Tucki Mountain
The Tucki Mountain area covers the northern portion of the Panamint Range. Sites of interest are quite spread out in this area and include sites such as Mosaic Canyon, Grotto Canyon, Tucki Wash, the Tucki Mine, Telephone Canyon, and Skidoo. Tucki Mountain reaches 6732 feet and is the only actual peak in the entire area. Salt Creek (one of the locations in DVNP where you'll find pupfish) is located near the northeast corner of this region. Also included in this area are the Death Valley Sand Dunes and Stovepipe Wells. (Click here for map of area)

Tucki Mine / Telephone Canyon (April 2010)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Junk Car - Hardly enough left of this thing to count!
  2. Lower Canyon - Narrow section of canyon.
  3. Collapsed Shack - Looks more like a pile of wood.
  4. Metal Shack - A little snow on the roof and ground.
  5. Front of Shack - Wooden side of shack with door.
  6. View to East - Looking down towards Death Valley.
  7. Shack and Bins - Looking down from mine entrance area.
  8. Snow and Ladder - Snow scattered around mine entrance.
  9. Mine Structures - Wooden structures outside mine entrances.
  10. Ladder - Looking down shaft with wooden ladder.
  11. Mine Entrances - Notice all the warning signs put up by the park.
  12. Old Truck - Junk arranged to look like old truck.
  13. Milkvetch - Milkvetch plant near Tucki Mine.
  14. Shack and Wood Pile - Another view of shack with collapsed one in background.
  15. Closed Road - Section of road to north beyond closure sign.
  16. Isolated Shack - Shack about a half mile beyond closure sign.
  17. Rock Cress - Rock cress in bloom near Tucki Mine.
  18. Panamint Phacelia - Plant growing out of rock wall by road.
  19. Arrastre - Stone structure in Telephone Canyon.
  20. Telephone Arch - Impressive arch a short walk from road.
MISCELLANEOUS (July 2006)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Shack near Skidoo #1 - A shack along the road leading to Skidoo.
  2. Shack near Skidoo #2 - Another shack along the road leading to Skidoo with some mine ruins on the hill behind it.
  3. Skidoo Mill #1 - A view of the Skidoo Mill.
  4. Skidoo Mill #2 - Another view of the Skidoo Mill.
  5. Skidoo Mill #3 - Yet another view of the mill.
  6. Skidoo Ore Hopper - An ore hopper close to the Skidoo Mill.
  7. Skidoo Car - A broken down car in the vicinity of the mill.
  8. Skidoo Mine Entrance - I could feel the cool air coming out of this tunnel thirty feet from the entrance. This mine entrance is about 100 yards from the Skidoo Mill.
  9. Ore Bin at Skidoo - This ore bunker is located about a half mile from the main mill at Skidoo.
  10. Death Valley Dunes - The dunes near Stovepipe Wells.
  11. Pupfish - Pupfish at Salt Creek.
  12. Devil's Cornfield #1 - A view of the Devil's Cornfield.
  13. Devil's Cornfield #2 - Another view of the Devil's Cornfield.
  14. Rest Stop #1 - Rock cabin across from rest stop near Wildrose Road junction.
  15. Rest Stop #2 - Rest stop restrooms.
  16. Rest Stop View - View down toward Stovepipe Wells from rest stop.
  17. Stovepipe Wells - Main group of buildings at Stovepipe Wells.
  18. Emigrant Canyon #1 - Looking down the canyon from roadside ruins.
  19. Emigrant Canyon #2 - More mine operation remnants.
  20. Emigrant Canyon #3 - Another look at mine operation at side of highway.
  21. Emigrant Canyon #4 - Yet another view of mining operation ruins.
  22. Emigrant Canyon Lizard - Lizard near side of road by ruins next to Emigrant Road.
  23. Furnace Creek - Old wagon on display in front of the entrance to Furnace Creek Ranch.
  24. Harmony Borax Works - Remains of an adobe structure at Harmony Borax Works.
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