White Mountains
The White Mountains are east of the Sierra Nevadas and Owens Valley not far from the border between California and Nevada. They rise to over 14,000 feet in places. Nevada's highest peak, Boundary Peak (13,147'), is located in this mountain range. The White Mountains are famous for being one of the few locations where Bristlecone Pines are found. Also the University of California operates research facilities in the range.

Wyman Canyon (June 2013)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Blue-Eyed Grass - Attractive member of the Iris Family prevalent in meadow areas.
  2. Mountain Chickweed - A few of these were hiding here and there along the creeks.
  3. American Brooklime - A couple clumps of this were growing next to the creek.
  4. White Mountain City - Stack of rocks near bottom of Wyman Canyon.
  5. Cattle #1 - Lots of cattle and cattle gates to open and close in Wyman Canyon!
  6. Cattle #2 - Some calves and some cows.
  7. Rosy Penstemon #1 - Some spectacular groups of this plant scattered up and down the canyon.
  8. Stemless Thistle - Quite a bit of this plant along the creek.
  9. The Creek - Part of the creek draining into Dead Horse Meadow.
  10. Indian Paintbrush - This plant seems to show up just about everywhere!
  11. Buttercup - Another plant that was found along the creek.
  12. Insect Shell - Empty shell of some kind of insect.
  13. Upper Creek - Rocks, pines, and the creek a mile or so above Dead Horse Meadow.
  14. Bushy Linanthus - Lots of this member of the Phlox Family all around Wyman Canyon.
  15. Prickly Pear - Large yellow flowers blooming mostly at about 7400 feet.
  16. Upper Meadow - Looking down canyon a mile or so above main meadow.
  17. Boulders - Large boulders at top of canyon where things get steeper.
  18. Rothrock's Nama - Interesting member of the Borage Family.
  19. Dead Horse Meadow #1 - Part of road through the main meadow.
  20. Dead Horse Meadow #2 - Another portion of road in the middle of the meadow.
  21. Rosy Penstemon #2 - The flowers almost look like pink blowfish!
  22. Robert's Ranch - Main cabin at mine camp along road up Wyman Canyon.
  23. Corral - Gate and fenced off area at Robert's Ranch.
  24. Giant Blazingstar - Interesting plant with large flowers growing next to road.
  25. Old Log Cabin - Cabin located at intersection near top of Wyman Canyon.

White Mountain (July 2011)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Bighorn #1 - A single specimen of Ovis canadensis about a mile below peak.
  2. Bighorn #2 - Small group of sheep grazing.
  3. Bighorn #3 - Group of ten bighorns not too concerned about my presence.
  4. Bighorn #4 - Several sheep sitting on east side of White Mountain.
  5. Bighorn #5 - Notice collar on the sheep in the foreground.
  6. Bighorn #6 - Close look at large male sheep.
  7. Bighorn #7 - Another look at animal with tracking collar.
  8. Bighorn #8 - Sheep by side of road with Fish Lake Valley down below.
  9. Hut on Peak #1 - Back of hut at top of White Mountain (14,256 feet).
  10. Hut on Peak #2 - Front of hut on California's third highest peak.
  11. Blue Butterflies - Small bluish-gray butterflies on flower.
  12. White Mountain #1 - Wilderness sign with White Mountain towering in background.
  13. Butterfly - There were thousands of these little guys at around 13000 feet.
  14. Alpine Penstemon - Mats of this plant all over the place at about 13000 feet.
  15. White Mountain #2 - Another view of highest desert mountain in the USA.
  16. Barcroft Observatory - Eleventh highest observatory in the world at 12,760 feet.
  17. Barcroft Laboratory #1 - Facility operated by the University of California.
  18. Experimental Sheep - Used to study effects of high altitude on animals.
  19. Barcroft Laboratory #2 - Public permitted to drive up to this point two days per year.
  20. Mountains to South - A couple peaks south of the trailhead.
  21. ALSO SEE:
  22. Alpine Gold - Also known as Alpine Sunflower for good reason.
  23. Alpine Penstemon - Low-growing mats of purple flowers often found above the tree line.
  24. Mountain Dandelion - Also known as short beaked agoseris.
  25. Sky Pilot - Considered by many to be one of the most attractive alpine wildflowers.
  26. Counting Sheep - Music video featuring domestic sheep and bighorn sheep living on White Mountain

White Mountains (July 2004)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Box Thorn Bush - Bush growing along nature trail near main Visitor's Center.
  2. Cabin - Old cabin located next to nature trail near main Visitor's Center.
  3. Chipmunk - Chipmunk near picnic table next to Visitor's Center.
  4. Fern Bush - Bush growing along nature trail near main Visitor's Center.
  5. Pine Tree #1 - Pines along nature trail.
  6. Pine Tree #2 - More pines along nature trail, plus nice view of mountains in background.
  7. Pine Tree #3 - Even more pines...
  8. Yellow Flower - Yellow flower growing along nature trail.
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