Tin and White Top
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White Top Area (June 2010)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Metal Tank - Looking northwest from camp by dirt road.
  2. Wooden Shack - This thing won't be standing much longer!
  3. Messy Camp #1 - View of camp and road looking east to west.
  4. Messy Camp #2 - View of camp and road looking west to east.
  5. Big Horn Gorge - Looking down the gorge filled with pinyons.
  6. Weather Gadget - There are a couple weather gadgets at end of spur road.
  7. White Top Mountain #1 - View of east side of White Top Mountain.
  8. Wild Cabbage - Close look at flowers on inflated stalk.
  9. Juniper Tree - Large juniper tree at saddle above Death Valley.
  10. Bright Flowers - Mariposa Lilies and Desert Paintbrush.
  11. Campfire Ring - Campsite in pinyon forest.
  12. Peppermint #1 - Cushion Eriogonum looks good enough to eat!
  13. Peppermint #2 - Delicious little flowers at 7700 feet.
  14. White Top Mountain #2 - Northwest side of White Top Mountain.
  15. Small Foundation - Small cement square at 7700 feet near surface mining site.
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