Telescope Peak
The Telescope Peak area, not only includes Telescope Peak, Mahogany Flats, Arcane Meadows, and Rogers Peak, but it also includes three very interesting canyons on the Death Valley side of the Panamint Range. These canyons include Hanaupah Canyon, Starvation Canyon, and Johnson Canyon. (Click here for area map)


Telescope Peak (September 2017)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. View North - View to the north from the summit.
  2. Mascot? - Someone left a stuffed toy in the summit register.
  3. Summit Register - Sweaty shirt on rocks at summit.
  4. Lupine - There were a few lupine plants with flowers here and there.
  5. Goldenbush - Lots of this in bloom at about 9800 or so feet.
  6. Deer 01 - A couple deer waiting for hiker to pass on by.
  7. Deer 02 - There were a total of seven, but only four hung around long enough for pics!
  8. Deer 03 - Three ran away long before they were in range.
  9. Deer 04 - And four didn't seem all that concerned about my presence.
  10. Telescope Peak - Looking back at the peak a few minutes before sunset.

Telescope Peak (June 2015)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. View From Peak - Ridge between Hall and Surprise canyons as seen from the peak.
  2. Fern Bush - Some bushes growing a few feet from the apex of the peak.
  3. Evening Primrose #1 - Several flowers closed in the bright sunlight.
  4. Lupine - Lots of this lupine in bloom along the trail.
  5. Penstemon - Somewhat abundant this plant was encountered several times.
  6. Pink Alumroot - There were a few patches of this plant along the trail.
  7. Buckwheat - Quite a bit of this buckwheat plant throughout the hike.
  8. Ceanothus - Several bushes producing flower clusters spotted above 10,000 feet.
  9. Granite Gilia - This was probably the most abundant flower encountered on the hike.
  10. Evening Primrose #2 - Big white flowers open wide once the sun is off them.
  11. Phlox - Most of these plants were smaller than normal.
  12. Milkvetch - A few astragalus plants were spotted near Arcane Meadow.
  13. Lewis Flax - Lots of flax was evident along most of the trail.
  14. Arcane Meadow - The trail cutting through the meadow with Rogers Peak in the background.
  15. Vandalism - Infamous graffiti left by thoughtless person at end of trail.

Eagle Spring (June 2013)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Broomrape #1 - Orobanche fasciculata or Pinyon Broomrape.
  2. Broomrape #2 - Also known as Clustered Broomrape
  3. Broomrape #3 - As you can probably tell, it's a root parasite.
  4. Broomrape #4 - Sagebrush is the host plant in this case.
  5. Telescope Peak - Big puffy clouds in the sky above the summit.
  6. Gilman's Milkvetch - Lots of this plant scattered around along the trail.
  7. Nevada Pussypaws - This was one of the most prevalent annuals present on this hike.
  8. Columbine - Young shoots present at Eagle Spring.
  9. Mountain Gooseberry #1 - Ribes montigenum of the Grossulariaceae.
  10. Desert Paintbrush - Formerly of the Figwort Family, now a member of the Broomrape Family.
  11. Pink Alumroot - Lots of this scattered around Eagle Spring.
  12. Nevada Ninebark - Lots of this near Eagle Spring also.
  13. Wax Currant #1 - Ribes cereum of the Gooseberry Family.
  14. Wax Currant #2 - This shurb is common along the main trail.
  15. Wax Currant #3 - Also sometimes called Squaw Currant.
  16. Mountain Gooseberry #2 - Dense, low-growing thickets of this in crease above and below dry spring.
  17. Mountain Gooseberry #3 - A close look at this odd little flower.
  18. Mountain Gooseberry #4 - A couple ladybugs crawling on a gooseberry sprig.
  19. Below Spring - Looking down crease below Eagle Spring.
  20. Above Spring - Looking up toward ridge above spring.
  21. Lupine - There were a few of these scattered around here and there, but not exactly everywhere.
  22. Giant V - Eagle Spring is located on the left crease a little ways above the bottom of the Giant V.
  23. The Trail - Marked in yellow is the route taken by the trail to Eagle Spring.
  24. The Map - GPS route in red deviates from trail as it is represented on the map.
  25. Evening Primrose #1 - Closed flower buds several hours before sunset.
  26. Evening Primrose #2 - Closed flower buds relaxing in the late afternoon sun.
  27. Evening Primrose #3 - Tips of stigma sticking out of end of bud.
  28. Evening Primrose #4 - Entire ends of stigmas sticking out on these.
  29. Evening Primrose #5 - More with entire ends of stigmas showing.
  30. Evening Primrose #6 - Flower partially open and sort of glowing in the sun.
  31. Evening Primrose #7 - Partially open flower with stamens showing.
  32. Evening Primrose #8 - Flower about half open with inner parts fully visible.
  33. Evening Primrose #9 - Whole plant view with two flowers about half open.
  34. Evening Primrose #10 - Flower nearly fully open.
  35. Evening Primrose #11 - Flower fully open and a couple tauntingly sticking out their stigmas.

Johnson Canyon (April 2012)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Junk Car - Old car near mouth of canyon.
  2. Camp Stove - Stove at campsite located at end of road.
  3. Arrastre - This stone structure is right next to the trail.
  4. Panamint Dudleya #1 - Lots of dudleya in Johnson Canyon!
  5. Canyon View - View along trail looking up the canyon.
  6. Another View - Conifers show up at a surprisingly low elevation!
  7. Mound Cactus - Bright red cactus flowers.
  8. Dudleya and Cactus - Dudleya appears to be uncomfortably close to this cactus!
  9. Panamint Dudleya #2 - Dudleya is also known as Desert Live-Forever.
  10. Panamint Dudleya #3 - Closer look at a cluster of flowers.
  11. Panamint Dudleya #4 - Specimen growing out of crack in rock.
  12. Ephedra - Also known as Jointfir and Desert Tea.
  13. Rusty Tools - Agricultural relics and other rusty hunks of metal.
  14. Panamint Dudleya #5 - A small group of plants growing on rock wall.
  15. Cottonwood #1 - Several clusters of hanging fruits.
  16. Cottonwood #2 - Another close look at the fruits of this tree.
  17. Fruit Tree - One of the fruit trees at Hungry Bill's Ranch.
  18. Hungry Bill's #1 - Rock wall, fence, and a few trees.
  19. Hungry Bill's #2 - Rock wall and a tree.
  20. Panamint Dudleya #6 - Cluster of plants squeezed in between rocks.
  21. Check out the video shot on this trip!

Telescope Peak (August 2011)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Register Box Surprise - Someone left some left a bottle of whiskey in the register box.
  2. Evening Primrose #1 - A member of the genus Oenothera growing near the top of the mountain.
  3. View to South - Looking south from the peak.
  4. Bristlecone #1 - Close look at pollen cone of Pinus longaeva.
  5. Rock Wall - Rocks stacked at one of the switchbacks to keep trail from disintegrating.
  6. Indian Paintbrush #1 - Member of genus Castilleja growing at about 10000 feet.
  7. Wax Currant - Member of the Gooseberry Family (Grossulariaceae).
  8. Bristlecone #2 - Seed cone dripping with sap.
  9. Bridges Penstemon - One of several red-flowered penstemons that grow in the area.
  10. Brewer Cliff Brake - Lots of this along the switchbacks just below the peak.
  11. Monkeyflower - Quite possibly Panamint Mimulus (a variety of Mimulus bigelovii).
  12. Granite Gilia - Member of the Phlox Family (Polemoniaceae).
  13. More Penstemon - Most likely Bridges Penstemon, but it's hard to tell from this picture.
  14. Buckskin Keckiella - This plant was abundant between elevations from about 9400 to 10000 feet.
  15. Alumroot - A member of the Saxifrage Family growing above 9600 to the peak.
  16. Indian Paintbrush #2 - Another look at this member of the Figwort Family (Scrophulariaceae).
  17. Purple Sage - Lots of this from Arcane Meadows to the lower portion of the switchbacks.
  18. Evening Primrose #2 - The advantage of hiking late in the day is that these guys open up when the sun gets low enough.
  19. Catchfly - Silene verecunda of the Pink Family (Caryophyllaceae)
  20. Telescope Near Sunset - A view of the trail and the peak a few minutes before sunset.

Telescope Peak (July 2006)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Arcane Meadows #1 - View of the trail and rain clouds at Arcane Meadows which is about two miles from the trailhead at Mahogany Flats.
  2. Arcane Meadows #2 - Another view of the trail as it runs through Arcane Meadows with Bennett Peak straight ahead.
  3. Rogers Peak - This view of Rogers Peak from Arcane Meadows shows some of the stuff on top of the peak. An access road leads to the facility from Mahogany Flats.
  4. Four Deer - Four deer not far from the peak. The picture's a little fuzzy, but there wasn't a lot of light and I was using my backup camera.
  5. Geomarker On Peak - U.S. Geological Survey marker on top of Telescope Peak.
  6. Hall Canyon - View of Hall Canyon from the top of Telescope Peak.
  7. Hanaupah Canyon - View of Hanaupah Canyon and Death Valley floor from Telescope Peak.
  8. Johnson Canyon - View of Johnson Canyon and Death Valley floor from Telescope Peak.
  9. Primrose - There were quite a few primrose plants along the trail.
  10. Rain Clouds #1 - View to the south from the peak with plenty of dark clouds.
  11. Rain Clouds #2 - Another view to the southwest looking across Panamint Valley to Searles Valley.
  12. Alumroot - Alumroot plant growing at the summit. This plant was particularly abundant.
  13. Telescope Peak - View of the peak at about the two mile point on the trail.
  14. Thermometer - I don't think it was really this cold on the peak, but this is what my thermometer said. It was definately nice and cool!
  15. Trail #1 - View along the trail.
  16. Trail #2 - Another view along the trail.
  17. Jail Canyon - Looking down into Jail Canyon from the summit.

  1. Bad Water - Picture of Sea Level sign taken at Bad Water.

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