Wildrose Peak
The trail to Wildrose Peak (9064 feet) begins next to the Charcoal Kilns. The distance to the peak is 4.2 miles and the trail is clear and easy to find the entire route. Along the way there are many excellent views of Death Valley. There are a great number of pinyon pine trees along the trail and there are usually lots of flowers during the spring and early summer. The charcoal kilns in Wildrose Canyon were originally built to supply charcoal for smelters in Panamint City. Later the Modoc Smelters became the main destination of this charcoal. Also in the area of Wildrose Peak are Pinto Peak, Emigrant Pass, Hummingbird Spring, Wood Canyon, and a few other sites of interest. (Click here for area map)


Pinto Peak (June 2018)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Emigrant Pass - Trailhead and parking area immediately across the road.
  2. Closed Road - This is not the road to the peak. It goes down and to the southwest.
  3. Road/Trail #1 - This is what the road looks like a short ways into the hike.
  4. Road/Trail #2 - The old road just follows a crestline upwards.
  5. Gold Buttons - Also known as fleabane or rayless daisy.
  6. Road/Trail #3 - Later in the hike junipers appear, but the road remains the same.
  7. Road/Trail #4 - The road is very steep in many places.
  8. Phacelia - Small phacelia plant growing in crack of rock at about 7100 feet.
  9. Lizard - Lizard working on its tan not far from the phacelia plant.
  10. The Peak - Looking up at the peak from about 7000 feet.
  11. Road/Trail #5 - Very overgrown road, probably closed for a few decades.
  12. Telescope Peak - Looking out over playa towards Telescope Peak late in the day.
  13. Juniper Trees - Hillside dotted with juniper trees at about 6900 feet.
  14. More Juniper Trees - Drainage with juniper trees scattered around here and there.
  15. Tucki Mountain - Looking at Tucki from about 7300 feet.
  16. The Summit - Register box in middle of rocks at the top of the peak.
  17. Canyon to West - Looking down into canyon from just south of the peak.
  18. Summit Ridge - Looking south along summit ridge.
  19. More Junipers - A couple healthy trees growing next to each other at about 6800 feet.
  20. Impressive Juniper - One of the more impressive specimens at about 6900 feet.

Pinto Peak Trail (October 2017)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Tucki Mountain - View to north of Tucki Mountain (6726 feet).
  2. Panamint Range - Wildrose (9064 feet) and Telescope (11,049 feet) to the southeast.
  3. Fishhook Cactus - Sclerocactus polyancistrus of the Cactus Family.
  4. Mud Cracks #1 - Basin area about four miles from trailhead.
  5. Mud Cracks #2 - More dried mud and resulting cracks.
  6. Mud Cracks #3 - Yet another look at the mud cracks!
  7. Mud Cracks #4 - Look at basin area which trail crosses.
  8. Juniper Berries - Juniperus californicus of the Cypress Family.
  9. Wildrose and Telescope - View of two peaks from about 6200 feet.
  10. Another Juniper - Tree at edge of basin area before trail starts climbing again.

Wildrose Peak (June 2015)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Charcoal Kilns - A view of the back of three kilns.
  2. Death Valley - Looking down from the peak on the valley down below.
  3. Trail Canyon - Focusing in on some buildings in Trail Canyon.
  4. Telescope Peak - Facilities atop Bennett with Telescope in background.
  5. Gilman's Milkvetch #1 - Rare plant that is common from Telescope to Wildrose.
  6. Gilman's Milkvetch #2 - Astragalus gilmanii of the Fabaceae (Pea Family).
  7. Granite Gilia - One of the few plants in bloom on this trip.
  8. Dusty Maidens - Interesting member of the Sunflower Family.
  9. Antelope Bush - Also know as Cliff Rose and a member of the Rose Family.
  10. Mojave Prickly-Pear - Commonly found in Pinyon Forests in the Panamint Range.

Mahogany Flat Area (June 2011)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Sego Lily - There were only a few of these scattered around along the ridge.
  2. Fleabane Daisy - There were several colonies of plants producing these attractive flowers.
  3. Telescope - Spots of snow visible on the peaks to the south.
  4. Mound Cactus - Not a lot of these in bloom, but a few here and there.
  5. Granite Gilia - There were a few clumps of this plant scattered about.
  6. Heart-Leaf Twistflower - Not exactly plentiful, but easy to find.
  7. Dusty Maidens - One of the most frequently encountered plants in bloom on this hike.
  8. Panamint Buckwheat #1 - Found along lower portion of Wildrose Peak trail.
  9. Panamint Buckwheat #2 - A close look at cluster of tiny flowers.
  10. Lupine - Some lupine along road between the Charcoal Kilns and Mahogany Flat.

Emigrant Pass Area (April 2010)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Panamint Daisy #1 - Panamint daisy and snow in Wildrose Canyon.
  2. Panamint Daisy #2 - Several Panamint daisy plants in gully.
  3. Panamint Daisy #3 - More daisies in full bloom.
  4. Panamint Daisy #4 - Daisies growing on slope above Wildrose Canyon.
  5. Panamint Daisy #5 - Close look at large yellow flowers.
  6. Panamint Daisy #6 - Another close look with water drops on petals.
  7. Panamint Daisy #7 - Snow on ridge above canyon and daisies on slope.
  8. Panamint Daisy #8 - Another look at daisies and snow.
  9. April Snow #1 - Heavy dusting of snow near Emigrant Pass.
  10. April Snow #2 - Looking north toward the pass.
  11. April Snow #3 - More snow next to road.
  12. April Snow #4 - Emigrant Pass sign elevation 5318 feet.
  13. April Snow #5 - More snow near pass.
  14. April Snow #6 - Vapor on road.
  15. April Snow #7 - Clouds and snow covered mountains.

Wildrose Peak (July 2008)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Lupine #1 - Lupine in foreground with Trail Canyon down below.
  2. Lupine #2 - More lupine on top of peak, looking east.
  3. Granite Gilia - Granite Gilia at top of peak.
  4. Lupine #3 - Close up view of lupine in bloom.
  5. Wood Canyon - Top of Wood Canyon with roads barely visible through smoky haze.
  6. Bald Peak - Looking west from Wildrose Peak at Bald Peak.
  7. Cliff Rose (Antelope Bush) - Close up of cliff rose flowers.

Hummingbird Spring (May 2008)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Chimney #1 - The chimney of the Death Valley superintendent's house.
  2. Chimney #2 - Another view of the chimney with the steps in the foreground.
  3. Chimney #3 - A view from behind the chimney.
  4. Hummingbird Pipe - The pipe at Hummingbird Spring with water coming out of it.
  5. Hummingbird Spring - Looking down on the spring and the thicket of vegetation below the spring.
  6. Columbines - Columbine plants right below the spring.
  7. Thicket - Looking down on the thicket below the spring from a little further up the canyon.
  8. Currant #1 - Some currant plants near Hummingbird Springs.
  9. Currant #2 - More currant plants near the spring.
  10. Currant #3 - More currant plants in the area of the springs.
  11. Currant #4 - Yet more currant plants.
  12. Rock Formations #1 - Looking up canyon from the springs at interesting rock formations and vegetation.
  13. Wildrose Peak - Looking across Wildrose Canyon toward Wildrose Peak with ephedra in the foreground.
  14. Reservoir #1 - Reservoir above superintendent's house.
  15. Reservoir #2 - Another view of the reservoir.
  16. Rock Formations #2 - A look at some rock formation up the canyon from the reservoir.
  17. Chimney #4 - A final view of the chimney a little later in the afternoon.
  18. Phlox #1 - There was an abundance of phlox in bloom on this trip.
  19. Phlox #2 - More phlox flowers!
  20. Phlox #3 - Usually pink, but often white!
  21. Phlox #4 - One last phlox flower for this trip!

Wood Canyon and A Canyon (August 2007)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Junk Car #1 - There was quite a collection of old junkers at the Argenta Mine Camp!
  2. Junk Car #2 - Another old junk car at Argenta Mine Camp.
  3. Junk Car #3 - One wonders how so many cars got left at one location like this.
  4. Junk Car #4 - This is probably the oldest of the bunch!
  5. Junk Car #5 - Upside down...
  6. Argenta Shack - Remains of old shack at Argenta Mine Camp.
  7. Junk Car #6 - Maybe they had a demolition derby just before abandoning the mine!
  8. Steering Wheel #1 - Close up of inside of junk car.
  9. Steering Wheel #2 - Another view of the steering wheel.
  10. Canyon Crest - Crest of Wood Canyon looking toward Wildrose Peak.
  11. Argenta Mine - Mine tunnel at Argenta Mine site.
  12. Trail Canyon - Looking down trail canyon into Death Valley.
  13. Descending Road - Road entering Trail Canyon from crest of Wood Canyon. This road goes down about a mile and then just stops. You can follow the bottom of the canyon a little further, but then you reach several drop offs that make proceeding down the canyon difficult.
  14. Wood Canyon - Looking at crest and upper portion of Wood Canyon.
  15. Aguereberry Road - This is the road that enters Trail Canyon from Aguereberry Road.
  16. Aguereberry Point - Looking across upper Trail Canyon at Aguereberry Point.
  17. Wilderness Sign North - This road follows the crest north to a mine tunnel and several prospects.
  18. Wilderness Sign East - A road goes into a fork of Trail Canyon at this point. A faint trail also takes off to the right.
  19. A Canyon Shack #1 - This collapsed shack is in A Canyon. A Canyon is just south of Wood Canyon.
  20. A Canyon Shack #2 - Another view of collapsed shack.
  21. A Canyon Outhouse - This outhouse is located by the shack.

Eureka Mine (July 2006)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Eureka Mine #1 - View of the main tunnel of the Eureka Mine. (Notice small furry critter in foreground.)
  2. Eureka Mine #2 - The Cashier Mill which stands next to the Eureka Mine.
  3. Old Car Near Eureka Mine - This car is located just down from Aguereberry Camp.
  4. Shack by Eureka Mine - Small, mostly collapsed, shack between main tunnel and mill.
  5. Harrisburg Flats #1 - View from Skidoo Road looking toward Wildrose Peak.
  6. Harrisburg Flats #2 - View from Eureka Mine looking north with Augereberry Camp in the foreground.
  7. Aguereberry Camp - Group of shacks not far from the Eureke Mine.
  8. Eureka Rabbit - A rabbit a few feet from the Cashier Mill.

Wildrose Peak and Charcoal Kilns (May 2006)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Death Valley View #1 - Looking down into Death Valley from Wildrose Peak.
  2. Death Valley View #2 - View of southern end of Death Valley.
  3. Aguereberry Point (6433') - Road leading to popular vista point as seen from Wildrose Peak.
  4. Ephedra Plant #1 - Ephedra plants at top of Wildrose.
  5. Ephedra Plant #2 - More ephedra plants scattered around peak area.
  6. Charcoal Kilns #1 - Kilns viewed from above.
  7. Charcoal Kilns #2 - Row of kilns and mountains behind them.
  8. Charcoal Kilns #3 - Another view of kilns all lined up in a row.
  9. Benchmark - USGS benchmark at top of Wildrose Peak.
  10. Sage Plant Along Trail - Bright purple and/or magenta flowers on sage plant.
  11. Skidoo Pipeline - Section of pipe displayed along paved section of road leading to kilns.
  12. Roger's Peak - Looking south from trail through pinyon forest.
  13. Mahogany Flats - The road up to Mahogany Flats from Wildrose Peak.
  14. Trail Canyon - Looking down on Trail Canyon from top of peak.
  15. Trailhead - Sign at beginning of trail next to kilns.
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