Ubehebe Peak Area
The Ubehebe Peak Area not only includes Ubehebe Peak and the Ubehebe Mine, but it also includes Racetrack Valley, Tea Kettle Junction, The Grandstand, the mysterious moving rocks at the southern end of Racetrack Playa, and the Lippincott Mine. A graded dirt road enters the area from the north (near the Ubehebe Crater) and continues to the south end of Racetrack Playa. An ungraded dirt road from Tea Kettle Junction heads south toward Hunter Mountain. A rough dirt road heads down into Saline Valley from the Lippincott Mine. (Click here for map of area.)


Lost Burro Mine (June 2010)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Outhouse - The facilities at the Lost Burro Cabin.
  2. Dugout - Shack next to the cabin with outhouse in background.
  3. Ridge to South - Trail heading over ridge south of cabin.
  4. Racetrack Valley - View of playa down in Racetrack Valley.
  5. Ubehebe Peak - Looking down wash towards Ubehebe Peak.
  6. Lost Burro Cabin - Old cabin with its name on the side.
  7. Keep Out - Sign above entrance to mine tunnel.
  8. The Mill #1 - Mill high above cabin.
  9. White Top Road - Road leading to White Top Mountain.
  10. The Mill #2 - Another look at the mill at Lost Burro.
  11. Mine Tunnel - Collapsed structure in front of mine tunnel.
  12. Collapsed Structure - Looking back towards the mill from tunnel entrance.
  13. The Mill #3 - Looking up at mill.
  14. Cabin and Outhouse - That's the dugout between the cabin and outhouse!
  15. The Mill #4 - Looking up canyon from near the cabin.

Above Ulida Flat (June 2010)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Scale Bud - Lots of this flower scattered throughout area.
  2. Evening Primrose - Another plant growing abundantly in the area.
  3. Ulida Flat - Looking north toward Dry and Tin.
  4. Ubehebe - Looking north toward Ubehebe and Dry.
  5. Desert Paintbrush - Some red flowers to spice things up.
  6. Old Junker - Remains of a truck of some kind.
  7. Gopher Snake - Healthy specimen heading for some cover.
  8. Inyo Onion - Several of these plants were growing out from between rocks.
  9. Lippincott - Looking down on Lippincott Grade.
  10. Saline Valley - Looking down on Racetrack Valley and Saline Valley.
  11. Dry and Tin - Racetrack, Ubehebe, Dry, and Tin.
  12. Racetrack Valley - Ubehebe Peak, The Racetrack and Dry Mountain.
  13. Ubehebe Peak - The Racetrack and Ubehebe Peak.
  14. Rattlesnake - Came across two of these guys on this trip.
  15. Ulida View - Looking north above Ulida Flat.

Corridor Canyon (May 2010)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Rattlesnake - Ill-tempered, venomous serpant.
  2. Lippincott View - Looking up road from Homestake Dry Camp.
  3. Nevada Sunray #1 - Flowers near Lippincott Mine.
  4. Nevada Sunray #2 - More spectacular flowers at Lippincott.
  5. Gold Poppies - Small poppy plant with three flowers and forming seed pods.
  6. Lippincott Mine - Old mine structure and tunnel.
  7. Ubehebe Peak #1 - Looking north towards Ubehebe Peak with cabin remains in foreground.
  8. Ubehebe Peak #2 - Another view showing a little more of the Racetrack.
  9. Saline Valley - Road leading to the valley below.
  10. Rusty Roadster - Rusted frame of an old automobile.
  11. Mojave Asters - Lots of asters all over the area.
  12. Ubehebe Mine #1 - Cable dropping down from ridge.
  13. Ubehebe Cabin #1 - Remains of collapsed cabin.
  14. Ubehebe Cabin #2 - Another look at cabin remains.
  15. Mine Tunnel - Large barrel above mine tunnel entrance.
  16. Mine Tracks - Tracks leading from tunnel to loading bin.
  17. Blazing Star - Flowers of blazing star, fairly prevalent in area.
  18. Loading Bin - Another look at ore loading bin.
  19. Hedgehog Cactus - Close look at hedgehog flower.
  20. Prickly Poppy - There was plenty of prickly poppy in the area.
  21. Bear Poppy #1 - Relatively rare flower growing in wash.
  22. Rock Patterns - View down wash leading to The Corridor.
  23. The Corridor #1 - Sharp turn at the lower end of The Corridor.
  24. The Corridor #2 - Looking up long, straight wash.
  25. The Slot - Narrow section of wash just above The Corridor.
  26. Panamint Phacelia - A few panamint phacelia plants grew between a fall and The Slot.
  27. Inscriptions - Not entirely sure if these are authentic...
  28. Bear Poppy #2 - Close look at bear poppy flower.
  29. Bear Poppy #3 - Close look at leaves and flower buds.
  30. Teakettle Junction - Quite a collection of teakettles!

Ubehebe Peak (May 2006)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Teakettle Junction - The sign with all the tea kettles on it.
  2. Racetrack Rock - On of the rocks on the playa in Racetrack Valley that slide around in the wind.
  3. The Grandstand #1 - Rock formation in the middle of the Racetrack Playa.
  4. The Grandstand #2 - Another view of the Grandstand. This one was taken looking back down from the ridgeline of Ubehebe Peak.
  5. Ubehebe Worms - Some worms on a bush along the Ubehebe ridgeline.
  6. Yucca Forest - Some yuccas growing in the pass between Dry and Tin Mountains.
  7. Racetrack Valley - Looking towards Racetrack from near Teakettle Junction.
  8. The Grandstand #3 - Pile of rocks in the middle of the playa.
  9. Ubehebe View #1 - View from top of Ubehebe Peak.
  10. Ubehebe View #2 - Looking in another direction from top of peak.

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