Titus Canyon Area
The southern end of the Grapevine Mountains contains many interesting sites to visit including Titus Canyon, Rhyolite, Fall Canyon, Thimble Peak, Daylight Pass, Titanothere Canyon, and Corkscrew Peak. Access to this area is provided by two paved highways and one graded dirt road. The road through Titus Canyon starts in Nevada and ends in California. It can only be driven in one direction. (Click here for area map)

Fall Canyon (April 2010)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Canyon Mouth - The mouth of Fall Canyon.
  2. Colorful Wall - Wall in lower part of canyon.
  3. Death Valley Sage - Sage plant hanging from wall of canyon.
  4. Narrows #1 - Narrows in lower part of canyon.
  5. Narrows #2 - More narrows.
  6. Narrows #3 - Another look at narrow passage through canyon.
  7. Helpful Arrow - Arrow pointing correct direction at intersection with major side canyon.
  8. Bypass Marker - Rocks marking bypass to trail around 18-foot fall.
  9. Bypass Trail - Well-worn trail bypassing 18-foot fall.
  10. Above Fall - Looking down canyon from above 18-foot fall.
  11. Narrows #4 - Narrows in section of canyon above dry fall.
  12. Narrows #5 - More narrows above fall.
  13. Brickellia - Young brickellia bush all fresh and green.
  14. Narrows #6 - Another look at narrow passage above dry fall.
  15. Narrows #7 - A final look at upper narrows.
Titus Canyon (April 2010)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Milkvetch - These members of the Pea Family were abundant and in bloom.
  2. Winding Road - Looking back towards Nevada about a mile before Red Pass.
  3. Red Pass - Looking towards Red Pass from about a mile away.
  4. Hoodoos - Interesting rock formations at Red Pass.
  5. Red Pass View - View looking towards Leadfield from Red Pass.
  6. Leadfield #1 - A couple shacks and a tailings pile.
  7. Lizard - Lizard hanging out at Leadfield.
  8. Leadfield #2 - Closer view of two shacks and corner of tailings pile.
  9. Mine Entrance #1 - Entrance to mine sealed shut.
  10. Leadfield #3 - Foundation in foreground and shack behind it.
  11. Leadfield #4 - Looking down from above on middle of Leadfield.
  12. Mine Entrance #2 - Entrance to mine gated to keep visitors out.
  13. Outhouse - Old outhouse collapsed and barely recognizeable.
  14. Old Car - Rusted frame of an old car.
  15. Orchid #1 - Orchid by the side of the road at Klare Spring.
  16. Orchid #2 - More Epipactis at Klare Spring.
  17. Orchid #3 - Another stream orchid in bloom.
  18. Petroglyphs #1 - Petroglyphs a few feet off the road at Klare Spring.
  19. Petroglyphs #2 - More petroglyphs - rattlesnake rattles?
  20. Chuckawalla - Chuckawalla in rocks near Klare Spring.
Titus Canyon/Rhyolite (May 2006)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Titus Canyon #1- A view of a narrow section in the canyon.
  2. Titus Canyon #2 - A view along the road through the canyon.
  3. Titus Canyon 3 - A view along the road to Titus Canyon.
  4. Titus Canyon #4 - Another view of the road through the canyon.
  5. Rhyolite Station - The front of the station in Rhyolite.
  6. Rhyolite Bank - I believe this was the bank in Rhyolite.
  7. Bottle House - The Bottle House in Rhyolite.
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