leaves forming a basal rosette.
  19. Desert Tobacco - Clump of desert tobacco growing amongst boulders.
  20. Chia #2 - Another look at a group of chia flowers.
  21. Chia #3 - Another look at the scared little faces on the chia flowers.
  22. Larkspur - No flowers yet.
  23. Coreopsis #6 - Another patch of coreopsis blowing in the breeze!
  24. Coreopsis #7 - Side view of coreopsis flower.
  25. Coreopsis #8 - Another close look at tickseed flower.
  26. Woolly Daisy - Another colorful belly flower.
  27. Yellow Peppergrass - Lots of this common plant scattered around.
  28. The Jail - Obligatory picture of "The Jail" at mouth of Wilson Canyon.
  29. Milkvetch - Close look at flowers of milkvetch plant with its leaves in the background.
  30. Coreopsis - One last cluster of coreopsis being tossed about on a stormy day.

Pioneer Point (January 2011)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. Snowy Pines - Snow on pine trees and mail box.
  2. Snowy Cacti - Snow on cacti, house, and trees.
  3. Snowy Yards - Looking down street with snow in front yards.
  4. Snowy Stump - Stump and small pine tree covered in snow.
  5. Snowy Trees - Large trees coated with snow.
  6. Snowy Lot - Empty lot filled with snow.
  7. Snowy Bushes - The snow almost looks like foam in these bushes.
  8. Snowy Palms - Palms trees and snow.
  9. Snowy Truck - Notice that the snow didn't stick to the street.
  10. Snowy School - A snowy scene at Trona High School.
  11. Snowy Field #1 - Football field lightly covered with snow.
  12. Snowy Field #2 - Baseball field lightly dusted with snow.
  13. Snowy Gas Station - Not much snow except for on the palms.
  14. Building Snowman - Approximately 8:00 AM - Lots of snow.
  15. Melting Snowman - Approximately 11:30 AM - Most of the snow is gone!

Pioneer Point (April 2010)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. Water Route - Section of water pipeline from Indian Joe Canyon to Pioneer Point.
  2. Old Car - Abandoned, rusty, old car near mouth of Indian Joe Canyon.
  3. Old Sign - All words washed away. Must not have been too important!
  4. Milkvetch - Many milkvetch plants already gone to seed in area.
  5. Pincushion - Desert pincushion growing with burrobush.

Pioneer Point (August 2009)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. Horses - Horses hanging out at Pioneer Point Corrals.
  2. Corral Fire #1 - Burnt area the day after small fire at corrals.
  3. Corral Fire #2 - Overview of burnt area.
  4. Corral Fire #3 - Another overview of burnt area.
  5. Searles Lake - View of Searles Lake from corrals.
  6. Junk Buggy - Junk buggy behind corrals.
  7. Corral View - View of corrals and upper portion of Pioneer Point.
  8. Corral Fire #4 - Another overview shot of burnt area.
  9. Slate Range - Bird and horse with Slate Range in the background.
  10. ---- Added October 2009 ----
  11. Tank Hill - Water tank on hill south of Pioneer Point.
  12. Datura Flower #1 - Bee gathering pollen from datura flower.
  13. Datura Flower #2 - Another shot of bee an datura flower.
  14. Buzzard #1 - Buzzard hanging out in a tree waiting... just waiting.
  15. Buzzard #2 - Another view of the buzzard up in a tree.
  16. Slate Range - View of Slate Range from Pioneer Point.
  17. Datura Seed Pod - Close up of datura seed pod.

Pioneer Point (April 2009)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. Gravel Ghost - Gravel ghost flower growing at edge of Pioneer Point.
  2. Pioneer Point - This view includes the majority of houses in Pioneer Point, but not quite all of them!
  3. Larkspur - Close up of larkspur flowers growing in hills above Pioneer Point.
  4. Mojave Aster #1 - Mojave Aster plant in wash up in the hills.
  5. Brittlebush - During spring time the hills can be covered with blooming brittlebush!
  6. Chia - Some chia plants growing next to wash above the valley.
  7. Desert Hyacinth - Close up of desert hyacinth, also known as Blue Dick.
  8. Desert Pincushion - Cluster of desert pincushion plants.
  9. Yellow Frocks - A fair number of these plants were mixed in with the desert pincushion plants!
  10. Argus - Argus and the southern part of Searles Valley.
  11. Chemical Plant - A view of the main Trona plant.
  12. Smoke Stacks - A closer look at the plant.
  13. Mojave Aster #2 - A lady bug on a Mojave aster flower.
  14. Mojave Aster #3 - Some kind of beetle on a Mojave aster flower.
  15. Snake's Head - The bud of this plant might be more impressive than the flower!
  16. ------- one week later -----
  17. Poppies - Poppies growing near the mouth of Wilson Canyon.
  18. The Jail - Remains of building often referred to as "The Jail."
  19. Foundation Stones - Remains of structure near The Jail.
  20. Apricot Mallow - Blooms of apricot mallow in side canyon.
  21. Lip Fern - Fern plant growing under rock overhand.
  22. Brittlebush - Brittlebush growing on small hill.

Miscellaneous       Quick view of trip pics
  1. Wilson Canyon Mine - Mine tunnel at Xmas Tree Springs.
  2. Christmas Tree Srings - It's not even a coniferous tree!
  3. Brittle Bush Seeds - Close up view of mature seeds.
  4. Mine Tunnel - Opening of mine behind Xmas Tree Springs.
  5. Jail #1 - This structure is located near the mouth of Wilson Canyon.
  6. Jail #2 - Another view of The Jail.
  7. Old Car - Picture taken at extreme southern end of Argus Range.
  8. Argus Dunes - The Argus Dunes are located in the extreme southern end of the Argus Range.

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